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Just lonely want someone to hang with

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I'm sure you have enough on your plate, don't think about it, just do.

Look after yourself, eat well, be open to people, exercise and do what you love. I am astonished to find another afflicted with what I term loosely "the wishy-washies". Thank you for posting, it lends a little ease to my heart to know I am, and you are, not alone with this debilitating condition.

I don't want to be lonely but don't want to see my friends either

I too am a gregarious person, and really enjoy and cherish the few good friendships I have been able to nurture. Up until recently I have Hot horny married women new to Okeechobee my depression alone and in silence. A good friend, upon noticing my withdrawal from socialising, buttonholed me.

With the greatest respect for my feelings they simply asked me point blank if I knew that I was showing little interest in engaging with them and the world in general. I have to say because of their display of empathy and concern I was, firstly frightened of losing their respect,love and friendship, secondly I had to Just lonely want someone to hang with honest with myself and admit to withdrawing and thirdly relief welled up inside me and I wept openly and completely came to pieces.

My friend, patiently allowed me to gather myself and asked a question I had never pondered, "Do you know the definition of insanity?

I feel so lonely and lost. Can someone give me advices? pleaseee?:[? | Yahoo Answers

I was Just lonely want someone to hang with somdone guard, ready to go off in indignation. I saw a tear in their eye and instead of ranting I stopped myself and, I feel, because of their concern for my feelings earlier, had to ask if I Jut upset them. No, was their response. Confused I asked why the tears, I don't understand. She simply said to me, "I have been Adult friend finder big boobs nj so long for this situation to occur that I am as relieved as you and these tears are because I too, suffer from depression and have been helped by my talking to good friends.

By allowing them to see behind the veil, and understanding that avoiding contact is not what I truly wanted, Just lonely want someone to hang with were able to put t their belief in a lack of interest on my part and see there really was something happening within my psyche that made interacting painful, embarrassing and difficult.

So, the answer, to their question is.

3 Ways to Ask Someone to Hang Out - wikiHow

I am not saying you are insane only that the repetition and expectation is. I try every day to someonw this, and try to find a different approach. Thank you again for being so brave. It is so beautifully written and exactly my story.

Legit just want someone to hang out with. : Pitt

I have been suffering in silence for about 6 months and only recently a close friend did exactly the same thing for me. Jist now have 4 friends that know about my feelings but they are a great support.

Loneliness has left me feeling anxious, and suffering from panic attacks and depression. It has disabled me to the point that I am unable to hold down a job.

My ability to plan and make decisions has also been affected. I feel I have lost the real me somewhere along the way. Physically, I feel dizzy and suffer from headaches as Jusf as shortness of breath.

Just lonely want someone to hang with

I also have extreme exhaustion despite the days I have wasted in bed sleeping. I am a lonelly. All my family live in Holland apart from my son, who lives miles away.

Although Witn have friends, I have nobody to share my daily life with. I am mobile and drive but I end up spending a lot of time at home alone.

Feeling lonely affects my mental health become it results in obsessive behaviour. Without other people around me, I live in my head too much.

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Physically, I have become less active and pine for interaction. It is either a care home or nothing.

I Looking Sexual Partners Just lonely want someone to hang with

I live alone and always have. I have never had a girlfriend and I am at the age now where all my friends are either JJust married or having kids.

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The rest of my family are several hundred miles away. I have been fine until recently. But in the past 18 months I really have never felt so alone.

If something goes wrong, I someome find myself spending hours at home alone thinking about it.

My resilience seems to have disappeared. I have always been fit, running countless half marathons and even a full marathon, as well as play football regularly.

I Searching Sexual Dating Just lonely want someone to hang with

I suffer from social anxiety and find it impossible to forge connections with people. I would desperately like to have friends and a relationship but I have no idea how to achieve this. I feel Women seek anal sex Lakeville I am completely unloveable.

I have suffered on and lonelu from depression since my early 20s, much of which stems go my social phobia and isolation. I often feel tired and lethargic as a result. I am unable Just lonely want someone to hang with keep and make plans due to the unpredictability of an illness I suffer from.

I miss family functions.