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Memphls put your favorite song in the subject line so I know you are real. I wanna Memphls out and drink and fuck w4m I want to go out to a bar and drink, then go back to your place and have best sex. Seeking for a good time, yet wanting more. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk ladies seeking lonlely women hot naughty search chat room adult Do you know how to swing this big bat ladies. Thanks ladies.

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Releasing after shower 3. She looked up at me and smiled wanly. Her lips make a kissing pucker and her face leaned forward until that hot soft kiss Fuck buddies in Memphis sk tight against my dripping sperm hole.

I saw her jaw working up a mouthful of saliva. Then her suck dropped fast and deep on my swollen prick. A shock to the system. From frustrating pricktease to hungry suckwhore in less than a second. My whole body convulsed in the transition. The hot pleasure of her tight slurp made my stomach drop and my head swoon. Peggy didn't moan while she sucked. Peg was all business.

For no good reason, I had flashbacks to Caryn sucking my cock, but Caryn sucked from her knees, her tiny little feet folded under her curvy ass.

Caryn moaned while she bobbed her too-soft, timid suck.

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I knew that Looking for friday female nsa fun what I wanted from Peggy. Well, not the "too-soft" part, but everything else. She looked me in the eye while her mouth worked a delicious figure eight pattern over my engorged cock head.

She shook her head to say "No," without Fuck buddies in Memphis sk her suck. Then she went back to long, deep sword swallows. This time Peggy pulled her suck off my cock and stroked softly. My blood pressure started rising in my frustration. I hadn't been told "No" by Caryn in months. I was used to getting whatever I wanted. I had been home to Peggy for less than six hours and I was getting pissed off already. She dropped my cock.

I could see her temper seeping in at the edges of her expression. The animal frustration of my throbbing cock mixing with the anger of a dusty couple's spat surfaced for Fuck buddies in Memphis sk umpteenth time and set me off. I kept thinking "Caryn wouldn't pull this shit on me.

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Caryn would do as she's told. I want a blow job from a girlfriend who doesn't act like a fucking prissy bitch, that's Hot Lakewood Colorado ky girl I want. I want you to act like you know you're mine, that's what I want. I want you to suck my cock from your goddamn knees, Peggy.

That's what I want. Peggy rolled her eyes. She shifted off her ass and stood up. I don't fucking care. I'm getting dressed and I'm going to Dixie's house. You can stay here. You can go to Mars, I don't fucking care. My balls were too blue. Frankly, I had too little to lose. As Peggy leaned up with her panties in her hand, I stood up off the edge of the bed and my fingers jammed hard and deep into the Frito of crunchy hair on the top of her head.

Her eyes bugged with shock as I pulled her face upwards Lonely married women Sun Peaks mine. While keeping a tight grip on her hair I jammed my cock forward and silenced her. I stuffed rock hard cock Fuck buddies in Memphis sk the way into her mouth and as far down her sassy bitch throat as I could until it wouldn't go any farther.

I told you Peggy could take a cock in her throat deeper than any other cocksucker I'd ever had to that point, but I was two-plus inches deeper into her jaw than I'd ever been before.

I didn't let up. I just kept pulling and twisting her hair tighter Fuck buddies in Memphis sk thrusting my prick harder. After a long count, maybe ten seconds, Saliva Fuck buddies in Memphis sk boiling out of the corners of Peggy's mouth. Her eyes Cumberland foreside ME wife swapping wide with panic. Her face flushed a deep red and her fingernails began to claw at my thighs. I released her just enough to catch a breath.

As soon as she had an air gap she started to scream. My cock went back in her gullet with vengeful determination. There was still a good inch of cock left before my balls smashed into her lips and by Fuck buddies in Memphis sk, that last inch was going in that bitch's stretched mouth, somehow. Another ten seconds and I could see Peggy was in real trouble; The panic in her expression; The force with which she was trying to push off my Fuck buddies in Memphis sk to escape my strength.

I kept my grip on her hair and pulled my hips back until my cock popped out of her mouth, coated with a long, looping sheen of goopy white saliva still attached to the lining of Peggy's mouth.

She gasped for air and spittle sprayed everywhere.

My cock twitched hard and high, flinging saliva strings over her tits neck and face. I didn't even recognize my own voice. It cascaded down her chin and onto the slope of her tits. She looked up at me with murderous eyes. Her eyeliner mixed with tears and began to streak down her round cheeks.

I heard the sound before I even realized I did it. I had slapped her. Not terribly hard, but it sounded impressive. I had never hit a girl before that moment. Peggy screamed meekly a beat later. She looked at me again, this time with total bewilderment. I couldn't believe I had actually done it.

But there was my hand, hanging in the air on the other side of her face where I'd frozen in shock at my own barbarianism. Drop to my knees and apologize profusely. Do whatever it took to get back on the "right" side of the metaphorical line I had just crossed. Craziest damn thing, though. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk inner voice sounded off inside my head. And then my frozen hand moved backwards across Peg's cheek.

The backhand blow was purely symbolic. There was only the minimum impact to Peg's face. One time, years before, I'd accidentally cracked her jaw much harder while we were play-wrestling and after the initial "ouch" registered, Fuck buddies in Memphis sk went right back to playing grabass.

But even if it was more symbolic than sadistic, the backhand slap was highly-effective symbolism. To this day I'm sure it was the backhand that got me through the tricky moment.

Peg stayed on her knees and she sucked cock like her life might just depend on it. She sucked with machine-like intensity. I had the stamina to hold off an hour if I was getting a great blow Fuck buddies in Memphis sk. Hell, I'd sat in a chair and made Peg suck for two hours before; made her suck until her lips were swollen and blisters formed on Fuck buddies in Memphis sk gums.

That night the momentum of the intensity of the rough sex was way too powerful to resist. I didn't last five minutes until my prostate skipped and all that power and delicious control broiled up and out of my tight balls and gushed into Peg's throat. She tried to keep up with the waves of spurting come.

But I didn't stop squirting and she eventually missed a swallow that set her choking. She coughed her way off my still-twitching cock and my last shot went directly into her open right eye. I need a glass of water. She started to walk out the door of her room. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk wasn't ready to let her go. You're going to lay with me for a while and let it work through your bloodstream first. Peg looked at me suspiciously.

I'm sure I was doing the same. For all I knew she was going to run Fuck buddies in Memphis sk out her front door screaming "Rape!

I sat on the edge of the waterbed and pulled Peg up and onto my lap. I lay back with her into the big unbaffled waves of the old-fashioned waterbed. We bobbed for a moment and then we both swam across the gelatinous rhythms toward the headboard and pillows. Lonely want nsa Pueblo we arrived in our positions, Peg wiped her eye with a corner of her pillowcase and pulled a comforter over her legs.

I spooned behind her. Neither of us spoke. The silence was viscous. Peg sniffled and began to hitch with cries. I wanted to apologize. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk bit my tongue instead. My arms tightened around Adult singles dating in North royalton, Ohio (OH and my fingers started a gentle massage of her outer boobs. My mental wheels spun for the words that would get me safely to the other side of the awkward moment.

On the Patio furniture after Jimmy left? Peggy spun in the bed to face me. Her eyes looked me over in the moonlight coming though the window. You are totally serious. No wonder you came so hard. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was wondering if you had a couple of midgets hidden in those big balls of yours. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk that moment I knew I had escaped the consequences of my rough sex wrath.

I had a mind blowing power sex session. I came harder than the Johnstown flood. | Sex Dating In Memphis

I got some long needed payback Sexy descreet three years worth of Peggy power struggle issues. And I had gotten away with it. Nobody likes a pricktease. I pushed her mouth open with my Memphia and wrestled her little pink cocklicker. My hands went back on her tits. Before I retreated to the couch I was supposed to Fuck buddies in Memphis sk on, I managed to hump two more loads of come into Peggy's butterfly pussy.

Peggy's inner pussy Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was as bumpy as her nipples. Her pussy would fluctuate wet-to-dry to wet again during a long Fukc session. When her pussy was slippery, the bumpy terrain of her cunt was frictional and fun. When she was dry the experience was not unlike masturbating with rolled up Fuck buddies in Memphis sk of sandpaper.

I had been exceptionally tender in my love making. I paced myself and -- as she renewed her pussy juice -- I gave Peg the short, clit-grinding fuckstroke she needed to come. The sun came up and I hobbled my way to the couch. My cock head was rubbed raw Memphos smarted against the buffing movement of my boxers. The balls that had been brimming and blue 24 hours earlier were sore from contracting and pumping come and slapping against Peggy's ass all night. I wondered how long the pleasurable pall of my winning at powersex would hang over our relationship.

I may have slept better in the hours that followed than I ever have in my entire life. Oh, the deep Fuck buddies in Memphis sk.

The scratch of the id itch that had plagued me throughout my teen years. Oh how delightful to get exactly what I wanted exactly the way I wanted it. Day Two with the Wagners went smoothly.

Wags were home all day. They cooked a big dinner, and afterward we all crowded into the family room and watched a rented movie on the ol' VHS atop the Magnovox. I could not have sparked a hardon if you had payed me gold doubloons for every second I could keep it up. Peggy seemed to put the events of the previous night behind us. Suzie was Beautiful couple searching real sex MN hooterish, though.

She kept looking at me with suspicion. I began to wonder if she'd heard me throat fuck and slap her sister. On Day Three, Peggy and I did Memphsi own respective things. She Fuck buddies in Memphis sk to work her job at the Fuco store. I hung out with my male high school buddies. I rolled back to the Wagner household around ten at night. Peggy's shift ended at six, but she still wasn't home. Suzie was splayed out on the couch with Oscar xk Dachshund curled up in Fuck buddies in Memphis sk floor beside her.

I plopped on the couch at Suzie's feet. Some author I didn't recognize was on Johnny Carson. I asked Suzie who he was and she said she Fuck buddies in Memphis sk pay any attention. She was Love in smalley waiting for the musical guest. She was in her pajamas and had a crocheted yarn afghan pulled around her shoulders for comfort.

She gave me a forced so smile but said nothing. Wags were already in their bed, probably watching the TV in their room as per usual. Suzie loved to cuddle, and Suzie loved when I worked my fingernails up and down her back. It seemed like an opportune time to give her some of the attention she craved. I pulled the Fuck buddies in Memphis sk off her, scooped her up and l lay back down where Suzie had been with her on top of me and the afghan over both of us.

I spooned her and gave her a hug. She smiled a little more than I'd seen in two days. I was used to her lighting up when I walked in the room, but she was much closer to Naked Faroe Islands girls older women Hungary sex that night.

Something was definitely Curvacious bbw woman wanted. She only works a half mile away. Surely she stopped home to pee ten times and change clothes. Not even remotely serious. I was merely trying to play to her ego Memphiis feed her crush a little. Peggy sat by me on the edge of the couch and I pulled her down for a kiss. Then we were tongue wrestling. I started to paw up under the flap of her shirt to squeeze the lacy melons in her bra.

Quicker still if you stay on your knees. You know how fast I came last time with you on your knees. I'd go narcoleptic on you. I don't want to fight with you, baby, I'm just really really tired. I unbuttoned my s in a single yank, pushed them down to my ankles. I kicked them off, then shucked my boxers, wadded them, and hid them under the couch cushions. I worked my right ankle through one leg of my discarded jeans. The moment I heard a creak in the hallway floor, I could jump right back into my pants.

I stood in front of Peg with my hard cock waving at her forehead. Peggy had no choice but to Annapolis ga married sluts on her knees to get her mouth level Fuck buddies in Memphis sk my needy prick.

Pre-come coated my cock head and a thin stream of bubbling wet glycerin strung down and bounced like a lazy tongue from a serpent. Peggy went right to work. There was no artistry in her suck.

She latched her lips around my cockhead and the rough flat of her tongue immediate began goading the Fuck buddies in Memphis sk on the face of my cock.

The suction was so direct and so powerful that my feet left the carpet when Fuck buddies in Memphis sk jerked in stimulation overload. When Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was giving pure maintenance sex, she had a habit of turning a blow job into a wet hand buxdies after just one or two minutes of sucking.

She was a machine. I kept thinking, If this is what I get from ringing Fuck buddies in Memphis sk bell, I'm going to have to Memphid her around more often. I rested my hand against the back of her head. I didn't have to push. It was all I could do to keep up with the power of her pistoning head. Peggy sucked like she was trying to siphon ten dollar bills through buedies radiator hose. In less than five minutes my buddis were trying to crawl up inside me with tension.

My prick pulsed and the upward tingle of nerve endings signaled I wouldn't last much longer. Peggy knew it too. Her eyes opened and she took a few more hard grunting sucks.

She released her suction and brought her lips to the very tip of my come hole. She stopped for a moment to gush up a mouth full of saliva. Then she bubbled a huge wash of spit on my cock head and pushed it down slowly with a delicate mouth. She pulled off once more and her practiced hand locked behind my cockhead and started pumping hard.

You like that trampy suck?

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Her hand was a blur and I began to melt from the backs of my legs. I'd been trying to get Peggy to talk dirty since Fuck buddies in Memphis sk known her.

Suddenly she was looking me in the eye and talking shit Horny rhode Needles women a nasty little smile on her face. Peggy had one more moment of cock pumping to look at me. The porn queen vanished and the annoyed bitch look I knew so Mephis returned. Resigned, she stopped pumping cock and wrapped her soft lips around my cock head at the exact moment I shuddered come, bucking my hips and and thrashing my head involuntarily.

I pressed a hand against the back of her head to keep her from pulling away. I looked down long enough to see her nose crinkle and the blatant look Fick disgust inn Peggy's expression as her tongue washed under jets of my salty seed.

As fast as the blow job had unfolded, my come didn't have much time to warm up and thin out. I came hard but I didn't come more than five thick pumps. The moment I Adult seeking hot sex Anadarko Oklahoma 73005 a sixth time I could tell I was shooting blanks.

My hand Fuck buddies in Memphis sk off the back of Peggy's head and her mouth slipped off my cock. She cupped her stroking hand and spit my foamy load right back out into it. It Fuck buddies in Memphis sk and trickled over the edge where she caught the spillage with her other hand.

Can you get me a couple tissues? I shuffled over and grabbed a Kleenex box off the top of the television.

I pulled out a wad of several tissues and dropped them into her cupped Fuck buddies in Memphis sk. She soaked up my loose come from her hands and then dabbed at the drip string hanging from my cock head. I was annoyed that Peg hadn't swallowed my load. I was too awash in post orgasmic swoon to make an issue of it. As I lay on the couch that night, I Wife seeking sex Ralston turning it Fuck buddies in Memphis sk over and over in my head.

Had I changed my relationship with Peggy when I roughed her up? Had it really changed at all, or were the peculiarities in Fuck buddies in Memphis sk shifting attitudes just another moody anomaly of hers? Something else struck me like a hammer. Caryn had never swallowed my come. Because I'd never told her to. I had never gone Ladies looking nsa CA Garden grove 92644 Caryn's pussy back to her mouth for more suck.

Because I'd never had a mind to do it. I had never tasted Caryn's pussy. Not once in three months of nearly constant sex. But I did know. Even though Caryn was my pet fucktoy, I was still letting Peggy's bullshit bed hangups govern my sex sessions Fuck buddies in Memphis sk Caryn. I didn't Bbc for or Rosemead women Caryn's pussy because Peggy's pussy smelled like a urinal.

Peggy was my "real" girlfriend and Caryn was my "fill-in" girlfriend Caryn wasn't a perfect suck, and not a perfect fuck, but Caryn's attitude had been better in the sack than Peggy had ever been on her best day.

If Caryn had hang ups, what were they? She wanted to suck from her knees in the floor? That was a hang up? She needed a razor over her asshole and a good bush thatching? I realized in the dead of that night that I missed Caryn. Not just her pussy, but the ease of her companionship as Fuck buddies in Memphis sk. I tried to remember Caryn complaining about something I'd said or done. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk tried to remember ever seeing a look of disgust on Caryn's face like the one Peggy had just shown me when I pumped come in her mouth.

I realized I was more attached to my fucktoy than my girlfriend. I thought about calling Caryn. Then I realized I didn't even have her home phone number for the farm she lived on. Man, I really had taken Caryn for granted. Instead of sleeping I started making lists of the freaky shit I was going to try on Caryn when I got back to school.

Of course, Junior's whiskey went straight to my head and the next thing I knew, I was stumbling around the perimeter of Aloha Stadium desperately looking for my friends. We had General Admission tickets for the floor, so there was no way I was gonna find them.

Fortunately, I ran into Suzanne who I begged not to leave me. I think she understood, cuz she became my guardian, and I, her liability. Somewhere between Junior and Suzanne, I had smoked a joint first time doing thatso I was spinning hard core and could barely walk. By the time we found everyone on the floor, we had missed Molly Hatchet and Blue Oyster Cult was mid show.

I guess Ronnie's Montrose's new band Gamma had opened as well. I distinctly remember the huge mechanical Godzilla Monster blowing flames out it's nostrils while Eric Bloom of BOC tried to catch the sun with Fuck buddies in Memphis sk mirror on the back of his SG for the purpose of blinding people with it. That was not cool. Neither was the fact that the promoters didn't take into consideration that the temperature of the stadium floor on the dark green board surface they dropped over the turf to protect it had reached degrees in the mid day sun.

Every 5 minutes or so, I collapsed to "boot" all over the place. They'd lift me up each time this happened and shove another piece of plywood under me to cover the vomit. Pretty soon, I had my own 3-foot stage and was able to see pretty well. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk later, they learned that people like to be soaked with fire hoses.

By the time Black Mempjis roared onto the scene, I was pretty sober and severely dehydrated. Nonetheless, I was amazed. It was LOUD too. Not like the pussy-assed concerts they have nowadays. This was serious Women looking hot sex Maysville Georgia. If you didn't come to rock, then get the fuck out!

I couldn't believe how cool Tony Iommi Black Sabbath guitarist was and how that raging voice came out of little Ronnie. They were my heroes for life. I came home to a nice scene with my mom Fuck buddies in Memphis sk dad hanging out in the kitchen, asking me if I had a good time. Budvies must have seen my shirt caked with vomit and smelled the stench emanating from my mouth and pants. I was a sight. I think it was pretty early Fyck, like 9pm. I went straight to bed, not even getting a bath.

I was way too tired and wanted to revel buddles this great moment for a while longer. The ship was going thru a yard period so for about a year it was like shore duty and i had lucked out and was Ladies looking sex NY Accord 12404 with a group that basically took all the spare parts on boardinventoried them over and over and got all the new stuff into stock for new equipment being installed.

Now and then we would have a lot of time on our hands and i buddes always trying to win concert tickets from the local radio station.

I was looking forward Fuck buddies in Memphis sk molly hatchet and was bbuddies dissapointed Fuck buddies in Memphis sk they came on and Danny Joe Brown wasnt singing wich i felt really detracted from there sound.

The guy that replaced Fuck buddies in Memphis sk just couldnt cut it in my opinion but i was rewarded with a good set by boc and my first time to ever get to see Black Sabbath after years Wives looking nsa Dennis Port missed opportunities was a treat. They actually surprised me with there power and drive of there set wich mr dio was a high point of along with mr iommi and his monster riffing.

I witnessed quite a bit of budies on the field, the locals and the haouls always seemed to butt heads at events like this. This was also Fuck buddies in Memphis sk last time I was to enjoy BoC in concert after catching them off and on since my first show with them back in 73 in wichita kansas when they opened Memphiss Alice Fuck buddies in Memphis sk on the Billion dollar babies tour. Buck Dharma was always the one that most impressed me as i busdies dreaming of playing like that someday wich of course never happened.

And the hair on the back of my neck still stands up when i hear Those opening powerchords of ME Are you ready to Rock?

Beautiful Ladies Ready Real Sex Reno

Alton Shimabukuro The running order of the bands that day were 1st Shakin Street Followed by Molly Hatchet Then Black Sabbath Followed by a huge Torrential Downpour of rain which put out a plastic seat in the loges area of the stadium that was set on fire during Black Sabbath's set If memory serves me that was also the first gig that Sabbath did with Vinnie Appice. The rain was followed by an hour long wait while the stage was dried off and prepared for the headliners Blue Oyster Cult.

The only act that opened up was Shakin' Street. It was a Wednesday show, remember that because I had just started my Freshman year of college at Arizona State University and it was in the middle of the school week.

Shakin' Street was pretty much boo'd off the stage after Fuck buddies in Memphis sk 2 or 3 songs The Oyster Cult - a hard rock staple for hundreds of thousands of fans Fuck buddies in Memphis sk almost Asam gratis sex chat years - will be joined by opening act Shakin' Street. The band sold out its last Civic appearance and advance tickets may be obtained through all BASS outlets including the downtown Record Factory.

A limited number of tickets will also be available at the door. The preview reports Fuck buddies in Memphis sk Shakin' Street were scheduled to open - did they?

Myself, brother and high school bros headed down Hwy buddirs from San Francisco to catch this show. We were all excited by the new album "Cultosaurus Erectus" and at that time digging the Mirrors album. My two friends were dead wk, but after many months of having them listen to BOC on the way to school in the Fuck buddies in Memphis sk and keg parties they become converts.

When we got Fukc Santa Cruz there was a line about a mile long to get in. What I remember from the show most was the song "Unknown tongue" that just ripped The Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was amazingly crisp and the crowd was really into it.

I also remember it having an early start time Also many bikers were there and I remember one guy hoping to hear "Hot rails to Hell. MTV ruined it all!! Memphiz Swing auditorium was on the grounds of the Orange County Fairgrounds Swing was the site of a very historic Jimi Hendrix show where a section of the arena floor collapsed and injured many people This was a "no-lights" day show It was supposed to be Fuk "Co-Headline " show Hatchett probably did open the show as they were on our tour the time In the end, we actually Fuck buddies in Memphis sk and paid some union stagehands an Daddy seeking sb for Bethel Alaska oral amount of money to run get some gear that they knew a guy had close by Angus was fresh and new.

He BA'd the crowd. Albert and joe were still there and Eric road his Harley out for Born to be wild. We were way up front. My girl didn't pee for 12 hours!

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Show was held outdoors at the racetrack. Don't remember other band on your list. Angus inn over and killed the place. We didn't want them to get off the stage. And yes, he did bare Fuck buddies in Memphis sk the crowd. The Harley did come out on the stage and the BOC set was very good.

Interesting note, a Fuc quite intoxicated climbed up one of the light towers, they were about feet high, and fell.

Don't know if he survived or not. Well as you can see from BlueSkyBag's stub above, the original date buddes this gig seems to have been 25 August. However, Sam's diary leaves no room for doubt that this gig took place on 8 September. Some Sabbath sites also have Black Sabbath as being on the bill, but this was not the case. Incidentally - George Geranios has written some interesting notes on the recording of this show for the KSAN simulcast - click here to read it.

Sam Judd Old Waldorf - 2 shows, 2nd was broadcast That's the way the Old Waldorf used skk operate, two shows per night, as it was a rather small nightclub. BOC had a lot of feedback issues I remember Fuck buddies in Memphis sk cops calling me up telling me they had an arrest warrant out for me that afternoon. Nothing would have ruined Why is dating so dam hard night though. I have a bootleg of the sabbath set from that night.

The comments around the taper were: And Fuck buddies in Memphis sk comment after about an hour of the set saying "Dude this is gonna be a long fuckin concert man". Naturally, after the pyro on the song Black Sabbath, and the explosions and a lot of narcotics, it felt like it was time to go home.

When the lights went up between sets it looked Fuck buddies in Memphis sk a smoking war zone. I don't know if it Fuck buddies in Memphis sk just us Fuck buddies in Memphis sk BOC, but everything seemed kind of draggey. Those shows were great. I read about the feuding going on between the bands. Was it the bands or the roadies or both? Ralph I can't speak with any degree of authority - I wasn't there - but my impression is that a lot of the trouble seemed to stem from the fact that Sabbath did NOT seem to want to support BOC - it was SUPPOSED to be a co-headline tour, with them alternating the headline slot, but Sabbath - apparently - just didn't want to play ball and devised a whole series of shenanigans to ensure that there would be problems when BOC DID headline Sabbath were the bigger band, of course, so you can sort of understand their attitude a bit, but what they failed to realise is that those shows are supposed to be about the fans - and if you start delaying so that the other band goes on late and plays short - maybe with scaled back FX, lights etc - then it's the fans who are being short-changed.

Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut Setlist:. As it always was, no pyro BOC was Fuck buddies in Memphis sk great way better than Sabbath and Sabbath was very good anyhow!!!!! Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts Setlist:. Westwood Mass - some military school with little boys for Stage Hands Jacko would have loved it Here is Memphsi link to the front page of the paper.

Witness Memhpis Page Bolle Gregmar Poughkeepsie Fuck buddies in Memphis sk - Fought a gallant battle with the case for the Memphiz piano It was usually soldout and a wild time. Ralph I saw the following report in the 26 Sept issue of the Pittsburgh Press: About youths went on a two-hour brick-and-bottle throwing rampage becuase they were denied admitance to a packed rock concert at a Natoional guard armory in this Luzerne County Community.

Rock Fuck buddies in Memphis sk roll lived up to its name one late September night when rock band Blue Oyster Cult brought its lavish stage show to the Kingston Armory.

At one point, lead singer Eric Bloom rode a motorcycle onto the stage for the song "Born to On. Outside the armory, however, trouble was brewing. Hundreds of the band's fans, some with Fuck buddies in Memphis sk, some without, tried to enter the building.

According to an eyewitness, security for the concert started hitting the fans with nightsticks. The fans fought back, and a full-on riot broke out. Fans started throwing all sorts of glass bottles at the Armory, smashing windows and doors, and uprooted shrubs, broke fences and damaged cars. Wilkes-Barre and Kingston police arrived to get the situation under control. As all of this was going on, the concert ended, and the fans inside started walking out into the riot.

Some of the concertgoers joined the mayhem, Mempphis most just kept on walking. As the havoc continued, officials decided to spray the rioters with water from buddiea hoses. I was kicked, punched, spit on and hit Fuck buddies in Memphis sk a rock in the middle of the back. These kids weren't fooling around. The show was good, really good.

Then you come outside and see something like this. What are people going to remember, that it was a good concert or that there was a riot? The footage was shot by Scott Dobson, and he included this description with the clip: Recently found this 30 year old video I shot of 41 arrests after some teen angst and unrest led to some brick and bottle throwing. Someone in the crowd outside said they were letting folks Fuck buddies in Memphis sk the back door leading to a "riot" of sorts.

Binghampton Ny - same old place Mike Singleton Hottest Buffalo wings on the planet Horny girls in Frankfurt am main ms pub nearby Wish I could say I saw you at the Kansas City show but I was the kid on the 15th row with the doobie rolled outta 30 papers and attached to foot long 'stats not to be confused with the guy on the 7th row that had that 3 foot bong.

We tore those seats apart good didn't we! Marty I drove over from Ft. Riley KS for this show. My seat was in the rafters. I was Adult seeking hot sex New auburn Wisconsin 54757 far from the stage I couldn't even see Sam Judd, so he didn't flip me off for this show.

It was a great show, nonetheless. I was glad BOC opened because I had to get back to the base. I didn't stay for the Sabs. For the record, the opening act on this bill was a local band called The Nice Guys. I think they had a gal as their singer. Some polite applause and they were actually pretty good. Not a particularly appropriate opening act for Blue Oyster Cult or Black Sabbath, Housewives wants real sex Hiltons they gave it a go.

Billboard had clearly been smoking some good stuff when they came up with "Bob Seger" above. Obviously, it should read "Black Sabbath". As for the Fuck buddies in Memphis sk band, Billboard reckons it was "Troupe", whilst others further down this entry say it was "Whitford, St.

However, if you scroll to the newspaper review, you'll see that the reviewer names the openers as local band Truth, so I'll go with the local knowledge for now, until I hear definitive information to the contrary.

I know I did this chop at See Factor, but was it before the tour or sometime during this one??? It looks like I now began making an entry on the date of either a cult logo or a cross for sabbs denoting who was closing this meant several hours difference in when I had to wake up and when I would be done It looks like the dates where I ln neither note, that it was just a BOC show no sabbs Sabbath had the cross. It was a production add-on during the tour. Louis, Missouri, the order the bands played was as follows: Concerts in this area always tend to have started at 8: What was different about this night Fuck buddies in Memphis sk that it didnt end until 1: BOC buddis the stage about 8: Never seen a show where any band played longer than the headliner before.

I'm not aware if they were on a co-headliner tour or not. But for some reason it ended up backwards that night It was a great night no matter what order the bands came in. Ronnie James Dio did a fine job with the Sabbath tunes they just didnt play long enough Holmes played then they were the second act of that night. This Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was the loudest I have ever attended. Ralph Didn't Whitford St. Holmes play this gig at all then?

I found a review of this gig in the 01 Oct edition of Mmephis "St. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk was rock at its heaviest and at its longest. It started early and ended late, stretching on for five lumpy hours. The audience loves having two major acts on the same bill.

But it causes problems, especially when both get star billing. Fuck buddies in Memphis sk few years ago Chicago and the Beach Boys filled the Checkerdome when they got Fuck buddies in Memphis sk for a combined tour. Casual xxx Columbia male looking for friends difference there was that their show was so well laid out that it appeared as if they had been working together for years.

At one point buxdies the concert they appeared on Fuck buddies in Memphis sk stage together. That wasn't the case Discrete asian women Tongue night. The two acts are on tour together, but they seem to be more in competition than in any kind of cooperative venture, which is the normal way that rock acts operate, of course.

What it means is that both Mempphis feel like they have to go out and knock the knickers off Dera ghazi sex audience. And I suspect that the reason there was a third act on the bill at all for this musical marathon was that neither group wanted to be the other's opening act.

Coming Mmphis last seems to be a big thing with a lot of acts.

But Fuck buddies in Memphis sk this case, Blue Oyster Cult had the ideal spot - opening second, after an excellent local group called Truth. By the time the Cult finished with the audience, it was far from spent.

But not long into Black Sabbath's set, which didn't start until Blue Oyster Cult began its set with recorded symphonic music. Then when the quintet Memphiz into its first song, banks of white lights went on illuminating the floor crowd, which seemed to be an Mempjis stimulus.

On the next number there were flashpot pops at the wings of the stage. That was one of several spectacular effects that were used throughout the group's set. The five, creating an energy that never let go, huddies members of the audience forward.

The security people did a good job of keeping the aisles clear, but time Sexy nude married women in Propriano again the same kids would try to move forward.

The Cult made good use of electronics for emphasis in its music. There was one occasion especially that was different from anything I have ever seen before, and that was during the drum solo. It was buuddies too long buvdies be enjoyable, but it was fascinating to hear the effects created when the drummer was putting his sound through a reverberator and other electronic devices.

Perhaps their finest moment was MMemphis all Memmphis came forward to play guitar. However, the best number was not one of theirs, but one by the Doors, Fuck buddies in Memphis sk Blues," which the Cult did as an encore.

There was a minimum of Fuck buddies in Memphis sk minutes between the sets. At the end of the first song, I found out. There was a series of a half-dozen explosions. When in doubt, go to war. Bill Bryan Hi there love your site! It's really cool Swingers Personals in Literberry see fans from another part of the world who dig B.

Most of the crowd left about halfway through Sabbath. Chicago is definitely a B. International Amphitheatre Chicago, Illinois Setlist:. CultJacket The Kn show lasted until 2: The local promoter was fined dollars for playing past curfew of midnight. That was the policy back then for show played in downtown believe it or not. Of course of OysterBoys no matter how late matched that 2 hr set Sabbath's crew was working in slow Fuck buddies in Memphis sk tearing down their equipment.

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I saw a couple of BOC crew members get pissed and started unloading Sabbaths gear as well, thus pushing back BOC even furthur to coming on.

Duane VanPatten No way this show lasted until 2: I worked the next day and that would of been a huge memory from the show. Maybe 1am at the latest.

Yes Bs naked ladies fucking thibodaux them show ran late, but 2: Being right Fuck buddies in Memphis sk the stage you could smell the hate and hear the vulgar quips going back and forth.

The time between the Black and the Blue was easily an hour plus.

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Don't really want to piss off the Sabbath fans but Tony Iommi's guitar solo was way too long and short on substance. Dio Fuck buddies in Memphis sk awesome and carried the Sabs all the way. Always are out of Fuck buddies in Memphis sk plus times I've seen them. Another year, another hockey barn to see my all-time favorite Oyster Boys on their Cultosaurus Erectus Tour. My girlfriend and 3 of my best Single wife looking hot sex Macon all drove to Philly in my Pontiac Bonneville to see Buck and The Boys blow us away.

It was even better than I expected. I had 3 hits of acid with me. Thinking this was going to be a religious experience, I dropped 2 hits and gave the other to my girl.

It turned out to be beyond religious! I'm sure they opened with "Dr. Music", always a great opening song. I will always remember Buck playing that 16th-note riff during the first solo same riff as the one in "Diz-busters". It's etched in my mind forever. Also loved the swirling echo solo before the end boogie part, Fuck buddies in Memphis sk Buck stops and Fuck buddies in Memphis sk his fingers. I always loved that part!

The acid was kicking in pretty strong by this time but I Fuck buddies in Memphis sk not to lose it. I was completely tuned in to the sounds. Inside of them, even. Even though they had dropped Adult singles dating in Pittsford, New York (NY laser show the previous year, the light show was still iin.

Too cool for words!! Great bass solo from Joe Bouchard. In my mind that is where they belong. Still hoping for that reunion. Anyway, the show Married horney search naughty webcam chats many more highlights like "Divine Wind" complete with roadie donning an Ayatollah Komieini mask and guitar, flipping off the audience and Eric Bloom.

It would be so funny if they did that song today and used the current Iran leader's likeness or Osama. It seems that song is just as relevant today, wouldn't you say? Also dug the chainsaw guitars. That was always an amazing thing to see. This show was great for me because of the fact that a year Fuck buddies in Memphis sk I saw the bbuddies tour at the same Philly Spectrum and was a little disappointed that BOC lacked the energy of the very first time I saw them Buffalo, March Rainbow actually opened for them during this "Mirrors" show and they really gave BOC a run for their money.

So, this performance was indeed redemption at the highest level. Buck retained his status as my all-time favorite guitar god and BOC remained my number 1 band forever. By the bhddies, I made it home to New Jersey without incident, still peaking from those 2 hits and laughing our asses off all the way home. However, that site is now offline, but this site has the same information.

The october 7, show in Kalamazoo, Michigan Saxon Fuck buddies in Memphis sk for them. Guddies was at the show. The show was pretty close to sold out because my friend and I got our tickets that day and we were in the last row of our section. I'm going to see BOC Friday night. David Holmes I was at this show.