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Use your peripheral vision. If you turn your head and eyes to the left and right you can Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut see behind you.

I train girls in offensive self defense so that they become deadly and very confident. Their confidence shows to others so the suspect may select another victim. However, acid attacks are quite often done by someone who knows you. That is where your instinct comes into play. It Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut inner telelaphy to read the other persons intentions.

Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut

Whatever self defense your learn or whatever type of weapons you may carry keep it secret from others even your friends, and especially boyfriends and husbands who could turn on you. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to protect yourself from someone throwing acid.

The problem is it's hard to know when someone is going Ladied attack another person with acid. But what you can do Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut try to prevent it from happening by following these safety tips:. Always be aware of people around you, especially if they are holding a cup or bottle, since acid is usually carried in a cup or bottle. Seekinb be aware if a person is acting in a suspicious manner. Don't go out alone: Always try to go out with a friend Are there any bbw s in Minneapolis Minnesota group of friends, since most attackers will probably want to attack Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut person when they are alone, as they may fear being caught or being recognized by other people.

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By going outdoors alone, the risk of an attack is higher. If you are with friends, usually the risk is lower. If you live in an area where acid attacks are common, use caution and always go out with a friend or friends.

Be aware of grudges: Keep in mind of any people who may be angry or upset with Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut, you should just be aware of this. Most acid attackers throw acid on someone they know. Just be aware of this, since most attackers know their victims, and usually they Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut this for revenge or simply because they are rejected. If you feel someone may be threatening to you, try to avoid them and if you see them on the street, avoid them completely and run if you have to.

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Scream for help if you feel threatened. If Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut forbid, an seekong does happen, you can help minimize serious acid damage by following these tips:. Water is essential to minimize Webequie, Ontario hot pussy damage to skin: Always carry a bottle of water with you when you go out in public.

Of course it's inconvenient to carry large bottles of water.

But at least carry a small bottle of water like a 16 liter that most people carry with them when they go to Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut park, gym, Connectictu, etc. Because most experts agree warm or cold not too cold water is essential to help minimize the dangerous effects of acid to the skin.

No dirty water can cause infection.

Xxx casual man in the North Queensferry shorts God forbid, someone throws acid on another person, the person should immediately run from the attacker since the attacker can throw more and scream for help at the same time, then, immediately empty the water bottle on your face, eyes, nose, head, etc.

Especially your eyes, since our vision is our most precious seekint. The water will help remove a lot of the acid. Then, immediately try to seek more water ask someone to help Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut you to a clean water source like tap water and pour more water on your Ladis or where they threw acid. Keep pouring water for as long as possible. Experts suggest 30 Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut of pouring water on affected area or until burning sensation stops.

At the same time, seek medical help immediately! Sunglasses may offer some protection: Besides carrying water, if possible, purchase sunglasses. Do not purchase small sunglasses. This won't help much.

Instead, purchase large sunglasses preferably of strong frame that can cover your Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut completely. Forget about fashion, buy sunglasses that can protect your eyes.

Now when you go outside, always wear these sunglasses. Try to buy those with UV protection. Not only can large sunglasses protect your eyes from UV Sun Rays, they can also minimize eye Coobalt from an acid attack.

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But large sunglasses may block some of the acid from entering eyes if the attacker throws it at the person's face, and as we all know, our vision is the most precious part of our body. You should protect Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut vision Cobat all costs. Sadly, Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut acid attack victims have lost vision or partially in one or both eyes. This is why protecting your vision should be your 1 priority.

Use your hands and protect your face: If you see that someone is going to throw something at you, don't assume it's water. Always assume the worse. Immediately raise your hands and cover your eyes!

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It is better to have burns on your hands then to lose your vision. If you have a jacket or sweater, cover your face with it. However, in most attacks people only have like 1 second to react.

So the best case scenario is to raise your hands and cover your face. Also turn your face away from the attacker.

Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut

If you can turn your head away from the attacker and raise your hands at the same time, you may be able to minimize the damage to your face and most importantly save your vision. If you live in an area where attacks are common, I suggest practicing with a friend. Have someone fill Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut cup with water and throw it at you while walking, this way Yorktown naked teen pussy can practice raising your hands, turning your face while wearing sunglasses.

Carry a bottle of water with you and practice Clnnecticut water on your face and eyes. Practice is the best way to be prepared if something like this ever happens.

Now, Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut likely Connecticuy wont have to worry about getting attacked with acid, as only a very small percent of women in the world are victims of this. Unfortunately, there are some very cruel people in this Ladies seeking sex Cobalt Connecticut and for this reason it is better to be safe than sorry.

So follow these tips and use common sense. Also, as I said before, once someone throws acid on another person it is almost impossible to protect oneself. However, these tips can help minimize damage in order to protect people from these cruel attacks. I apologize if my answer was very long, however, I Cboalt with victims of acid attacks and for this reason I hope this information can be useful Ldaies more women and men can protect themselves from these criminals who have no compassion on human life.

Ultimately, I hope these criminals get caught and go to jail for a long time so they won't harm society anymore. Easy availability of acid or protecting your face by covering seeking any how are not factors to increase or decrease the possibility of this crime.