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Writer and translator Susan Bernofsky loves to blog about all things translation. Click here to find her on Twitter.

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I often get asked by younger translators where they should try sending their work. My answer often winds up sounding a bit schoolmarmish, since I believe that translators — like writers of other sorts — should actually read the journals they want to send their work to.

If you have no idea where to send your work, it might mean you never read any journals that publish translations. So a good list of magazines that publish translations ideally serves two functions: Every good literary magazine worth its salt publishes translations alongside writing in English.

But a work in translation that you cold-submit to Harpers or The New Yorker is pretty likely to wind up on the slush pile in ssx short order, whereas the magazines actively looking for great translations Woman seeking sex tonight Florence Vermont publish are more likely to greet your submission with little cries of delight. This is all such excellent advice!

We are accepting submissions for our Spring issue until November Thank you so much! It may be inspiring to spiritually questing atheists today.

Might you be interested in reading it? I am a Renaissance historian in Toronto and am trying to get in touch with you about obtaining permissions to use some of your translations.

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On the offchance you will see this, I am preparing an edition of Florentine constitutional writings and would like to include two texts from your Humanism and Liberty which I have been using in all my upper level seminars Woman seeking sex tonight Florence Vermont years—a tonitht text!!

I wrote to the press tojight learn that they no longer have the rights, which have reverted back to you. If you would be willing Women wants real sex Hoot Owl give us permission to use Savonarola and Rinuccini, we would be most grateful.

My contact details are available on the Glendon College, History Department faculty page. Best wishes, Mark Jurdjevic.

October 24, at 1: June 20, at September 23, at June 23, at 9: Join the Author's Guild by Aug. Who's Afraid of Spiders? A Preview of the Future?

Want to Go to Lithuania? A Workshop for Beginners Lecture: On the Translations of Lorca J. So What Is 'Voice' Anyhow?

Translator, Meet Thy Author!