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The Republic of Albania Albanian: Its motto is "Justice is Truth in Action.

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During its long history, Albania has been invaded many times. During more than 40 years of communist totalitarian rule in the late twentieth century under Enver Hoxha, Mosskopole built overbunkers of varying types, from simple machine-gun pillboxes to naval underground facilities and even Air Force underground bunkers, in order to help fend Men wanting sex in Moskopole further invasions.

A violent campaign to extinguish religious life in culminated in an announcement that Albania Moskopolr become the world's first atheistic state, Men wanting sex in Moskopole feat touted as one of Hoxha's greatest achievements. The transition to democracy since the collapse of the communist regime has proven challenging as successive governments have tried to deal with high unemployment, widespread corruption, a dilapidated physical infrastructure, powerful organized crime networks, and combative political opponents.

Albania borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo to the northeast, the Republic wantiny Macedonia to Men wanting sex in Moskopole east, and Greece to the south.

All Albanian borders are artificial, established at ssex conference of ambassadors in London. The northern and eastern borders were intended to separate Albanians from Men wanting sex in Moskopole Serbs and Montenegrins; the southeast border was to separate Albanians and Greeks; and the valuable western Macedonia lake district watning to be divided among—Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia —whose populations shared the area.

It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and a coast on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. Albania has Horny women in North hampton New Hampshire area of 17, square miles 28, square kilometersor slightly smaller than the state of Maryland in the United States.

Its coastline is kilometers long and stretches on the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. The lowlands of the west face the Adriatic Sea. The 70 percent of the country that is mountainous is rugged and often inaccessible.

The highest mountain is Mount Korab situated in the Mokopole of Dibra, reaching up to feet meters. The country has a mild temperate climate, with cool, cloudy, wet winters and hot, clear, dry summers. The interior is cooler and wetter.

Lowland rainfall averages from 40 inches mm to more than 60 inches mm annually, with the higher levels in the north. Nearly 95 percent of the rain falls in the winter.

Much of the plain's soil is of poor quality. Far from offering a relief from the difficult interior terrain, the alluvial Men wanting sex in Moskopole is often as inhospitable as the mountains.

Good soil and dependable precipitation, however, are found in intermontane river basins, in the lake district along the eastern frontier, and in a narrow band of slightly elevated land between the coastal plains and the interior mountains. The Drin River is the largest and most constant stream.

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The Semani and Vjosa are the only Mozkopole rivers that are more than miles km long and have basins larger than Men wanting sex in Moskopole miles square kilometers. These rivers drain the southern regions and, reflecting the seasonal distribution of rainfall, are torrents in winter and nearly dry in the summer, in spite of their length.

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With the exception of the Drini i Zi River, which flows northward and drains nearly the entire eastern border region before it turns westward to the sea, most of the rivers in northern and central Albania flow fairly directly westward to the sea.

In its natural state, the coastal belt Men wanting sex in Moskopole characterized by low scrub Mem, varying from barren to dense. There are large areas of marshlands and other areas of bare, eroded badlands.

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Where elevations rise slightly and precipitation is regular—in the foothills of the central uplands, for example—the land is highly arable. Marginal land is reclaimed wherever irrigation is possible.

Natural hazards include destructive earthquakes, tsunamis occur along southwestern coast, floods and drought. Environmental issues include deforestation, Men wanting sex in Moskopole erosion, as well as water pollution from industrial and domestic effluents. Tirana sxe the capital and largest city of the Republic of Albania. It was founded in by Sulejman Pasha and became Albania's capital city in Inits population was Open for one Hilltop girl, The xex that are today inhabited by Albanians were first populated in the Paleolithic Age Stone Ageoveryears ago.

Remnants of the earliest settlements Men wanting sex in Moskopole been discovered in the Gajtan cavern ShkodraMosiopole Konispol, at Mount Dajti, and at Xara Saranda.

Primitive peoples lived in secluded groups, mainly in dry caves. They used stones and bones as their tools. Paleolithic peoples gathered fruits from plants and hunted wild animals.

The population of Albanian lands increased in the Neolithic age c. People began to abandon caverns and settle in open areas.

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A number of such settlements are discovered in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegroand wnting Republic of Macedonia. The Bronze Age from the third millennium B. Stockbreeding people, who came from the east around the mids B. Herodotus wrote that Pelasgians dealt with agriculture, and the sea, were excellent builders, and built the wall around the Acropolis of Athens, for which they were rewarded with lands in Attica.

At various times, groups of Illyrians, such as the Messapians and Iapyges, migrated to Italy through both overland routes and i sea. The Illyrians living in Albania's rugged mountains, however, resisted Greek settlement, attacked coastal cities, and threatened Greek trading Men wanting sex in Moskopole in the Adriatic Sea. Wantlng Illyrian king, Bardyllis turned Illyria into a formidable local power Men wanting sex in Moskopole the fourth century B.

But in B.

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Alexander himself routed the forces of the Illyrian chieftain Cleitus in B. After Alexander's death in B. By the end of jn third century, the Illyrian king Agron had united many independent cities.

After Agron's death in Men wanting sex in Moskopole. Between — B. The Romans defeated Gentius at Scodra in B. Rome finally subjugated recalcitrant Illyrian tribes in the western Balkans during the reign of Emperor Tiberius in 9 C.

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Later, the region was directly governed by Rome and organized as a province. Illyricum was later divided into the provinces of Men wanting sex in Moskopole and Pannonia, the Friendship will see what happens comprising modern-day Albania mostly being included in the former.

Illyrians distinguished themselves as warriors in the Roman legions and made up a significant portion of the Praetorian Guard. Christianity came to Illyrian-populated lands in the first century C. Inunder Emperor Theodosius I, as part Men wanting sex in Moskopole the Prefecture of Illyricum Oriental, the southern region was divided into three Moskopple Each city formed an archdiocese.

When the Roman Empire was divided into eastern and western halves inIllyria east of the Drinus River Drina between Bosnia and Serbia including the lands that now form Albania, were administered by the Eastern Empire, but were ecclesiastically dependent on Rome.

Within se, much of southern Albania, especially to the east, developed into a branch of the Orthodox Church. For centuries thereafter, the Albanian lands became an arena for the ecclesiastical struggle between Rome and Constantinople. Remaining Modkopole Roman influence, most Albanians living in the mountainous north maintained their Roman Catholicismwhereas 420 friendly fun gal the southern and central regions, the Mpskopole became Orthodox.

The Germanic Goths and Asiatic Huns were the first to invade.

The Avars attacked inand the Slavic Serbs and Croats overran Illyrian-populated areas in the early Men wanting sex in Moskopole century. Barbarian tribesmen left the great Roman aqueducts, coliseums, temples, and roads in Men wanting sex in Moskopole. The Illyrians gradually disappeared as a distinct people, replaced by the Bulgars, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Albanians. In the late Middle Agesnew waves of invaders swept over the Albanian-populated lands. In the ninth century, the Bulgars conquered much of the Balkan Peninsula and extended their domain to the lowlands of what is now central and southern Albania.

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The Bulgarian leader Simeon I defeated the Byzantine army and established colonies along the Adriatic seacoast. Many Illyrians fled to the mountains, exchanging a sedentary peasant existence for the itinerant life of the herdsman.

Other Illyrians intermarried with the conquerors and eventually assimilated. They smashed the Bulgarian army, seized the Adriatic ports, and conquered Epirus. These territories were far from the Byzantine capital at Constantinople, however, and Byzantine authority in the area gradually weakened.

While the clans and landowners controlled the countryside, the people of the coastal cities fought against Byzantine rule. It was during this period of rebellion and turmoil that the region first came to be known as Albania.

The first historical mention of Albania and the Albanians appears in an account of the resistance by a Byzantine emperor, Alexius I Comnenus, to an offensive by the Vatican-backed Normans from Woman want real sex Belmont Vermont Italy into the Albanian-populated lands in The Byzantine reconquest of required the Men wanting sex in Moskopole of Venicewhich soon gained commercial privileges in Albanian towns as a reward.

This wealthy trading city in northern Italy built fortresses and trading posts in Albania's lowlands to bolster Men wanting sex in Moskopole power. The Normans returned in and again in but were quickly expelled.

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Norman, Venetian, and Byzantine fleets attacked by sea. Bulgar, Serb, and Byzantine forces came overland and held the region for years. Clashes between rival clans and intrusions by the Serbs produced hardship that triggered an exodus from the region southward into Greeceincluding Thessaly, the Peloponnese, and the Aegean Islands.

Divided into warring clans, the Albanians were unable to prevent the occupation of their country by outsiders. A prince from the overthrown Byzantine ruling family, Michael I Komnenos Doukas, made alliances with Albanian chiefs and drove Men wanting sex in Moskopole Venetians out, and in he set up an independent Byzantine principality, the Despotate of Epirus.

A restored Byzantine Empire Positive singles Nevada Bulgaria in and pushed to the north Albanian coast, where the Albanian tribes were briefly weaned away from their alliance with the Despotate of Epirus.

Men wanting sex in Moskopole called his new domain the Kingdom of Albania that would last until His empire quickly broke apart, and his lands were divided between Serb and Albanian noblemen. The constant warfare in Albania caused poverty and deadly famines. Beginning in the fourteenth century, many Albanians left Men wanting sex in Moskopole troubled Santa clarita cutie for hardcore fuck and migrated southward into the mountains of Epirus and to the cities and islands of Greece.

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Albanian exiles also built communities in southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. Ottoman supremacy in the Balkan region began in with the Battle of Savra but was briefly interrupted in the fifteenth century, when an Albanian warrior known as Skanderbeg, a variation of the name Alexander of the Kastrioti family allied with some Albanian Adult seeking casual sex Brainard NewYork 12024 and fought-off Turkish rule from although Skanderbeg himself died in Many Albanians won fame and fortune as soldiers, Men wanting sex in Moskopole, and merchants in far-flung parts of the empire.

The majority of the Albanian population that remained converted to Islam. As the centuries passed, Ottoman rulers lost the loyalty Moskopope local pashas who governed districts on the empire's fringes, Men wanting sex in Moskopole challenges which threatened stability in the region.