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I think it is a bad and even a disgraceful op-ed.

There is a defensible argument against wearing the hats to the march, which would basically have been the same as the argument against wearing a Bush-Cheney T-shirt to the march in That is quite enough for one march without getting into the implications that arguably follow from these pro-life premises.

Add in the Covington Kentucky women sex that particular pro-life politicians may have non-abortion aspects of Covington Kentucky women sex records that are objectionable; that a significant number of people who are open to the basic pro-life case object to particular pro-life politicians because of their stances on other issues; and that several measures of the popularity of the pro-life cause show it to be higher than the popularity of this president: All of these are reasons not to wear the hats to Kentuckh march, and a Covington Kentucky women sex could very reasonably suggest as much to students on their way to it.

Or to put it another way: Bishop Stowe, unfortunately, went well beyond these defensible points. What actions is the bishop talking about? What are these shameful actions that contradict the reverence for human life and require an apology?

The earlier apologies that Cobington affirms were based on factually mistaken understandings of the confrontation. And Stowe is aware of the controversy over the facts.

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Never mind that if that xex been the Covington Kentucky women sex substance of the charge against the kids, 99 percent of us would never have heard of Covington Catholic in the first place. The pro-life movement claims that it wants more than the policy change of making abortion illegal, but aims to make it unthinkable.

That would require deep changes in society and policies that would support those who find it difficult to afford children. The association of our young Covinggton with racist acts and a politics of hate must also become unthinkable.

The bishop was right about one thing: He does owe an apology; actually, several of them. Search News Search web.

He concludes, The pro-life movement claims that it wants more than the policy change of making abortion illegal, but aims to make it unthinkable. What to Read Next. Yahoo News Photo Staff.