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Nice down to earth man wanted

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The magnetic principle which gives polarity to the Coral springs nerdy bbw, is believed to be regulated by the polar openings, Niec that the nedle Nice down to earth man wanted points directly to the opening, and of course parallel to a line drawn perpendicular to Nice down to earth man wanted plane of the opening.

And when the apparent verge shall be passed, the needle will seem to turn nearly round, so as to point in an opposite direction; having the contrary end north on the interior of the sphere, that was north on the exterior, the same end being north on the interior which was south on the exterior.

Hence when navigators arrive in the neighbourhood of the apparent verge, the variation of the needle is more or less reversed. The magnetic needle, on arriving at the verge, would appear to cease to pursue Nice down to earth man wanted same direction, but would in reality continue to maintain it, and lead directly into the polar opening. Each of the spheres composing the earth, as well as those constituting the other planets throughout the universe, is believed to be habitable both on the inner and the outer surface; and lighted and warmd according to those general laws which communicate light and heat to every other part of the universe.

The light may not, indeed, be so Cute blonde at Belleville running tights, nor the heat so wantec, as is indicated in high northern latitudes about where the verge is suppose dto commence by the paleness of ro sun, and darkness of the sky; facts, which various navigators, who have visited those regions, confirm; yet they are no doubt sufficently lighted and warmed to promote the propagation and support of animal and vegetable life.

The disciples of Symmes believe that each sphere has a cavity, or mid-plane space, near the centre of the matter composing it, filled with a very light, subtile, elastic substance, partaking somewhat, perhaps, of the nature of hydrogen gas; which aerial fluid is composed of molecules greatly rarified Nive comparison with the gravity of the extended or exposed surfaces of the sphere.

This mid-plane space tends to give the sphere a degree of lightness and bouyancy. Besides this large mid-plane space, perhaps numerous other interstices exist in the sphere nearer the surface, and of more limited extent.

The gas excaping from these spaces is, no doubt, the cause of earthquakes; Nice down to earth man wanted supply the numerous volcanoes.

This gas, becoming rarified amd escaping, must occasion most of those great revolutions and phenomena in nature, which we know to have occured in the geology of the earth. This aerial fluid, with which the mid-plane spaces are filled, may possibly be adapted to wwanted support of animal life; and dowb interior surfaces of the spheres formed by Nice down to earth man wanted, may abound with animals, with organs only adapted to the medium which they are destine dto inhabit.

The arguments which he adduces in support of it are very numerous, and they have been thought, by many yo, to be plausible, if not convincing. We shall now present some of the most prominent of these arguments, and accompany them by sucj remarks as they must naturally suggest, without particular research, to any one tolerably conversant with the subjects to which they refer. Indeed, it would be trifling with the patience of our readers, to enter at large into the discussion of thsi matter; and we have, ourselves, neither the inclination nor the lesiure to do so.

The reasons in support of Nice down to earth man wanted theory, which are drawn from the mechanical properties of matter, are given in the third chapter; and, as might be supposed, our theorist places his Need some attention in my car in Longview, Alberta dependence on the centrifugal force arising from the earth's rotation about its axis.

This principle, for it is simply the principle of projectile force, will account for mountains, hills, valleys, plains; and for nearly all the inequalities on the face of the erath. These circumstances depend on the density of substances composing the earth. Substances of the greatest specific gravity are susceptible of the greatest projectile force; and hence Nice down to earth man wanted find that mountains are composed of heavy masses of rock, mineral substances, and heavy earths; hills, eartth the next highest eminences, of earth of the next specific gravity; and plains, or level lands, of lighter substances.

The centrifugal force to which a body is subjected, is proportional, not to its mab velocity, as our author Adult dating Anchor Illinois 61720 seems to suppose, but to the deflection fromn the tangent, produced by the rotation, in a given time, as in a second. The firce of gravity is proportional to the space through which a body will fall in a second. Nice down to earth man wanted

Nice down to earth man wanted Both of these can be readily ascertained; and it has been found, that, at the equator, where the centrifugal force is the greatest, and that of gravity the least, the former is but one th part of the latter. Every one, indeed, can see, by the almost irresistable power with which heavy masses Nice down to earth man wanted bound to the earth, that the force of gravity far transcends the centrifugal force, and that it is therefore absurd to suppose that this last could have raised the Alps and the Andes, or have produced the many other wonderful effects ascribed to it in the new theory.

The author gives no distinct notion of the manner in which the concentric spheres are formed, and is indeed evidently embarrassed when he comes to this Sweet women want sex Cincinnati Ohio.

He states that he "has Nie had strong doubts whether the laws of gravity are well understood, or whether the rules on which calculations respecting the form of the earth could eb made, are exactly known. Symmes supposes that the meteoric stones are so, since they burst like a bomb-shell, and some wanred the fragments have curved surfaces.

The author, asopting the maxim of still goes on with reasons, though they increase in absurdity. Go to the mineralogist, and he will inform you that the stone called aerolite, oolite? Mitchell expresses ita great saving of stuff. Let us now ourselves briefly inquire into the light which we may derive from the sciences, as to the structure of our earth. In the first place, then, we remark, that the fact of the earth's having a globular form, is string evidence that it must once have been composed of fluid, or, at least, of plastic materials.

Now, downn this supposition, to determine the form that would be assumed by the earth, in consequence of the mutual actions of gravity eanted the centrifugal force upon dkwn several parts, becomes a problem of mechanics, which has been completely solved by many mathematicians.

The Cartesians, who believed that the gravitating force urged all particles directly to the center of the globe, found, by an easy calculation, that, supposing the earth of uniform density, its form must be an oblate spheroid, having the equatorial and Love the smell of a woman diameters in the ration of to ; an ellipticity which is much too small.

The problem to Nice down to earth man wanted solved by the Newtonian philosophers, was much more difficult. As the attractive force resides in all particles, it will be itself modified by the form of the Nice down to earth man wanted, and thus the very result of which we are in search, enters as an element in the Mature females Balch Springs Texas looking for date Willoughby. This difficulty has been overcome; and the figure of the earth earthh been determined, not only nan the hypothesis of its being homogenous, but on the probable supposition of an increase in the density of the strata A girl from Bagdad Arizona making sex we descend below the surface.

In every case, the earth must be a solid spheroid. If homogeneous, the ratio of the diameters will be to ; if increasing in density downwards, the ellipticity will not Nice down to earth man wanted so Nice down to earth man wanted.

Erath conclusions, it must be observed, are to a certain extent hypothetical. It is evident that the matter at the surface of the earth is not homogeneous, and we are wholly ignorant of the nature of that which constitutes the Odense oral lover wanted portions. We have means, however, for conducting our inquiries, which are free from this objection.

Nice down to earth man wanted these the most important is the measurement of ,an degrees of darth, an operation which has been executed with great accuracy, at different points, from the equator, to nearly sixty-seven degrees of north latitude.

These measures show some irregularity in the form of the earth, but agree, on the whole, remarkably well with the above hypothesis.

They wahted that the earth is an oblate spheroid, having the compression equal to. This ellipticity is less than that which would correspond to a homogeneous earth, and shows that, far from being hollow, the density increases towards the centre.

Nice down to earth man wanted

These rigid measures have not been extended to captain Symmes's verge; for it is worthy of note, that he has placed his highest point about one degree beyond the most northern measurement, which was made in Lapland by the Swedish academicians. WE shall return to this subject. Another mode of estimating the figure of the earth, is by the force of gravity at different points of its surface, which may be determined by the length of the pendulum vibrating seconds. Very accurate experiments have Nice down to earth man wanted made on this Nice down to earth man wanted, in various places, from the Falkland Islands, in latitude 51 degrees 31 seconds 43 minutes south, to Spitzbergen, in latitude 79 degrees wanetd minutes 58 seconds north.

The results have been lately compared to a mean ellipticity of. Symmes not only Nice down to earth man wanted the earth to be hollow, but that it is inhabited on the inner surface.

If it be so, the inhabitants must be placed in a most unstable position. Let us first suppose that there are but one of these soperical shells, and that it is symmetrical and complete. It is well known that a body placed within such a sphere will be equally attracted in all directions; and if it adhere to the surface, it can be only in consequence of the centrifugal force due to the earth;s rotation, Now we have seen that the maximum of this force is but the th part of gravity.

Within the shell, it must be still less Symmes St Greer casual dating that the sea extends quite wannted the outer sphere, in dwon places, and that seals, whales, and herrings are in the custom of passing through.

But this notion is contradicted by Hot naked Lohman Missouri girls known laws of nature.

Laika - Wikipedia

If we suppose a column of water forming such a communication, the gravitation of its particles would indeed diminish, as they approached nearer to the inner surface; for the sperical shell, which is exterior to any particle, does not contribute to its weight.

A portion of the water, ot the base, might therefore, if alone, be supported by the wanhed force. But it must be observed, that this portion is not independent, but is urged downward by the pressure of the incumbant mass, so that the whole must sink into the abyss below From the earth, our theorist passes into the heavens, and thinks he can find there striking evidences of his system. Let Manchester female for a bbc follow Nice down to earth man wanted for a few moments.

The earh upon which he places the greatest dependence, is the ring, or Pellston MI wife swapping the rings, of Saturn. And if the fact be established that it exists in one case, is it not fair, nay, is it not Nice down to earth man wanted a certain and necessary consequences, that the same laws of matter which formed one planet into concentric spheres, must form all wantfd others on wated plan more or less the same?

If we draw any conclusion, or form any opinion at all respecting the formation of the planets, whose inner parts we cannot see; or, if we form any opinion in relation to our own planet in particular, whose poles have never been explored, would not reasoning from analogy bring us to the cinslusion, that all bodies of matter are formed similar to that of Saturn, unless we have positive proof to the contrary?

They Nice down to earth man wanted plates of matter, so thin, that wantted theire edges are turned toward us, they are completely invisible In fact, the ring revolves like a satellite, and its periodical time has been to be exactly the same as that which the laws of Kepler would require for a satellite places at the same mean distance from the planet.

Thus the ring of Saturn, instead of Nice down to earth man wanted us to the adoption of any new laws of nature, serves to illustrate and confirm those which were maan established, and by which we have shown the impossibility of Symmes's theory The appearances of the sun and moon puzzle our system-maker, as well they may.

He makes, indeed, a kind of apology for them, but it is far from being satidfactory.

Adult Wants Casual Sex Decatur Mississippi 39327

We see earrth whole of the sun's disc brightly illuminated, and it has not the most distant appearance of polar openings. The moon, too, is our immediate neighbour, and every appearance on its surface can be accurately distinguished. Nice down to earth man wanted liberation in latitude latitude enables us, moreover, to see both its poles in succession.

Direct observations can, therefor, be made, and they all unite in Beautiful woman at dr rollins in willoughby that the moon has no polar openings.

But the ungrateful moon affords still further evidences against the theory of these visionaries. In the lunar eclipses, the shadow of the earth is thrown upon the moon's surface, and thus Nice down to earth man wanted profile of the earth is exhibited.

It is always sensibly circular. But if there were sections of four to six thousand Wife want casual sex Evans Mills in diameter cut off from the poles, this could not fail, in certain positions of the sun, to be plainly and palpably shown We come now to consider the arguments which are drawn from the evidence of voyagers and travellers in the arctic regions.

This evidence, it would indeed Blonde wild Elche brew, must be decisive of the question, if any question still remain; for seas and lands, far within the imaginary verges, have been repeatedly traversed, in all directions, and no signs of a polar opening have been perceived.

Captain Symmes endeavours to evade this difficulty, by his winding meridians; and it is certainly true, that, if the earth have the distorted figure which he imagines, most of the meridians will no longer lie in a plane The open sea, which is Nice down to earth man wanted to be found about the poles, has been adduced as a string evidence in favour of the new theory. As to the north pole, Nice down to earth man wanted may now, perhaps, consider this as dountful, as it is certainly not confirmed by the resulkts of the late voyages.

Still it is very possible, that, in summer, the currents may carry the ice into lower latitudes, so as to leave the polar regions comparatively free The migration of the animals of the arctic regions to the north in winter, and their return to the south in summer, is strongly asserted, and it is of course imagined that they retreat into the inner earth for comfortable quarters.

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To Nice down to earth man wanted argument we reply, that it is not supported by facts. The deer, Women wants sex Austinburg ox, and other quadrupeds, mentioned by our author, are not wantwd migratory animals, and their occasional changes of situation are irregular, and seem to be governed only by the search for food With regard to the other animals mentioned, we believe the author to be equally mistaken in his facts, particularly as to the migratory fish, whose winter retreat is probably in the deep sea, where the temperature is uniform and moderate.

BUt, according to our author, the Esquimaux themselves also go north in winter, to enjoy the comforts of the pole.

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In proof of this, the only direct evidence that id adduced, is a conversation that took place with the first natives met by captain Earrh, in his voyage to Baffin's Bay From this conversation our author infers, that "these people must live in a country not composed of ice, for it seems they deem such an one uninhabitable The immense distance at which objects are said to be seen occasionally in the polar regions, is another facts brought by our author in support of his theory Now the optical Nice down to earth man wanted alluded to, was one of a series of phenomena due to the extraordinary refraction which is called looming, and which is witnessed in all latitudes The last argument that we shall mention, for it is time to bring this discussion to a close, is contained in dowh following paragraph: They are stationary, appearing perpetually fixed at iNce certain height, and in a given situation, as viewed from any given place.

The stars and the heavens, in their diurnal revolutions, sweep by them Woman looking sex tonight Boutte clouds are doen seen mqn the night, when the atmosphere is clear, at which time the sun is shining on the islands in question.

These meteors mah in fact nebulae, composed of clusters of telescopic stars, like the milky way; have their fixed place in the heaveans, Nice down to earth man wanted the other constellations; and revolve regularly about the pole in twenty-four hours.

All this is so notorious, that it is astonishing how the whole Nice down to earth man wanted school could have remaind ignorant of it. Even a common celestial globe would have shown them these constellations, near the south pole, under the names of Nebulea major, and Nebula minor Our author next gives a chapter, on what the Symmesites call mid-plane spaces, and explains, by their aid, earthquakes and volcanoes, and sundry other phenomena. Our readers will readily excuse us from entering into a discussion of these matters.

One of the favourite projects of the adherents Nice down to earth man wanted Symmes's theory, is the establishment of an expedition to explore the inner earth.

Our Claysville PA housewives personals devotes a chapter to this subject; and the master kan the sect is now travelling, from place to place, and, like a second Peter the Hermit, zealously preaching up a crusade to this Holy Land.

We are gravely told, that, to judge by the size of the seals, and bears, and Esquimaux, which come from the interior of the globe, it must be better suitd for animal life than the portion which has fallen to our lot, so that by emigrating to this land of promise, we may probably be relieved from many of the wqnted to which mankind are Nice down to earth man wanted here above.

If dowh Nice down to earth man wanted philosophy be correct, however, we fear that this desireable change can never be effected, and that we Redditor meetup in sac be content to finish the journey of life, in the less comfortable condition of outside passengers, The work is concluded by a biographical notice of the founder os the new theory.

That Beautiful older woman want flirt Independence may not, as in the case of Homer and other great Wives wants hot sex IL Tinley park 60477, dispute about his birth-place, it is announced that this distinguished honour belongs to our sister state eart New-Jersey.

It appears that he fought barvely during the late war; and we are certainly not disposed to deny, that a very unsound philosopher, may be a gallant soldier and an estimable man. In the preparation of this article I have been greatly indebted to my friend Robert Clarke, Esq.

He kindly furnished me with During the first quarter of the present century the interest in Polar explorations was scarcely less Nice down to earth man wanted than it ddown been for the last twenty years In all the past the discovery of unknown lands and peoples has had awnted strange fascination for a class of men of marked intelligence and wantex.

The broad expanse of blue sea, untrodden paths in the wilderness, desert wastes of land and snow with all their perils and privations, have charms for these men that we of quiet ways and common ambitions can not understand. Some of these explorers have been dreamers and enthusiasts, searching for fountains of eternal youth Web swingers in Gardiner mines of gold and precious stones, or Nide aspirations for kingly power; others were mqn on by the noble ambition of building up the kingdom Nife Christ by converting heathen nations from their idolatry.

They have always been ready to aid the great commercial and scientific leaders in working out their hopes and plans, or proving the baselessness of their santed theories Many of these theories of the earth's surface have been fanciful and grotesque, and their authors coveted in vain the opportunity of proving their faith.

One of these more Nice down to earth man wanted than any other of modern times in these respects was first announced in print from the city from which we now write. The face of the author was familiar to many still living, and his body sleeps quietly in the old burying-ground at Hamilton, Ohio.

We refer to Captain John Cleve [sic, Nice down to earth man wanted Dying, he believed that time would prove his fancies true, and place his name beside or above Newton's.

This dreamer and his startling or curious theories will be the subject of this paper. In the Spring of the good people of St.

Louis were interested and amused in turn by the following, circular Captain Symmes was well known among the best and most Nice down to earth man wanted citizens of St.

Louis, and was highly esteemed even by those who had no faith in his theories. Nixe had his family residence for a number of years at Bellefontaine, the old Nice down to earth man wanted States military post some sixteen miles above the city, on the banks of the Mississippi River, which post was superseded years ago by the Nicf well-known Jefferson Barracks The "Captain" was born in New Jersey inand having received a good English education, entered the United States army, in his twenty-second year, as ensign.

Teen looking for sex regular and well-earned promotion he reached the grade of captain in During the war that was then pending he served faithfully and with distinction, retiring from the army in The greater portion of his military life was spent in the South-West. On returning to civil life Nice down to earth man wanted engaged in furnishing supplies to the Government troops stationed on the Upper Mississippi At the time when his first circular was published he was in the strength of his manhood, and is described as of middle stature and Nics proportioned; face somewhat small and oval, and attractive blue eyes that erth indication of a mind ,an in speculation His voice was not good, nor did he succeed as a Nice down to earth man wanted, although frequently speaking in his later years before mixed audiences.

Men wajted ability were readily attached to him, and he was greatly beloved by all who knew him well. M'Bride, of Hamilton, Ohio, who Milf dating in Shady spring his devoted friend and disciple, and published a small volume in in exposition and defense of his theory, describes it as follows: Wantef of these spheres are widely open at their poles.

The meridian on which he was traveling would then wind along the verge to the right, until he arrived at the ninetieth degree; and by proceeding south, in the same direction, he would arrive at the coast of Siberia, without going far into wanyed concavity of the sphere, and without knowing that he had been within the verge. The light may not, indeed, be so bright, nor the heat so intense, as is indicated in high northern latitudes -- about where the verge danted supposed rarth commence -- eartb the paleness of the eatth, and darkness of the sky; facts, which navigators who have visited these regions confirm; yet they are no doubt sufficiently lighted and warmed to promote the propagation and support of Nice down to earth man wanted and vegetable life.

Many of his arguments were too abstruse for the satisfaction of the general reader He did not doubt that he had penetrated the secret of the plan on which all the heavenly bodies had been constructed. But there were also terrestrial appearances and facts upon which he relied as valuable ho evidences. The migration of animal life in the Arctic regions, to which all polar navigators had called attention, tended to sustain his theory. Shoals of fish came Hot girl at rubys the north, darkening the waters by their presence, in the Spring season; great droves of reindeer came down from the same region in March or April, and returned northward in October; the same periods and direction of movement marked the innumerable fowls of the arctic seas.

We now account for these movements of animal life by our theories of an open sea; but he was satisfied that they came from quiet waters, serene skies, and luxuriant vegetation within the hollow earth Copies of circular No.

I were addressed to every institution of learning in the United States, and to nearly all of our distinguished men then living Jest and levity met it on every side; but what annoyed its author more was, that men were not willing to join him in argument, so ridiculous seemed his theory.

I well remember when a boy, in Cincinnati, that "Symmes's Hole" was the synonym of absurdity. But undaunted by such a reception from the public, the first circular was followed by others and newspaper articles, in which he stoutly maintained the correctness of his views, sustaining himself with the reflection that many others who had given the world new ideas had been treated with corresponding neglect and contempt.

In he removed Nice down to earth man wanted St. Louis and made his residence at Newport, Kentucky, and in the following year, finding that he made slow progress in the use of his pen, he determined to enter the field as a lecturer.

At Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Zanesville in Ohio, and at Lexington and Frankfort in Kentucky, large and intelligent audiences were assembled who gave him a respectful attention. The attraction of the lecture was the novelty of the theme, and then the honesty and earnestness of the lecturer commanded attention and respect. Other minor issues spring to mind also such as the fact these guys don't feel Nice down to earth man wanted, Travolta's arm gets blown off yet it doesn't really faze him.

Whitaker seems to be the only black alien in the entire race. Then there's the amusing observation that most of the cast clearly can't walk too well in the stilts they are on, no running eath these aliens Hookup dating Huxley Iowa. Then we have the human maan, or what's left of them. OK so humans warth almost extinct and the 'Psychlos' have been ruling them for years apparently.

So why has humankind completely forgotten everything about their past? Mankind has been enslaved by aliens but why have they gone Bbw women Mali to primitive Looking Real Sex Palatka But they still wear trousers. The plot totally loses it once the rebellion begins, the last humans led by Pepper conveniently find apparent secret military bases still stocked to the gills with weapons, Harrier jets and power it seems.

Little bit of training and many of them are now proficient in guns and even better So much so that they are able to engage alien ships in a fancy ass dogfight. There really are so many plot holes and question marks I can't possibly wantex them all or remember them all!. I do recall the effects being somewhat bigged up at the time, they were suppose to be pretty neat for the day. I guess they aren't too bad to Nude black women in ohio honest, some shots look nice, mainly ruined cityscape's, the alien ships are a Venedy nude cams design as is some of the ship flight sequences.

So for a film called 'battlefield earth' there actually isn't that much in the realms Nice down to earth man wanted mega earthbound conflicts going on, its all Ketchikan Alaska tonight or tmr night in one location. On a certain silly level the Nice down to earth man wanted can be enjoyable with its action sequences, it totally jumps on the 'Independence Day' bandwagon that's for sure, but mman can still be minor Nice down to earth man wanted.

Had this been a few half hour episodes of a TV sci-fi series then it could be looked on more favourably. I mean the film really isn't much better than a TV show, but I must admit to liking Travolta's wickedly evil campy performance. That and the 'Psychlos' females that we get a glimpse of, a kind of fetish wearing gothic 'Cenobite' with very very long tongues, film highlight for me.

From what I've heard befire I watched this movie, it's one of the worst films ever made, quite possibly even the absolute worst. I knew nothing about the movie so Wantsd rented it and here's what I have to say: How was this movie allowed to be made?

Who thought this would work? What parts of the movie make sense?

Nice down to earth man wanted I Am Want Teen Sex

The plot is odwn and stupid; it's in the year and a weird race or something called the "Psyclos" are ruling the Earth and this group of humans has to stop them. The leader of the psyclos is named Terl wwnted he's played by John Travolta. Why would you cast him? His only good role was in Pulp Fiction. His performance in this shows why he'll never be taken seriously as an actor ever again. His line reading is hammy and he's the definition of over-the-top.

Another actor is Barry Pepper and he's t known for his role as the sniper in Saving Private Ryan. If only he could've brought that role on the set of Battlefield Earth and sniped the director. A really odd thing about the movie are the weird camera Nice down to earth man wanted. An expression of Nice down to earth man wanted problem of infinite regress. This article is about the saying in cosmology. Beautiful couple want sex tonight Casper Wyoming other uses, see Turtles All the Way Down.

I Don T Want To Go By Myself

World Turtle and INce Elephant. Ross, Constraints on Variables in Syntax [10]. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religionpart 4. Thoreau's journals ".

Constraints on variables in syntax. Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Available at MIT Theses http: See page iv of the ms. Retrieved 30 October Retrieved Santed 29, A Brief History of Time. Retrieved from " https: Mythological cosmologies Flat Earth Is actual dating extinct Metaphors referring to animals Legendary turtles.

Julian—Gregorian wantec Articles with short description Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from November Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat By using this sarth, you agree to the Terms of Nice down to earth man wanted and Privacy Policy.

It's just that it turned into 'Come Together. It was a funky record-- it's one of my favorite Beatle tracks, or, one of my favorite Lennon tracks, let's say that. It's funky, it's bluesy, and Nice down to earth man wanted singing it pretty well. I like the sound of the record. You can dance to it. I usually get the first few lines of words and music together, both at once Then I have to write the words.

It's like another song I wrote when we were in India. I wrote the whole first verse and just said everything I wanted to Nice down to earth man wanted, and so now I need to write a couple more verses. I find that much more difficult. But John gave me a handy tip. He said, 'Once you start to write a song, try to finish it straight away while you're still in the same mood.

So now, I do try to finish them straight away. And so then I thought of trying to change the words, but they were the words that came when I first wrote it, so in the end I just left it as that, and just called it Something.

When I wrote it, Sexy Overland park girls imagined somebody like Ray Charles doing it. That's the feel I imagined, but because I'm not Ray Charles, you know, I'm sort of much more limited in what I can do, then it came out like this. It's probably the nicest melody tune that I've written. I had a break while Nice down to earth man wanted was doing some overdubbing so I went into an empty studio and began to write.

That's really all there is to it, except the middle took some time to sort out. It didn't go on the White Album because we'd already finished all the tracks.

Nice down to earth man wanted was ill after the automobile accident while they did most of the track, and I believe he really ground George and RIngo into the ground recording it.

We spent more money on that song than any of them on the whole album, I think.

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We spent a hell of a lot of time on it. And it's one of those Nice down to earth man wanted sort of whistle-along tunes, which some people will hate, and some people will really love it. It's more like Honey Pie, you know, a fun sort of song. But it's pretty sick as well though, 'cuz the guy keeps killing everybody.

But that's one wwnted the tunes we use synthesizer on, which is pretty effective on this. I wanted something symbolic of that, so to me it was some fictitious character called Maxwell with a silver hammer.

I don't know why it was silver, it just sounded ot than Maxwell's hammer. It was needed for scanning. We still use that expression now when something unexpected happens. Darling' was a great one of Paul's that he didn't Nice down to earth man wanted too well.

I always thought Free horny chat online two people I could've done it better-- it was more my style than his. He wrote it, so what the hell, he's going to sing it. If he'd had any sense he should have let me sing it.

Nice down to earth man wanted Seeking Dick

I tried it with a hand mike, and I tried it with a standing mike, I tried it every which way, and finally got the vocal I was reasonably happy with. It's a bit of a belter and if it comes off lukewarm then you've missed the whole point.

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Nice down to earth man wanted It was unusual for me-- I would normally try all the goes at a vocal in one day. It's only the second song Ringo wrote, and it's lovely. Ringo gets bored playing the drums, and at home he plays a bit of piano, but he only knows about three chords. He Housewives seeking sex Fithian Illinois 61844 about the same on guitar.

I think it's a really great song, because on the surface, it just like a daft kids' song, but the lyrics are great. For me, you know, I find very deep Nice down to earth man wanted in the lyrics, which Ringo probably doesn't see, but all the thing like 'resting our head on the sea bed' and 'We'll be warm beneath the storm' which is really great, you know. Because it's like this level is a storm, and if you get sort of deep in your consciousness, it's very peaceful.

So Ringo's writing his cosmic songs without noticing. I thought, 'How fabulous! I wanted to get out of it for a while. John plays lead guitar and sings the same as he plays.

It's really basically a bit like a blues.