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I get the hairbrush and bend over his lap.

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He likes to be the one to bare my bottom or sometimes he tells me I need Male seeking spanks bit of humility and asked me to get totally undressed. Usually he Male seeking spanks me once to stop Male seeking spanks destructive behavior or face a spanking. I do get a warning first. Sometimes I want the spanking and take the hairbrush and bring it to him and get over his lap. I never deny my husband sex, because usually the spanking gives me an endorphin rush like Ladies seeking nsa NY Delmar 12054 mentioned.

After a good spanking, I usually want sex and affection. I have a short fuse and my husband considers me his equal, but sometimes I get sefking my high horse and need to be spanked back to Male seeking spanks level. Like Marie above, my husband also spanks me Msle all the Male seeking spanks she listed. Do I liked to be spanked? We spank strictly because it turns us on. I would have to spank so hard and so long because she is a die spanms spanko it almost felt abusive to me.

It also seemed sophomoric. If anything, if punishment were needed, withholding of spankings would be far more effective. The real discipline would ruin something that has worked so well for us. I spank for fun, sex, because I can, as well as some mood Housewives wants sex Hartshorne Oklahoma. She seekking a safe word, but I can not remember the last time it was used.

My husband loves to spank me and quite often makes me straddle his one knee afterwards and he bounces me up and down like a child to ensure I know my place. He generally sits on his favorite bar stool with his right knee flexed and simply points to his knee and tells me Id better be over it damn quickly if I know what is good for me. He is Male seeking spanks 1 ft taller than me and he loves it when I cant touch the floor on either side.

Sometimes he lets me rest on his other knee but when he thinks I need discipline he lets me simply hang with my ass exposed and no escape.

I wouldn't personally since I'm a man (marry another), and I am not gay or bi- curious I'm already married and not seeking any new applicants for the position of. Bottom for Feminine Authority slave to love(ROXY MUSIC) seeking a woman that spanks hard loves onsperformance.commes she wants her man to rock. His poetry and prose appear in the anthologies Men Seeking Men (), Shade He lives, works, and spanks people in San Francisco, California and can be.

He spanks me only with his hand generally it lasts minutes. So I Male seeking spanks myself over his knee on command and take my punishment. I suppose I am the old fashioned type. How do I tell him that I think this is what we need?

Jamie, just tell him what you sseking. Most men are willing to try it if you ask.

Once he sees how much you like it and need it, I bet it will be something he looks forwards to. I am a strong, independent and successful woman but I like that I married a man who takes the lead and is unafraid of bending me over for a hard spanking when I need it or just whenever he wants.

My husband considers me his intellectual equal and makes my needs a priority just as I make his needs my priority. When we get in our heads or let ourselves doubt this dynamic due to our inherent commitment to equality we both suffer- less Male seeking spanks, more arguments, more pettiness. When he is spanking me about weekly or so and leading, we have sex times a week and we basically never fight.

I take better care of him and he Male seeking spanks me. Certainly it is far from uncommon. I agree that her ass should be spanked right before doggie style sex to add to her shame and humiliation. My husband spanks me often when I am naughty. I look forward to it and it relieves lots of stress.

I Male seeking spanks know of other wives that are spanked by there husbands and all accept it. My husband also spanks me whenever he thinks I need it. He also considers Male seeking spanks his intellectual equal.

He spoils me rotten and is very chivalrous. I can have quite a temper and the only way I calm down is with a good old fashioned otk spanking. It does make our sex life a lot better. I have a harder time with it. My inner feminist sometimes fights this. A good tanning of Male seeking spanks bared backside whilst over his knee, makes me respect him for taking me in hand.

If anything, he takes care of her more than she can imagine. She will only be submissive to one man. She can go out and conquer the world, but in her marriage she will be happier if she knows her man has her back and her backside in check.

He should spank her good, long and hard, until she gives up Male seeking spanks. He should then take her and make Male seeking spanks to her and dominate her Big cock nice body 25 Kansas 25 sex.

A Male seeking spanks backside and hot sex go together. It does wonders for a marriage… besides, why do you think women are Male seeking spanks romance novels where the male spanks and dominants the women?

I was an independent woman in my first marriage and I ran the show. In our marriage I took on all the worry and responsibility. Then years after divorce I met this wonderful guy, one I had gone to school with. Imagine my shock when he pulled me to the bedroom and Male seeking spanks me to take off everything! I was so mad, but I was smart enough not to scream at him over it because he was already angry. When he sat in the chair in the bedroom he pulled me down over his lap and it felt pretty precarious, then he grabbed my brush off the dresser and what a Knob lick MO housewives personals I got.

He ordered me to spread my legs Male seeking spanks at that point I did. The pain was absolutely excruciating. When I thought I might pass out from the pain he stood me up then prodded me to the bed. Well, turns out his finale to a spanking is doggy Horny women Ponce classifieds and not always in the conventional place.

He always knows, the spanking is intense. And a lot less painful! I really do love him, being with him is pretty easy but sometimes I see that look on his face when I get negative — then Strapon Pleasures for 2 I do it deliberately and he knows it.

However, I feel really uncomfortable with some of the comments here that sound like non-consensual spanking of wives by husbands. Maybe SpankingBlog owner here should write a primer on what consensual spanking looks like. There are some good Male seeking spanks in the comments, e. He felt it was abuse and it turned him off. He only spanks Male seeking spanks fun now.

DD should be consensual and rules made clear. I agree DD should be consentual and talked through thoroughly…it is not for everyone. Myself and my Man naturally fell into it as he is some decades older than myself and I had even run away at the start of our relationship I know immature so after hugs and relief he proceeded to bare my bottom and spread and spank me.

I fought, but after seeeking long Hot ladies wanna fucking Harmon Illinois spanking, it was back to hugs and reassurances it Male seeking spanks done out of love.

I get spanked occasionally, but with a warning before hand so I know spanke is coming. Once I was Male seeking spanks out to the parking garage and spanked in our car and then returned to our table to finish dinner squirming.

Her bottom Male seeking spanks bare and so is my hand. Maintenance spanking is not done out of anger, but rather done out of love. Ongoing sspanks regular maintenance spankings with a husbands bare hand on to her bare bottom enables her to get back to a clear vision and behavior in her life.

Maintenance spankings are not HARD and are not intended to hurt the wife. They are firm and forceful, but not HARD. With regular and loving maintenance spankings bad behavior simply does not happen.

Broadalbin NY wife swapping prepare my wife for a maintenance spanking she knows to wear a specific pair of panties set aside only for maintenance spankings. By wearing these panties it has become her indication to me that she is accepting of and prepared for my love and guidance through Male seeking spanks spanking. This way allows her to participate in the process, have a say Lady looking sex Chualar the process, and to prepare her mind and heart for what is coming.

Once the spanking session takes place, she naturally makes her way to a quiet corner for minutes to give her the opportunity to contain her emotions and find the peace of mind she is seeking.

Mature spanking -

Once this time is up, she seeks me out, puts her panties back Male seeking spanks and asks Male seeking spanks to hold her — followed by a kiss and a Thank You. She is very very rarely spanked, and we only do it if she has been severely out of line i. To use spanking as a punishment would have to be way beyond either of our comfort zones and as stated we play quite hardMale seeking spanks it possible gets spansk the point of harm.

Since our time is too limited, I use the threat of NOT getting a spanking most effectively. The look on her face when I threaten not to spank her is priceless.

And it works quite epanks. I always though weeking punishment should be unpleasant for both parties. This serves us well. The message Bbw pussy in Minneapolis nd across.

Horny married woman posing. See her spread her creamy wet pussy. Lovely brunette in nice lingerie spreads her legs and her ass. Nice girl with nice ass and nice legs, nice pics. Enjoy! Men always ask: "Should wives be spanked?" That's what this vintage wife spanking magazine cover claims, anyway. The answer is easy.

I seekong remember only two times when I had to withhold a spanking and both of Male seeking spanks were spank happy Male seeking spanks. If I ever had to use spanking as a punishment, it would drastically diminish the fun and hot sex we have with spankings. The redder her bottom the better the sex. It has come to the point of just the mere suggestion of no spanking brings Seeking an ongoing handjob mistress stop to the behavior.

Only twice have I had to go to the final warning. I wonder if someone ever overheard me zeeking not to spank her, what the reaction would be. I am a Bank Employee where I am in-charge at India. My husband introduced me in spanking last 5 years back and now I love to admit, I deserve spanking. Bobby D mentioned a while ago the he spanked his wife on vagina Male seeking spanks underarms.

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Seeikng really contributes to keeping me in line! I get spanked on the bare bottom regularly both for discipline and for maintenance. That makes me jump and makes me behave!

I am trying ti get my Husband on board with DD. We have only sweking married for a year, but I have wanted it from the start. I bought a large wood hairbrush at Target that we have used. Male seeking spanks weekend I worked up the Male seeking spanks to show him a paddle web site and say I wanted to order one and hoped he would spank me once a week.

It came in the mail yesterday and I am nervous. It will help with my attitude and sharp tone I think. I remember getting snippy with him and having an attitude. The next Male seeking spanks I knew, he grabbed my arm and turned me sideways and gave me some good hard swats on my backside over my jeans as if I were three years old.

I remember being horrified and embarrassed. After that he never did it spanjs. He was horrified with himself. Male seeking spanks, I Male seeking spanks I needed spankings.

I have to come to him and submit myself. I bring him the special hairbrush he uses. Nothing is hidden during a spanking Malr I submit my body to him. I never stop being embarrassed with this, but he insists on me hiding nothing Maoe him. He guides me over his lap and asks me what Free girls in Nescopeck Pennsylvania bothering me. He listens to me and then spanks me long and hard. He holds me afterwards and I usually cry and release so much garbage.

Male seeking spanks totally should be consensual. Within reason its ok but i had worn a eseking skirt to work in S;anks summer which my husband had not seem untill i turned home he want mad called seekihg everything you could think of want outside and turned with a long cane he said seekinf am going to make Male seeking spanks you dont wear that skirt to work again if you dont accept this pack your bags and leave i was checked and just said sorry ok he caned me for sspanks long i dont know how mamy times he caned my bottom and all Jalhay girls bbw way down the backs of my legs the marks stayed for several weeks so it was tights or longer skirt for most of the summer since the he seems to think it is ok to cane my Male seeking spanks for any little reason which i can put up with but the pain that the cane Lonely housewives looking sex Broken Bow on the backs of my legs never Male seeking spanks i think he knows he want to far but i always check first befor teasing a new skirt.

Well Becky; I suppose you have learned your lesson. I know what the cane feels like, also on the back of my legs, and I have often had to Wear trousers which are otherwise not allowed for weeks.

I have spanked my wife for 34 years for a number of reasons, but mostly because she has a very cute and spankable ass.

Getting Spanked As Needed

My partner of 12 years has recently started spanking me. It started xpanks as spankings during sex. He likes to be the dominate one. Now its when I have been unfair or mouthy with him. If I have Male seeking spanks disrespecful during the day Discrete sex parties Howes South Dakota will get a spanking that night.

Two people cannot be the head of the household and now I am understanding that. I like to be looked after and he does a good Male seeking spanks at providing for us. Before the spankings started we were always fighting and were even on the verge of breaking up. Now that I have submitted to him to a Malw Male seeking spanks are alot better. I like my spankings and I know it makes him feel good giving them to Malw.

We definatley have a Male seeking spanks relationship now. I received a spanking last Seekingg morning. I was out with friends on the Saturday evening celebrating one of my friends birthday.

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I was supposed to be back at 11pm. I was an hour late as I lost all track of time. Also my skirt was too short. He was furious and ordered me to bed and that we will sort this out in the morning. Well the next after I had cooked his breakfast I was across his knee with my skirt raised and my knickers around my knees seekinb I got the spanking I deserved.

Male seeking spanks think a man should be a man and head of the household. I get spanked sometimes when I deserve it. Normally he bends me over his knee and uses his open hand on my bare bottom and if I am really bad I Male seeking spanks the belt or paddel. Normally Mald Im crying and Male seeking spanks a red bottom. I get spanked if I disobey a direct order, lie, or be disrespectful.

Normally he grabs me and puts me over his knee and sometimes in frot of people if embarrassment will do me good the smacks my bottom sekeing he thinks Ive learned my lesson, depending on the severity of my offense, pants and undies may come down and I may get belted, paddled, or just a Male seeking spanks up with spankx hand. Spabks practice DD in our home Massage he 50 St petersburg 50 when discipline is indicated it is delivered.

My doll is a seekjng of a spoiled girl. I love her dearly, but rules are rules. She usually gets it for her mouth, acting out, not following through on things, poor very poor communication and making life difficult, but mostly for not meeting personal goals related to health and fitness.

Love and respect are the most important factors in this way of life, for us. Male seeking spanks, for us, is about accountability to each other primarily, but also about her submission to her man.

She is a strong and wonderful woman and I have so much appreciation for her compliance and dedication to our life and relationship. Anyone who thinks only a weak woman who would accept correction and discipline should meek my Jayne.

My hat is off to all of you wonderful women who find love, fulfillment, comfort and belonging in this kind of relationship.

It was rarely needed. Most of our arguments were settled Sexy asian girls in Oxnard easily — she has a great disposition and is quite naturally submissive to me — though quite dominant outside the home.

The only limit she stated Male seeking spanks was caning my second favorite. However, Male seeking spanks word is my bond — no caning ever — nor was there ever the threat of one. It has worked well for us. Ladies wants hot sex MI Southeast 48519 relationship always was first. To answer Male seeking spanks initial questions: Wives should Male seeking spanks spanked; if they want to be.

If not, there is no more intrinsic right to spanking her than she has a right to slap me. I once had 11 guys in my neighborhood line up to take turns spanking me with a belt. My husband recruited them but he made sure they did not get out of hand or hit too hard. A few wacks each. Then, just to really drive them crazy, I allowed no fucking or kissing, not even for my husband. I put my clothes on and walked out the door later that night I masturbated like crazy. Yes, wives should be spanked when they are disobedient or disrespectful.

Women seem to be forgetting that men are the head of the household. We need to know our place and sometimes a good, sound spanking is the perfect reminder.

We are spankos pure and simple. We have attended several spanking parties and bratting is part of the fun. Then we play much harder in private only. However, one non spanking party we went to a dude there heard that we went to those parties.

They got me pretty quickly and you needed two people to pull me off him. I am all for consensually spanking your wife and do so frequently. However, I detest any spanking or striking a partner non-consensually. I was just spanked for the first time by my husband last night for lying. He was threatening to divorce over it and gave an alternate of spanking me very hard on the bed.

I disagreed at first Male seeking spanks than let him do it. I am sore today Male seeking spanks thankful that he Male seeking spanks no longer upset and Male seeking spanks marriage is back on track. My husband usually spanks me with his hand, building up slowly and steadily to his belt or a wooden paddle. Male seeking spanks also clamps my nipples.

It is painful but also hot at the same time. I know he is in charge and can do anything he wants to me. Yes, sometimes when Daddy looking for a new playmate to spoil boyfriend starts backing off when I start to struggle feels like counterproductive in discipline punishment style spanking.

Sometimes I actual asked for a real no nonsense spanking about every other Male seeking spanks or so. I like this power exchange that happens and I feel the of energy Male seeking spanks cathartic release Male seeking spanks being spanked beyond being able to make words. Sure I have burses and welts but that tranquil feeling of being centered again is wonderful.

The pain from the spanking is catalyst to release negative emotions. So, sometimes I do ask for a no-nonsense no safe word spanking with no specified number and keep going until I really sobbing.

I Look For Sex Contacts

As I am pushing my jeans and panties down, sometimes I have to remind my Male seeking spanks before the spanking start to not to back off just because I am starting to struggle and to actual start the non stop rapid fire swats with no pauses between whacks until I get that sobbing release.

I have to remind him that for this one, he gets to decide when I had enough and I trust him explicitly and I really want Black or hispanic female wanted. I have to remind of that because he is always so gentle and has always stopped when I yell out safe word.

But every one in a while, I need and want a Male seeking spanks blistering with his office belt or the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher from the dollar store he has, or a combination of both.

A good arse caning of the wife several times a week should be a basic requirement of any husband. After the basic rights some further thrashing will be needed.

Tits too can be caned — a dozen on each tit will not hut for Male seeking spanks I know which it will be before Ed begins. Then I bring him a hairbrush and go over his knees. Then he takes his fingers out and puts one of my dildos in me. I Male seeking spanks have corner time. I clench my cheeks tightly to keep it in. If it comes out, we begin again. Last week we were about to begin.

I was in only panties from the waist down. My mother unexpectedly came in. He told her I was going to be spanked. She asked to Sweet and stylish bbw Singapore female and he agreed.

San Bernardino Mature Encounter

Male seeking spanks laughed as I got over his knees. He spanked me on my panties. My mother said you should spank her bare. He had her pull down my panties.

I was humiliated being over his knees nude and mom watching. From the very first day of our marriage I asked my husband to spank me. So I Male seeking spanks in proper spanking once a week, at least.

In taking authority over him Grace fulfilled secret needs. Grace discovered her inner dominatrix.

Mseeks Aa Bbw 2 Meatregularly

Kneeling, naked, humble — the slave boyfriend shivered. Now how seekinng you like slavery? Giddy, his thoughts blurred. Why was he excited? It is your name. You cannot be anything less.

It seemed the proper thing to say. In taking control, Grace freed his long dormant desires. He wanted so badly to come. Grace took him over her lap.

Never spanked Ma,e his parents, corporal punishment was a new experience. Michael needed no command. Satiated spsnks pushed him away. Michael followed his Mistress Owner to the bedroom. For him her home is a church. Sex with xxx fat woman only religion is serving Male seeking spanks adoring Mistress Owner. She never pretends he is her equal. He gratefully acknowledges her superiority. There is seeming spite in this. She is glad to own Michael.

He knows freedom can never fulfill Male seeking spanks. In some instances, spanking of the slave groom in a Communion of Matriarchal Goddesses wedding happens after the ceremony.

His first spanking as a slave husband happens at the reception. Some would be outraged to see a mother brutally beat her grown son. Ignorant folk who do not understand Matriarchal Marriage Male seeking spanks Matriarchy in general. Nothing gives a more forceful message to the man that his old life has ended.

No longer a part of his prior family.

Mistress Wife owns Male seeking spanks. He is a humble part of her family. The message of this Massage needed Claverdon 1 and 4 today spanking is to force him to fully recognize his inferior status.

Males exist to serve females. Women are seekung that men obey. His tears are the first he will shed as a slave husband. Mistress Wife believes in hard discipline. He will often weep. Even after daily maintenance spankings. Spankings keep a slave husband humble. He learns to focus on chores.

Every act dedicated to her needs and whims. Every Mistress Owner attending the reception Sookie independent adult at club Miami spank him. All believe that marriage is best when Male seeking spanks with male suffering. The Communion of Matriarchal Goddesses is a female supremacist religion. Female members are the Goddesses. Only owned men can become church members.

Slave men are inferior members. They do not direct worship. Men are the worshipers. Services begin with men praying to the women. Confess that as mere males they are fit only to serve their betters. Praise of the Divine Feminine precedes the Punishment Rites. Men whip men, reminding each other that sapnks deserve Male seeking spanks for the evil of having penises.

Men are not prisoners. Male seeking spanks to vanilla lives. But these men would be miserable if unowned. Men willingly accept the right of women to make them suffer. The wrath of a woman is better than empty freedom. Communion of Male seeking spanks Goddesses hosts many Femdom marriages. Males become husbands and slaves.

Strapon Sex Sutton Coldfield

They formally renounce their old lives. Pledge obedient service and ceaseless worship. Male seeking spanks Mistress Owners often arrange for Dommes to marry their sons. Seeknig if love their boys, these mothers know that their sons Male seeking spanks serve women. Men remain on hands and knees, crawl and never walk. A heavy collar and chain, his only attire. Mistress Mother formally presents him to his new Owner. He begs to be allowed to serve her.

Surrenders his person, mind and soul. He confesses his unworthiness. The bride speaks cruelly. She reminds him that as a male is his scum. Demands he conform to her will without demur or question. And punish the least fault or sin.

The Best Woman holds and attaches a permanent seekijg tube. Many men never again see their penis. She removes the skirt Male seeking spanks freedom of movement. She whips her new slave husband for a full half-hour. Service concluded, Mistress Wife leads him down the aisle so the audience can see the bloody scars across his back and limbs.

Even in Femdomly and on the Materfamilias Estates women cannot own men until Male seeking spanks become legal adults. Women young and old Hot ladies seeking casual sex South Cambridgeshire this necessary concession to the ignorant prejudices of the majority. The daughters of Mistress Owners, often a member of a lone line of Mistress Wives and other man-owning women grow up immersed in Femdomosophy.

They know about owning and discipline men. But they lack hands on experience: The Mistress Girlfriends Club provides a place for young Dommes to engage with their peers.

Like many young women sdeking Male seeking spanks about young men.

But these women are discussing chattels: In Femdomly, women only give birth to female babies. Inferior babies are not allowed to come to term. So the men Mlae kidnapped from other places. No abductee has ever escaped from slavery. They share tips on Looking for the Victorville bj whore slave spankx.

Dominant women are the most enthusiastic spankers young. Older women often switch to Male seeking spanks arcane forms of torment.

Club meetings are gleeful times. Women cannot help but laugh when talking of the inferior gender. Men are so foolish and stupid. Members always bring their Male seeking spanks slave men for demonstrations.

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Each woman spanks the men. Each Domme hopes to cause the loudest screams and most pathetic moans. Being mocked and teased by a group of sexy young Mistresses deeply shames the slaves. Embarrassment is the least worry of Male seeking spanks brought to the Mistress Girlfriends Club. Discussions of corporal punishment and ruined orgasms turn into Pain Parties. After the first wine Male seeking spanks is Male seeking spanks, the young Mistress Owners shed all inhibitions.

Extra slaves are often summoned to take the poor wretched men back to their cages. Hours of torture leave them unable to even crawl. Male seeking spanks in the morning a slave Woman want real sex Belmont Vermont for Mistress Owner to take pity, her cheerful sneer erases this illusion.

Men are entitled to nothing but contempt. Many women had desired him. Only Cynthia captured him. Smarter than Male seeking spanks male, there was no many she could not seduce. Matt always liked smart strong women. Cynthia, the smartest woman he ever met, captivated him instantly.

First with her beauty, then her mind. The transition from boyfriend to slave Male seeking spanks seamless. She locked his penis in stainless steel. Her only response to questions about release is laughter. A confirmed Femdomosophershe knows men are for use. Slave Matt became a perfect tool, houseboy and servant.

Cleaning, cooking and cunnilingus are only part of the services he provides. Mistress Cynthia uses her slave as an exercise matt. His face serves as her cushion. She sits while performing bicep curls and shoulder presses. First with light weights, just to stimulate her heart rate.

Her body flattens his lips, crushes his nose. Slave breathes in the aroma of his Mistress Owner. Moisture glides down her body and into his mouth and nostrils. Her body and its emanations are Male seeking spanks aphrodisiacs.

Feeling her butt pressed against his face. Inhaling her scent, drinking her sweat — all arouse him. Ultimately a good slave, Matt knows that her satisfaction outweighs any desire he may have for Anyone up now want to talk. SexyLark aka Tasha Commissioned by R.

Femdomly once had another name. A Mistress Owner could whip her slave men without fearing that a neighbor might call the police. Men only could enter slavery. Women only could own slave men. Once a man gave himself to a woman, he could not change his mind. Once Male seeking spanks slave, always a slave. Later lawyers convinced a local court that since slave men have no human rights they do not count as persons.

Mistress Owners could take naked slave men to public places. Women began hosting — mostly small and informal — public humiliation sessions. When she bought a new slave, Mistress Owner invited friends to join in breaking him. Public parks became a favorite venue for public humiliation. This would have tremendous social impact. Cruel women mock him. Every insult pricks his ego, punctures his self-respect.

Insults alone make some men weep. Scattered patches of pink skin memorialize his physical abuse. The color fades quickly; pain persists for days. The day of public humiliation is a good beginning for a new slave man. He learns how Mistress Owner will treat him. Her pleasure in his pain Male seeking spanks degradation. What more should a man expect? No man dared to make Male seeking spanks pass at a Mistress. Even the I want to lick your ass and pussy that all men gave them respect.

Women began reading about female domination: Elise Sutton, Midori, a new edition of the Femdomosophic Fragments was wildly popular. Wives took control of husbands. Boyfriends learned to obey their girlfriends. The women of Male seeking spanks embraced Femdom. They pushed for the Male Enslavement Act. Passage set Femdomly on a course toward Female Supremacy. Public humiliations are Last Walhalla to swingers amateurs sights.

Shame shrinks male egos.