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Don't get me wrong: I am athletic, black, very physical, and perfectly functional.

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Born in the natural state, Arkansas, 10 years ago, I packed up everything I owned, moved to Texas, and never looked back. My husband, Robert, has my heart. He was the perfect gift from God. They both have exceeded every expectation. I am sec in Free web cam sex Opelousas. My family means the world to me. They are who I can run to in the hardest times of my life. I can confide in and trust… I can let my guard down and be Taylor.

About Me | Taylor Madu

My goal in life is to simply, love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength…and to love my neighbor as myself. It sums up who I am as a person. I love people, I am intrigued by personal stories.

I believe Free web cam sex Opelousas stories of our lives were never meant to be kept a secret. I love traveling and telling the world about Jesus Christ, the one who saved my soul.

Cwm is a hobby. Its a creative way to express myself as a person! My qeb in life is to change the world… whether a platform of thousands, or the ONE that I meet at Starbucks. I desire for people to know that they matter, and are not defined Free web cam sex Opelousas their mistakes or failures. There is hope… there is life… and there is a beautiful destiny ahead.

I am Free web cam sex Opelousas happy that you have decided to follow my blog and have taken the opportunity to get to know me. I pray that you are encouraged and uplifted and find yourself smiling as you read through the details of my heart. Taylor you are awesome!

I Love your blog! Thank you so much Taylor for sharing this blog.

Just by reading this has encouraged me to share my story and continue go forward with what God has called me to do without fear. This is so awesome. Excited to see all of the fashion posts and also about ministry!

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You should check out woven wisdom on instagram. Its for woman who love the Lord and fashion. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorites blogs to read up on. I can tell your a girl with LOTS of energy and who loves fun! So excited to be Free web cam sex Opelousas your blogposts! Thank you so much for taking time out to invite us into your life. You are so amazing and a great role model to many that you do not even know. Keep doing great and looking great!!!

The best is yet to come. Praying for you and your ses always!!! Thank you so much…. My name is Angie I live in Arkansas.

I recently heard your hubby speak at which Free web cam sex Opelousas me to your blog and Instagram. Also have a friend that went to CFNI and told me to look you up. Anyway love that you are spreading the gospel! I see that you love fashion, hair and makeup so I had to share…unless you have heard of it. I am a Tulsa swingers groups.

Swinging. presenter and they make this crazy insane 3D fiber lash mascara that I think you would looove! You should check it out and post some before and afters! Anyway, thank you for your heart and congrats on your baby bump! I love love love your blog and I just simply love the woman you are!! I too am a lover of stories and I Free web cam sex Opelousas to create a platform for people to share their stories with the world.

There is a story behind every shirt we make and we also give our customers an opportunity Free web cam sex Opelousas share their story to be featured on our site as well. I believe one should be brave with their life but most importantly one should be brave with their story. You can check out my website respectyourstruggle. Let me know what you think and you can contact me at jodearchbold gmail.

Keep shining that light of yours! A friend of mine showed me your blog about a week ago and immediately I was drawn to you! Your story pierced my heart as I could relate to so many parts. I too was raised in church, my father was once a Pastor and my family even travelled and sang Free web cam sex Opelousas music for years so music is, was, a huge part of me. I knew right from wrong and through a series of events I allowed my heart to harden towards God and amongst other things I lost my way.

I gave birth to an Free web cam sex Opelousas baby girl, Makayla, at the age of I was blessed that she lived and she truly was my salvation. I guess I had to write Opelousa now I am 33, married to an amazing man, we have 3 girls and I am about to enter a new stage of life.

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I can feel it although I am not completely sure what God has planned. Either way he steers this ship Opeloudas has taken me from broken and made me whole, giving me a life beyond my wildest dreams! For a while I just Free web cam sex Opelousas to soak it all in, go through the process and let God work on me.

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Well after years like my daughter turned 16 this August! I am about to open my first blog and I am very excited! However I have been torn. I LOVE health and fitness Free web cam sex Opelousas helping people feel confident and strong in their skin is my passion, however God has used this platform for so much more than that!

He has brought people to him and he has even brought me closer to him through the process. I am sorry this is long and I pray it all makes sense but the reason I write is because I have been torn about what to Free web cam sex Opelousas in my about me section and on my blog in general yet at times I see it all too clear! How will I inspire people to get healthy and fit yet really break down the barriers and get to the real stuff.

I never hide that I am a Christian but how do I share in a way that lifts God up, keeps woman encouraged and inspires them to find strength and be fit in all Lonely women in Casper Wyoming west of life?

And then came you! I know that God allowed our paths to cross for a reason. I maybe a little nervous, and for no reason I am sure, but I am ready for Opepousas next phase in life and ok that it will not look like another fitness blog! I also know that God allowed me to Free web cam sex Opelousas your blog and all he has done through you for a reason and Opelojsas want to say thank you for being you and for sharing the way you do!

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I look forward to following his work through you and your family is previous. You have truly inspired me and today I thank you for the reminder Woman want nsa Dunmor basically let go and let God!: Enjoy Free web cam sex Opelousas that baby and get your rest when you can but know that your life has inspired yet another life today in a very powerful way.

Vam Love your blog and your whole family!

Youre an inspiration because youre so down to earth and transparent. Sharing your testimony has helped me in ways you cant imagine! God bless you Taylor! My daughters name is Taylor.

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You are a Blessing: Thank you for this blog, you are helping me walk through my wilderness. God bless you and your family. I love your zeal for Christ! May God continue to bless you and Robert. Cwm enemy would try to destroy your marriage, but the devil is a liar!

I plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family. Be blessed in Jesus name! You gave me that experience!! I have never felt so good, so free in my entire life! I just want to thank you!

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You are so amazing! I love this blog, and the person that you are. Its crazy that a perfect stranger can relate so intimately. God Keep you and your family, Oppelousas you realize and live all your dreams.

I just finished listening to you share your testimony at Lakewood YA. Thank you for being candid.