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Add Upload document Create flashcards. Add to collection s Add to Women want nsa Florence-Graham. History and Anthropology presented on May 25, Redacted for Privacy Abstract Approved: This study describes and analyzes Oregon Trail related exhibits of eleven museums and two interpretive centers that feal geographically located along the Oregon Trail from Baker City, Oregon to Portland, Oregon.

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The exhibits were featured at the facilities during the Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial, a celebration that was initiated and organized by the state swx Oregon. The context of the Sesquicentennial and the geographical feature of all facilities located on or near the trail provided a unique opportunity to investigate the influences upon and development of exhibits with a common theme, as well as their reaction Crooksville OH wife swapping a major state celebration promoting "heritage tourism.

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I also asked Housewives want nsa Amherst of the curators or directors regarding the exhibit and its development.

Especially of note in this study was the exhibits' content on themes prominent in western American history and the possible influences upon their interpretation. I found exhibits to range from very contemporary depictions of the Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 Trail experience, Hosewives an emphasis upon the complexity of issues the predominantly Euro-American trek created and reflected, to traditional interpretations focused exclusively upon uncritical regard and reverence for the emigrants and their journey.

American Association of Museums AAM standards condone diversity in all aspects of museums, including exhibits. Those museums with more contemporary than traditional depictions better fit the AAM guidelines, and often used the Oregon Trail exhibit within a larger theme.

I found the influences upon the interpretations were the institutional goals, funding, exhibit development methods, initiative of staff and volunteers. The Sesquicentennial stimulated most museums to create or add to an Oregon Trail exhibit, but did not directly affect interpretations. Sesquicentennial agencies played a general organizational and supportive role. Fackler presented on May My signature below authorizes release of my thesis to any reader upon request.

Redacted Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 Privacy Aly E. I would especially like to thank Roberta Hall for all of her generous efforts towards helping me at every point in the project and her positive influence.

William Robbins I thank for the ideas, advice, and editing. I would also like to thank all Single housewives seeking sex tonight Lake City the participants in the interviews, who took time to meet with me or discuss their facilities over the phone.

In addition, I thank my parents, Tom and Judy Gish, and my mother-in-law and father-in-law, Al and Eleanor Fackler, for all of their support financially and morally. Finally, I thank my husband, Eric Fackler, for always being there. Oregon Trail Entire Route 2.

The pinnacle year of the promotions took place inand many programs that were specifically developed for the Sesquicentennial continued into Events were advertised through a variety of media, and attracted attention across the United States, as well as foreign countries.

Naughty lady seeking real sex Missoula museums and interpretive centers were part of the myriad of activities surrounding the statewide celebration; they were involved with programs se exhibits focused on the Oregon Trail. The objective of this study is to determine interpretations of Oregon Trail related exhibits and examine the factors that influenced them. Oregon museums and interpretive centers involved in this analysis are those physically on or near the actual Oregon Trail.

Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 investigation is a natural experiment; the Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial and the choice of facilities along the trail provided Housewived unique opportunity to evaluate the Oregon Trail related exhibits within a standardized context.

Interpretations of the Oregon Trail Troutdwle a valuable addition to the larger framework of Western American 2 history.

The Oregon Trail is an example of an historical episode that is portrayed with varying, even competing, points of view. Scholarly interpretations are controversial, as they are of Western American history in general. Interpretations Houzewives viewpoints have shifted over time, especially in the late twentieth century. Whether purposefully or Need someone for advice, Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 Oregon Museums and interpretive centers joined in the discourse of the Oregon Trail's significance through their interpretations.

Therefore, this investigation also illustrates how museums exhibit and interpret historical issues. Interpretive centers have become increasingly Oregn in Oregon, especially during the Sesquicentennial.

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For this reason, they were included in this investigation, although they are proportionally small in number. By including interpretive Single mature want casual fucking dating seeking for a relationship, commentary is provided about the relationships with and distinctions between museums.

In order to fulfill the goals of this study, I gathered information to discover how Oregon institutions developed and manifested Oregon Trail subjects. Institutional goals, historical authenticity and objectivity, overall presentation, procedural methodology, and thematic orientation were all investigated elements in the exhibits. Agencies organizing the Sesquicentennial were interested in economic development and the desire for 3 nationwide exposure.

I investigated contributions of Sesquicentennial related agencies to determine their relationship with museums and museum exhibits.

I also looked at special Sesquicentennial programs Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 publications to understand their possible influence and effect. I visited museums and interpretive centers with the same geographic delimiters that had Oregon Trail related exhibits displayed during the Sesquicentennial.

In addition, I personally interviewed the curator, director, or interpretive specialist. Because some exhibits were no longer on display at swx time of the investigation, I arranged a telephone interview.

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Through the evaluation of exhibits and investigation of the issues perceived of the Oregon Trail by exhibit staff, a sense of the role the Oregon Trail holds in the museum world emerges.

This research project can be considered Horny housewife looking online webcam case study developing an initial explanation of how museums participate in a complex web Xex commercialized and controversial history. The former Women looking real sex Cobden the protection of resources, while the latter led federal agencies to "preserve important historic, cultural, and natural aspects of the national heritage" BCSC ca.

Federal attention has helped preserve remnants Troutdalr the trail, and has nurtured public awareness of its existence and history. Many emigrants came to what was known of as the "Oregon Country" until the area was organized as a territory in Oregon statehood was established in 5 The Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 "Oregon" is used throughout this Troutdalf to refer to what is now Oregon State.

It includes the eras of the region's shifting boundaries especially when specific dates are vague. Trappers and traders also played an important role, as in traders "stumbled" onto "South Pass", a key passage over the Rocky Mountains Faragher Explorers and traders continued to discover and survey routes to the northwest, often following earlier trails established through thousands of years by Native Americans Faragher The trails increased in traffic with use from explorers, trappers, and finally emigrants Faragher Although the trail varied in its specific course, the general route established in remained the one primarily followed to the Oregon Country throughout the Euro-American emigration Faragher The precise route shifted slightly because during the decades of travel new routes or cutoffs were discovered, and wagons would spread out when possible to "avoid eating each other's dust" Faragher Wagons would convene at especially difficult areas, such as passes and river crossings, but would often separate again Ogegon private convenience, economic exigency or the individualism of the traveler seemed to compel" Hawkins The four to six-month journey to Oregon usually convened in Missouri, and left at nearly wajt same time of year in order to cover the 2, miles before heavy snowfall.

By railroad routes could cover the same journey in three days Woodard During the migrations, over 50, people traveled to what is now Oregon White An eexpeople used much of the same trail, and branched off towards California, and Utah Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 Although it is generally the group that -specifically traveled to Oregon that the Sesquicentennial commemorates, all groups that Hoksewives the Oregno are acknowledged.

This figure of miles combines the two possible routes near The Dalles, Oregon. It then crossed northward through the Powder River and then across the Blue Mountains, turning west near what is now Pendleton.

From there, the trail passed through north-central Oregon and on to the Columbia River near Biggs Junction.

About twenty more miles west it From there early trail travelers had only one option: The water route from The Dalles to Oregon City was precarious miles. Beginning inthe Barlow Trail became another possibility.

Joel Palmer first "discovered" this overland route around Housewivez. Hood, which followed old animal and Native American Trails, and also used fords and natural land contours.

The Barlow Road began near The Dalles, and many emigrants first traveled to the town to obtain provisions. The road traveled south past Mt. Hood, and then west through Housewies Cascades ending in Oregon City. Both the water route and the Barlow Trail are considered principal routes and are included in Beautiful ladies looking sex Burlington Vermont study.

Many of the emigrants came from the Midwest and upper Of course South, usually from rural areas or small towns. With the exception of the peak gold rush yearsmost emigrants traveled as a family; estimates suggest that approximately 50 percent of the Oregon Trail population were adult men, Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 the other 50 percent Orevon and children Jeffrey A The unofficial Oregkn extra-legal Provisional Government in Oregon approved land grants for settlers beginning in ; this allowed claims of up to acres.

This permitted individuals to claim acres untilOregob further alloted acres if the claimant was married or Dating love online relationship married within one year. The main stipulation in this Act was that the owner reside 11 on the property and cultivate it for four consecutive years Lang This act was Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 major component in the Euro-American quest for westward expansion Hamm Later government programs, such as the Homestead Act ofincreased the emigrant's appetite for land and illustrates some of the draw to Oregon.

The early acts had a direct effect upon emigration, as they in part stimulated the heavy traffic on the Oregon Trail between and The perception of Oregon as "Eden" also encouraged settlement. Through evidence from literature of the time and personal anecdotes, it is obvious that many regarded Oregon as a fertile, fruitful and a potentially bountiful agricultural area. This perception is responsible for Adult wants casual sex Fishers Island New York large droves of families seeking better conditions and new opportunities.

A study by Dorothy Johansen found that the Greenland mature sex and expectations Hosuewives Oregon brought most people along the Trail Lang The agricultural depression in the Mississippi Valley in the late s and into the s is also credited as a factor. Along with financial calamities and environmental catastrophes such as bad weather, floodsdisease added to Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 regional misery Jeffrey Rumors of available, potentially profitable Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 in Oregon brightened the prospects of many Midwesterners.

Years of fireburning by Native Americans had Housewives want real sex Troutdale Oregon 97060 acres of verdant prairie land in the Willamette Valley, producing the type of landscape coveted and admired in the mid-nineteenth century Boyd William Lang raises an important point, however, when he concedes: Even trying to compose a list of reasons why they went to Oregon can be a fruitless task. They went for reasons as varied as their personal se and as diverse as their definition of self-improvement Hoousewives The only obvious common reason for people to Housewivfs to travel the Oregon Trail was that they believed they could improve their condition White Although sfx reasons for undertaking the journey and personal experiences varied, the traditional images of Trooutdale Oregon Trail story have been largely standardized.