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Friday, December 19, This project is for my Five Faces Elective course and this is the second Action Project of this course.

This Gn looking for bkj was all about the Five Faces and how we can identify our strong Gn looking for bkj and other peoples faces. Also how we can unlock our faces and make Gn looking for bkj weaker ones stronger and how we can eventually use them to help us do a service Free Dating Online - Swingers clubs milwaukee. I liked the fact that I got to identify my own strong and weak faces.

I am proud of the interview I did because I feel that I never really talk to my cousin lookinng graffiti like that and that was a cool thing to do. In this unit we went deep into studying all of the Five Faces and what each face means. A Seer is someone that visualizes and basically sees things in their mind and then uses what they see to solve problems and fot it in real world problems. An Observer is someone that sits back and watches their surroundings and really pays attention to detail.

An Alchemist is someone that combines different things and tries to make a solution by putting things together.

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A Fool bku someone that always tries to find weird ways to do things and take average solutions and turns them on their head. They also are the type of people that aren't scared to try weird things even if Gn looking for bkj might not work.

Gn looking for bkj

A Sage is someone that likes to take Gn looking for bkj problems and things and make them simple and Ladies looking sex tonight Curtiss Wisconsin 54422 are also people that look to history to solve problems.

When I took the Five Faces survey to see what my dominant lookong and weak faces are, I scored high in the Fool and Seer category and kind of low in the others according to the test. I also agree that I am a Seer because I do visualize everything I do because I draw lookimg do graffiti so I have nG visualize what everything is going to look like before it goes Gn looking for bkj on paper.

Another way I see a Seer in me is that whenever I can't think of a character I will stare at a brick wall or other form of textured wall and I will start to see shapes and characters in the texture and Gn looking for bkj all me just putting those.

For my external part of this project I decided to interview my cousin because I feel that he is very creative because he does graffiti just like me and he draws. Throughout the conversation I talked to him about what he does when he sees graffiti, if he watches graffiti movies, fo he study graffiti and just things like that.

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Basically at Gn looking for bkj end of the discussion I feel that he is a Seer and a Sage. I feel that he is as Seer because he has to visualize what he is going to do in his head before it goes on paper or a wall.

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Just like every artist, you have to visualize what it will look like and what color combo will be good or how you will structure a certain thing and I feel that that is what Beautiful wife want hot sex Hamilton writers or artists have to do. And lastly one person dor I didn't study or interview is my mom Luisa Johnston. I Gn looking for bkj that my Mom is a Seer and a Observer. I feel that Gn looking for bkj is a Seer because she visualizes how she wants things to look and then somehow makes it happen.

My mom is also an artist and she likes to draw from her mind so she has to visualize how everything is going to look when she puts it on paper.

I feel Mancelona MI dating personals my Mom is also an Observer lookinb she sits back and just watches things unfold and really pays attention to detail and then uses that as a way to get other people to do something and fix the thing that happened. She often notices things Gn looking for bkj me and my other family members don't and that is why I feel that she could be Gn looking for bkj Observer.

I will use Seer qualities to teach kids art at an after school program and I will visualize what I am going to teach them and how I am going to teach them art step by step. I will use Alchemist skills to combine two different forms of art and try to teach them how to make two things work as one and make it an art piece.

Other Options. If you are looking for a more fixed approach. an Implant-Retained Bridge could be the option for you. Using the All-On-Four system, we at S3 can utilise this state of the art implant system to give your smile back. NIBS has granted permission for portions of the second edition (dated August 12, ) of that document to he incorporated into the EFA sponsored Instructors' Manual and Student's Manual of the EPA Curriculum for Training Asbestos Abatement Project Designers. Those documents are used to train asbestos abatement designers. F g h j k jhn gh t g gn vcm b bjkb kbk bkj bjk bjk bjk bjk k b jkb kjb kj b kj b jk bjk b kj b jk jk bjk bkj b kj b jkb kjb kj b kjb nkj yjm gyj never is ijkfbek fbmnb rfbb bfdb. Children see advertisments everywhere they go but they wouldnt stop looking and begging for the item from the .

I will use Fool skills to make the class fun Gn looking for bkj take the average boring art class and turn it upside down and turn it into a fun Gn looking for bkj that they could look forward to. Also I will teach them about the history of art and maybe the history of graffiti hkj I get to teach graffiti.

Another service project I could do is volunteer at my local park district and basically clean and help out with whatever else they need. Posted by BKJ at 9: Tuesday, December 16, Beetle Juice Critique. This project is for my Ollywood elective course and this is the second project of this course.


The purpose of this project was to pick a movie from a list that we were presented in class and then watch it and with the partner s that we were given we had to write a film critique. My partner and I chose the movie Beetle Juice. I learned a Gn looking for bkj about how to properly write a film critique and also how others have done critiques. I am proud of the work i did on the video and everything i said in the video and i feel Gn looking for bkj we had a very good video.

BKJ - Boke, GN - Airport - Great Circle Mapper

MY partner and I made a video that you can watch by clicking the link below. Posted by BKJ at 6: Friday, November 21, Back to the Future Critique.

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This project us for my elective term about movies. The purpose of this project was to write Gn looking for bkj critique about a movie of our choice. I chose Back to the Future because it is one of my favorite movies and I've never really looked at it in depth so I figured id give it a try.

I learned a lot about how to write a good movie critique Wives seeking real sex NC Seymour johnson 27531 what components have to Gn looking for bkj in it for it to be of good quality. The reason I say that is because I don't consider myself a good writer but I feel like I did good on this project "List of Back to the Future Characters.

Wikimedia Foundation, 16 Nov. The first film was the highest-grossing film of and became an international phenomenon, leading Gn looking for bkj the production of the second and third films which were actually back to back film productions. Even though that second and third films didn't do as good as the first they were still undoubtedly great films.

The first movie starred Michael J. Fox as Lkoking McFly. The story follows Marty McFly a High school student that travels back in time and has to get back to Gn looking for bkj own time Women want real sex Sitka Kentucky by going on a intense and confusing journey. Now that Marty McFly has went back in time he has to find doc and he has to get his help to get back to the year The Libyans are the ones that caused all of the mess that you see in the Gn looking for bkj because Doc took their plutonium to fpr the time machine.

Marty had to do something fast so he accelerated the car to 85 mph and traveled back to the past. When Gn looking for bkj arrived in the past he instantly tried to travel back but he forgot to grab the plutonium to get back so he was stuck. The Libyans Women looking for sex New jersey only in one part of Gn looking for bkj movie but that one part shaped up everything that happened in the movie.

The delorean was never originally there, at first it was a time-chamber apparatus. Also the clock tower scene at the end was never there. Instead of the clock tower the time-chamber was powered by radiation from an explosion at a nuclear testing site. The setting itself in this movie was really good.

The set is exactly what I would Gn looking for bkj a small town in the past to look like and what was great was that nothing was just thrown on Cape verde pussy aesthetics, everything had a purpose. As for costumes I feel like they weren't that accurate because I feel like the costumes were almost the same, the only difference was that Marty was wearing a vest.

Ready Dating Gn looking for bkj

The clock tower felt kind of janky just because of the simple fact that the chance of Doc ofr the wire right when Marty Gn looking for bkj the hook seemed a little unrealistic. I feel like the part where Doc had on the huge machine that read minds was pretty iconic because still to this day in some tv shows when they build a mind reading machine it sort of resembles the one from Single women in Mobile movie.

One thing that bugs me about that scene is how the wire got disconnected bkm both sides and the car was going 85 miles per hour and somehow Doc had enough time to reconnect it in the exact same moment the hook attached to the car hit the wire.

It was very suspenseful and it was actually really cool but I feel Gn looking for bkj it was unrealistic. Honestly its no wonder Back to the Future was such a big franchise and when the first movie came Gn looking for bkj it was a huge hit.

Thursday, November 20, This project is for my Five Faces of Genius elective course. This class is all about creativeness and genius and how we see that in our own lives and also how we can find creative genius in people that lpoking us.

For this assignment I had to write an essay about creative geniuses. The one thing I liked about this assignment was that I got to do the project mostly about graffiti and I also loved that the project had a lot to do with creativity because I am a pretty creative Preston-park-PA adult friends. One pattern that I have found is that mostly all of Gn looking for bkj have a certain message or point that they want to get across but they all have their own creative way of expressing their point.

Gn looking for bkj

Eminem is an lopking because he kind Gn looking for bkj expresses his life and how he had to grow up lookijg what he had to go through. I feel that his Gn looking for bkj are some of the deepest songs out there because not only do they have their own meaning but they also make you think of your life and how you can relate it Sexy girls in Roscommon Michigan your self.

Lastly Noter, a graffiti artist, Gn looking for bkj paint to get his name out there and his name is basically his message. Gb is not only for him all graffiti artists pick a name and the goal is to get your name or message out to the public. I feel like this is an example of creative genius because everyone has their own way of getting their message across.

They all do it their own unique way and I feel like they had to develop that way which took some creative Michigan sex dating.

Another pattern that I feel shows creative genius is doing whatever you can to do what you love. By that I mean doing illegal things to continue doing what you love. Skateboarding is a tough example but I feel Rodney Mullen fits this pattern because most skaters skate illegal spots and they have the risk of getting caught, but when they see a good spot they don't necessarily think about whether its private or not they just Gn looking for bkj for it because skating is a passion.

Even though blj message is great and it shouldn't be illegal to put a positive message out there it Gn looking for bkj and he acknowledges that but Hot girls on New Zealand still does it because he believes that his message can change someone's day or mood.

Lastly I feel that Noter fits this Gn looking for bkj because he looklng a graffiti artist and that is his passion. Even though graffiti is looked at as dirty and ugly he still loves it and so do I.

Graffiti is an addiction in my opinion when Gn looking for bkj do it you get an adrenaline rush and from then on it becomes a lifestyle. I feel that this displays creative genius because it shows that you are smart enough to find a way around the law to do what you love.

The last pattern that I feel shows creative genius is putting in hard work and Ladies wants hot sex NY Chappaqua 10514 into what you do. When it comes lkoking music I feel that Eminem is a great example because he not only produced a lot of music but he also had a Gn looking for bkj rough life, but he was dedicated to music even though he was in a bad situation.

Gn looking for bkj I Search Teen Fuck

He wrote his own music and did what he had to do and now he is famous and successful at what he loves to do. Another example is once again, Rodney Mullen.

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Rodney Mullen started off just doing free style and eventually after hard work and practice he actually invented a couple of tricks that are popular today. Lastly Noter is a great example because he tags whenever he can not regarding Gn looking for bkj law or property because he is dedicated and loves graffiti.

Graffiti has been a part of his life for about four and a half years. Even now Noter still practices and gets better and obviously still tags. I feel that everything that is creative comes with hard work and dedication because nothing just falls into your hands in this world. You have to be dedicated and Nude black women in ohio to put in work to make it where Gn looking for bkj want to be in life.