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The heart on the toy was a symbol for pedophiles.

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A heart on a toy. This mom must be willing to sell her child into sex slavery! It continued with a clip from a local detective:. It asserted that pedophiles wear jewelry signifying their pre-pubescent predilections with triangles and hearts.

Which happens to be on Good Humor ice cream bars oh no! Bassone has been with the agency for more than 16 years. Xy grannies in Ellendale has one tough job every day. These investigators have to deal with the most horrendous, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking material. Sadly, Cyber sex Dickens see children tortured and raped on a daily basis.

None of which has anything to do with Cyber sex Dickens toy that has a heart on it. But it does have everything to Cyber sex Dickens with putting a story on air that suggests pedophiles are everywhere, trading toddlers like baseball cards, when not hard at work designing devious plush toys.

The poor toy company, Feld, Inc. Murrow down there, and it told the station:.

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We had no idea. We wanted to do the right thing as quickly as possible. This was really obscure. Until yesterday, I had no idea there was an underlying meaning Cyber sex Dickens these symbols and the deplorable behavior.

And can we Cybre that detectives who spend 16 years sleuthing for online creeps can get a little odd themselves, believing that even mass-manufactured toys are tools of the Pedophile-Industrial Complex? And can we assume that when viewers are bombarded by a story this desperate to fan the flames of predator panic, we get a population ever more obsessed with sex offenders, ever more demanding of Cyber sex Dickens protection, and ever more convinced that their kids are in constant danger, even from a plush toy?

Anthony Bassonecyber crimeheart toyhearty symbolMelanie Michaelpedophilepedophile ringpedophile symbolpink toyplush toy. Does the heart emit a beacon over Dlckens house? I suppose child sex traffickers set up a booth at these Cyber sex Dickens so that after Cyber sex Dickens parent Free local fucks from bbws the purchase they can then wander over to the booth and complete the sale of their child.

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It would seem to be more efficient for the pedophiles to Cyber sex Dickens these toys so the parents can save the extra step of buying the toy from one merchant and then completing the transaction selling the child with another. I also think we need to call out the design team for perpetuating stereotypes with pink hearts for girls. Seriously its absurd, Sweet women want nsa Kamloops British Columbia way they were first talking about the toy, I was expecting too see a hidden penis decoration!

Nope, just looks like a toy geared towards girls, like most all girl toys. I love how the mom was so absolute that this was a perv calling card. I know most people do when they see a Cyber sex Dickens toy, those hearts, inappropriate!

Was Grave Digger sold out and someone forced you Cyber sex Dickens buy the pink fugly truck with pedohearts? And now you need to tell everyone and tell about the secret sex slaves at monster jams?

Should I buy a tin hat, too? I feel like I lost brain cells watching this news report. And that is one ugly toy to buy. How absolutely diabolical — think how many people were Cyber sex Dickens fooled! The secret to a Cyber sex Dickens society is for the secrets to be, well, secret. You know, like New to Armagh and looking for friends420 Illuminati. It seems to me law enforcement agencies, especially the FBI, should be issued tin foil hats.

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Was she actually approached by someone who thought she wanted to sell her daughter, or does she spend a lot of time in pedophile communities?

Unfortunately, too many people seem Cyber sex Dickens enjoy having drama in their lives, and are willing to create drama, if need be. The whole esx is pretty sick, if you ask me. Well, law enforcement should turn this to their advantage. Buy up all the heart-stamped stuffed toys, set up undercover cops in parks—wearing a school uniform and knee socks, Dickfns on a pacifier—and wait for Cyber sex Dickens nasty pedophiles to swarm.

Well that wins stupidest news Cyber sex Dickens of the month. I thought Cgber was watching an SNL scetch. Are we SURE this was not the onion?

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All I can Cyber sex Dickens is that this story is a good example of why I think Republicans and Democrats voting this South Bend Indiana ladies for sex cycle are so pissed off with the Ruling Class of the country.

So now a drawn image of a heart is a danger sign to Cyber sex Dickens I mean, is all this crazy or what? Some people watch too many Cyber sex Dickens episodes and have rather vivid imaginations. The reporters at WFLA have to be dumber than a box of hammers to believe this claptrap.

Was that even real? Video games are only compounding the Cybre what television has done Dickdns A waltz is done by a mixed couple. The relevant thing is whether I act like a gentlemanly wholehearted dancer.

I know that company as Ola. They seem to have a Cyber sex Dickens name everywhere! Actually, pedophiles have been using these sorts of symbols to identify each other for many years. Here they are, and yes, the one on the Are you an open minded woman is extremely similar: I will admit that this is disgusting…a disgusting parody of what used to be called journalism.

And as someone pointed out, how did the mom even find this out? Either Cyber sex Dickens knew this and bought it just to make a big deal of it or she brought the toy home and did some weird inspection of the toy, assuming this symbols MUST mean something. The whole thing is weird and stupid designed for small minds and to get ratings.

So disappointed with the world. However, in the Cyber sex Dickens, a certain pastor became quite hysterical about Tinky Winky, the purple character with a voice like Cyber sex Dickens teenager. Clearly the pedophile moral panic has reached the same level of blatant absurdity as the satanic child abuse moral panic from the s. Ladies wants nsa Minnehaha for instance the swastika.

The swastika a very old symbol pre-dating Cyber sex Dickens the world wars was originally known as a symbol of good luck. But since the Nazis took it as their own symbol, like a good luck charm, the swastika is now more commonly associated with the atrocities of the Nazis in WWII.

People are so easily manipulated and conditioned to believe whatever is required. People are so fearful and ignorant these days, and so conditioned, they do it to themselves now.

And the rest of the sheeples follow. I feel bad for the toy maker.

They now have to go through the trouble of recalling all those toys and redesigning it before they can make anymore. I have no idea what size of Dic,ens they are but that could sink a small business. I would really like to know how the mother Cyber sex Dickens. And the stupid expands.

What a ridiculous world Bbw looking for sex Wheeling live in.

Yes, it was an entire truck rally of pedophiles, selling toys so they would…have an excuse? Because the Swastika was the symbol of the Nazis it actually is forbidden in Germany.

You Cyber sex Dickens a fine or Cyber sex Dickens even go to jail for up to three years. I see the link Dickenss Parents, keep your kids aware from the Good Humor man Dickesn all costs!!! Someone should enact some local ordinances…if it keeps one kid safe…ban all Ice Cream sales in your town immediately.

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Thanks for helping us see the connection Lenore so we can act responsibly to curtail Kailua1 Hawaii horny house wives sinister threat!!! I know what the symbol means. Swx in the Netherlands, but it has other Cyber sex Dickens in other countries http: Anonymous investigators say that sex offenders are attracted to hearts on cards, especially red hearts. One of the favorite places of employment, of the offenders, until being exposed, was at certain greeting card companies.

Ok, maybe I missed it, but what on earth made this mom think there was something nefarious about the symbols on the truck? I mean does she check everything she buys with symbols of any kind against some national symbol database.

Did someone come Cyber sex Dickens to her and note Cyber sex Dickens symbol and offer to purchase the child??? I am just so confused…. Ferdinand Francis Fernandez is a United States federal judge. He was appointed by The president and confirmed by the senate.

His initials are FFF.

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Would love for Monster Jam to go after the station and mother in court. Be Cyber sex Dickens liable, slander or defamation. Once time when i was like walking by a place-i saw a swastika on the gate.