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In need of a staker into poker tournaments I Am Want Man

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In need of a staker into poker tournaments

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I Look Sex Date In need of a staker into poker tournaments

Poker is a game of incomplete information, and within the industry, plenty of other pkoer operate with incomplete information. One of those activities is backing arrangements.

In the poker world, backing or staking agreements are as common as bad-beat stories.

One would be surprised to find out that many prominent players don't actually play their own money and which players actually serve as the backers, but it's a completely understandable practice. Specifically speaking, tournament poker can be very volatile to the bankroll, especially live tournaments that come few and far between and last In need of a staker into poker tournaments extended periods.

Online, a player can fire up a number of tournaments that run round the clock. Live, the buy-ins are much larger on average, and a player can only play one tournamsnts at a time. Often, this means playing a big Main Event every week or two. Then there is stakeer travel and accommodation cost to get over, and if you don't cash for a stretch of 10 to 15 tournaments, a player could be needd risk for an extremely negative year.

It's no secret in the poker world that Seeking cute quirky and closet dirty girl for fwb back other players.

Often, a backer has a "stable of horses" — more than one player who is backed. There have been others, but these were his main "horses" for an extended period. To get some insight Sweet lady looking casual sex Adelaide someone who knows the ins and outs of backing, PokerNews recently chatted with Mercier about his experiences.

I got into backing players in October I basically got into it because I had learned about it, had nesd come into a bunch of money, and thought that it was an easy way to make money because stker poker world is full of bad In need of a staker into poker tournaments, and if you find good players and put them into tournaments, they'll make you money.

In need of a staker into poker tournaments Looking Adult Dating

It's been a few years since you started backing. Do you still think it's an easy way to make money?

I don't think that it's an easy way to make money. I think that if you get the right guys, it's definitely going to be profitable. I mean, it takes time, it takes work; you have to do a lot of books and tracking and making sure that your guys don't suck.

How to Approach Your First Live Poker Tournament. August 27, There are many things you need to take into account when you approach your first live poker How to Bet in Poker Tournaments: A. The Basics of Staking in Poker. Frank DeGeorge Blocked Unblock Follow Following. Sep 8, game is frequently called the “player.” The backer, or multiple backers, provides the money to pay the entry fee into a tournament, which is played by the player. The player can also be a backer, and be putting up some of the money themselves. We offer daily poker news, poker professionals' blogs and tweets, exclusive poker videos, thousands of free poker articles, as well as coverage from all major poker tournaments in the world.

Do you think that not keeping books or tracking their players correctly are reasons why people are unsuccessful with backing? No, I don't think so.

Part of the reasons why people are unsuccessful at backing is because they pick the wrong people. Whether it's that the people are not good or that the people are not trustworthy.

I've heard a lot of horror stories of backing with people scamming, stealing, punting tournaments on purpose. You have to definitely get the right people.

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What Mercier's talking about here is your common backing deal. Generally, the backer fronts all money for tournament buy-ins and takes a 50 percent cut of the winnings.

The other 50 percent goes to the player. A tpurnaments is often going to lose more times than he wins, which is why make-up is in place. This can be best explained through an example.

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I've been in the process of moving away from backing. Right now, I pretty much back only one full-time player in Dan O'Brien. Two other "horses" that I have basically don't play poker that much anymore, and I know one of them doesn't completely play anymore.

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I've just kind of drifted away from it because it's a bit of a headache, and I'm just kind of over it. I'm happy with backing Dan right now.

I have a boss thinking about staking me in some wsop tournaments next WSOP Events, you are talking 80/20 to 70/30 at best (staker/player). When you want to play in poker tournaments but you don't have the cash for the buy-in, staking is your best option. Here we discuss how. Specifically speaking, tournament poker can be very volatile to the I mean, it takes time, it takes work; you have to do a lot of books and.

No, not necessarily, because I've met so many good friends through backing them, through the relationships I've made with them and then their friends.

So, a lot of my friends in poker have come from me backing players. Not inho mention, I've actually made money now lifetime, so that's always a good thing.

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I definitely don't wish that I'd never done it. Backing is definitely a huge part of the poker industry.

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There are a lot of players that — I mean, most players have been backed at some point or have backed someone. It's a huge part, and it's how a In need of a staker into poker tournaments of guys are able to play big buy-in tournaments. Do you think it's better to do more selective backing like in your case, or something along the lines of a Bax and Sheets operation where they have been rumored to back hundreds of players?

I think that if you're backing too many players, like more than 20, it's going to be very difficult to make money. Just because it's going to be so hard to keep track of whether or not the guys are good or bad, how they're playing and what they're playing.

It's just going to be very difficult. I think it's much easier to make money if you have one, two, three or four guys that you know are going to be profitable when you put them in. The variance is obviously extremely high either way, but I think [a more selective approach is] the way to go.

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Team Mercier is Doing Work. Kelly, Selbst and Badecker Headline Event 2.

Why is it that so many professional poker players need others to put up the money In live poker tournaments, where you will see the most staking, the fact of the . Hellmuth and others are to take advantage of rich stakers by. Most poker staking is related to tournament play, although it also If a player is charging a markup, the investor will have to pay more than. When you want to play in poker tournaments but you don't have the cash for the buy-in, staking is your best option. Here we discuss how.

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