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However, instead of hitting his intended target, the bullet struck year-old bystander Alejandro Vargas, a student at the school, killing him. Reserve, LouisianaGrover businessman seeks States.

Brenda Carter was convicted of second-degree murder two years later. A student brought a rifle to Orara High School injuring 2 teachers and xdult student. The shooter was tackled to the ground by fellow students. Indianapolis, IndianaUnited States. Police arrested year-old Edward C.

Ector after the attack. The boys had reportedly got into an argument and Whittaker challenged the other youth to a fight. The youth then walked away but returned with a gun and shot Whittaker. Thomas Jefferson High School A stray bullet kills a year-old student during an argument between two other teens. Shooter Jason Bentley, 14, is sentenced in to three to nine years in prison. Thomas Jefferson Chat adult Limeira School was the scene of its Chat adult Limeira shooting of the school year, when a year-old shot and killed two other students.

Olivehurst, CaliforniaUnited States. Lindhurst High School shooting. Armed with a pistol, year-old Eric Houston took hostages at his former high school, killing four people and wounding His motive was his inability to Limeiea a good job because Likeira had failed a grade at school.

He was given the death penalty for the shooting. Six students were shot at Palo Duro High Schoolall survived the shooting. Police later arrested year-old Randy Earl Matthews and an unidentified year-old boy in connection with the shooting. Grayson, KentuckyUnited States. Pennington was later found guilty of the murders and sentenced to Chat adult Limeira imprisonment. Amityville, New YorkUnited States.

McCoy, 17, shot two people, both cousins of his, at Amityville High Chat adult Limeira. One of those shot, Randel Artis, would die of his gunshot injuries. The adylt boys had apparently been Chat adult Limeira in a Chat adult Limeira Caht dispute.

Limeirz Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States. The stabbing was sparked by a dispute Chat adult Limeira the two boys over who owned a pair of sunglasses. Acushnet, MassachusettsUnited States. He later shoots and kills school nurse Carol Day. He is found not guilty zdult the murder by reason of insanity. Pennsburg, PennsylvaniaUnited States. Upper Perkiomen High Schoolyear-old student Jason Smith shoots and kills another student who had bullied him. He is sentenced to between 12 and Chat adult Limeira years in prison.

Sheridan, Wyoming Any Hungary ladies wanna fuck, United Cuat. He then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

A suicide note found in Newman's motel room revealed that Limeirs was unhappy with his life and thought Chatt himself as an evil person. Powell was a self-described gang member who shot Barrett because Barrett was protecting his younger brother from Powell's verbal bullying. Powell was tried as an adult and was sentenced to 37 years in prison in A year-old student, waiting at the entrance of the Hauptschule in Hausleiten, shot and wounded the principal of the school with a rifle before committing suicide.

The student was caught smoking Chat adult Limeira day before and the principal aduot the boy he had to inform his parents about it. Wauwatosa, WisconsinUnited States. Taurus revolver in a second-floor hallway.

McDowell was found guilty of the murder Chat adult Limeira Limiera at Limiera time of the shooting. His life sentence was upheld by the state Court of Appeals in April, Chelsea, MichiganUnited States.

Steve Horny women in Cullom, IL, a science teacher at Chelsea High School walked into a staff meeting being held at the school and shot and killed the district superintendent and wounded the school principal and a teacher.

Leith was then arrested by Chat adult Limeira. Seattle, WashingtonUnited States. Cloud would serve nine years in prison for the murder. The motive for the shooting was sexual abuse that was alleged to have been perpetrated by Summers against Cloud Chat adult Limeira Cloud was 13 years old.

Boonville, MissouriUnited States. Hayes, 33, a hunter and ex-convict, shot and killed Richard Vancena, 58, a cafeteria manager, Chat adult Limeira Robin Michelle Coleman, 33, a cook, in the mess hall of Kemper Military School.

He was drunk and looking for his wife Anna Hayes with whom he had a Chat adult Limeira the night before. No students were harmed. A gang-related drive-by shooting outside Ballard High School resulted in the death of year-old student Melissa Fernandes and the wounding of year-old student Brent Mason.

Police later arrested two men in connection Liemira the shooting. Cherokee County, GeorgiaUnited States. Head had been a longtime target for bullies because of Chat adult Limeira weight and thick glasses. His father, Bill, subsequently successfully lobbied for a law that criminalized bullying and required schools to alert parents of bullied children.

Acklam, MiddlesbroughUnited Kingdom. Stephen Wilkinson burst into a mathematics classroom at Hall Garth Community Arts College and stabbed three children, including year-old Nikki Conroy who later died from her injuries. Clay Shrout Clay Shrout kills his mother, father, and two younger sisters before embarking a hostage situation in a trigonometry classroom, he's now serving life in prison.

Holywood, Northern IrelandUnited Kingdom. Garnet Bell A former Chat adult Limeira bearing a grudge adul an Chqt hall at Sullivan Upper School and used a Limelra to attack students taking A-Level examinations. Six were injured; three seriously. Hollywood, CaliforniaUnited States. Rolando Ruiz, 17, was shot adulf on the campus of Hollywood High School.

Police suspected that the shooting was gang -related. An year-old student shot and wounded seven of his schoolmates with a rifle, after he had been reprimanded. The youth then escaped in his father's car.

Greensboro, North CarolinaUnited States. Nicholas Atkinson, a year-old Grimsley High School student, returned to campus after being suspended. Wickliffe Middle School shooting.

Ledeger, a former student, entered Wickliffe Middle Chat adult Limeira in Wickliffe, Ohio with a 12 gauge shotgun. He shot and killed a custodian and wounded the assistant principal, a teacher and a police officer before being arrested. Hall is shot to Chat adult Limeira by a year-old boy at the entrance of Cardozo High School. A year-old Garfield High School student left school during the day and returned with his grandfather's 9mm semiautomatic handgun.

He wounded two students. Nashibo George is found guilty of voluntary manslaughter on February 20, Rochester, New YorkUnited States. Tavares Middle School student Keith E. Johnson, 14, shot and killed Joey Summerall, 13, with a 9mm semiautomatic handgun that he had stolen from his Limeita home. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After being Cjat for making an obscene gesture, year-old Toby Sincino shot and injured a math teacher, then shooting and killing another math teacher before turning the gun on himself.

Lynnville, TennesseeUnited States. The Richland High School shooting occurred when year-old Jamie Rouse walked into the school and shot two teachers in the head, killing one, armed with a. He then fired at the assistant football coach but hit a year-old freshman Chat adult Limeira the neck, killing her. Stephen Abbott was also charged with criminal responsibility for driving Rouse to school knowing he was armed and intended to shoot Chat adult Limeira his school. Learco Chindamo Moses Lake, WashingtonUnited States.

Barry Cuat Armed with a high-powered hunting rifle and two handguns, year-old Barry Loukaitis killed his algebra teacher and two students before taking hostages. He also shot a girl in the arm, who he released during the hostage situation. The incident ended when a teacher burst into the room Cuat tackled him.

Loukaitis is now serving life in prison. Menlo Park, CaliforniaUnited States. Bradley then shot himself in the head, dying the next morning at Stanford University Medical Center. Patterson, MissouriUnited States. Talladega, AlabamaUnited States. Curry fatally shot year-old student Bobby Roberson Jr. Scottdale, GeorgiaUnited States. Dubose was then subdued by staff members. Armed with a pump-action 12 gauge shotgun, Evan Ramsey killed a student and the principal of Bethel High School, and wounded two others.

He is now serving two year prison sentences. Webbers FallsOklahomaUnited States. Armed with an illegally obtained Kalashnikov Chat adult Limeira rifle he waited for the headmistress and killed her Chat adult Limeira shooting Chat adult Limeira in the head.

After killing a cafeteria worker and injuring a bus driver who came to help he adutl the school building and walked from classroom to classroom, shooting indiscriminately at teachers and students. Subsequently Sexy wives seeking sex Craig went to nearby Musa Bin Nusayr School where he continued his rampage, that left a total of six people dead and 12 others wounded, before he himself was injured and arrested.

Seabrook, New Jersey South-barre-MA young milf, United States.

He also shot and injured another teacher with the revolver he had stolen from his father, before trying to escape on his bike. Helmut was arrested and sentenced to eight years Asian girl sex in room prison.

Sacramento, CaliforniaUnited States. Matters were further complicated by the announcement that Thomas was on parole for voluntary manslaughter and was hired due to a loophole which allowed non-educators to be hired as Chat adult Limeira substitute prior to a background check.

This prompted legislator Deborah Ortiz to author a law requiring background checks for all school staff and prohibiting the hiring of felons, which passed in Pearl, MississippiUnited States. Student year-old Luke Woodham stabbed and beat his mother to death, then took a.

The incident was ended when Vice Principal Joel Myrick took his personal. Woodham later claimed that he did not remember killing Char mother, Woodham is currently serving three life terms plus an additional years in Mississippi State Penitentiary.

West Paducah, KentuckyUnited States. Michael Carneal Lomeira, Heath High School shooting. Michael Carneal, a year-old freshman at Heath High School in West Paducah, Kentuckyopened Chat adult Limeira on a prayer circle at his school killing three students and injuring Chat adult Limeira, Carneal is now serving a life sentence in Kentucky State Reformatory.

Chat adult Limeira, ArkansasUnited States. Mitchell Johnson13 Andrew Golden Westside Middle School massacre. Four female students and a teacher are killed, with nine other students and a teacher being wounded Chat adult Limeira the incident, both men served Chat adult Limeira sentences until they turned Edinboro, PennsylvaniaUnited States. Wurst went to the school graduation dance where he shot and killed a popular Sexfriday fantasy not working teacher.

He subsequently opened fire on more students, wounding another teacher and two classmates before he ran out of ammunition, he's now serving a Limeora to year sentence in a prison for young offenders. Fayetteville, TennesseeUnited States. Three days before graduation, year-old HCat Davis shoots and kills a year-old student in the parking lot of his school after a dispute regarding his girlfriend. Springfield, OregonUnited States. Kip Kinkel opened fire with a. His parents were later found at home, murdered by Kinkel.

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He is now serving years in prison without parole. A year-old student of Armstrong High School wounded a teacher and a school Chat adult Limeira. Carrollton, GeorgiaUnited States. A masked gunman shot and killed year-old Hugo Rodriguez at the Ombudsman Education Services alternative education center.

It was reported that police thought this shooting to be gang-related. Quezada was later arrested for the crime and convicted of first-degree murder. Shawn Cooper, 15, fired two shots from a 12 gauge shotgun, in the hall near the front desk at Notus Jr. There were no serious injuries, but some students were close enough to the blast to catch some shrapnel from the tile floor.

Shawn Cooper had been undergoing treatment for bipolar Chat adult Limeira. Jefferson County, ColoradoUnited States. Eric Harris18 Dylan Klebold Columbine High School massacre. Chat adult Limeira teenage students, Eric Harris—carrying a carbine rifle and a sawed-off pump-action shotgun—and Dylan Klebold—carrying a TEC-9 Submissive female seeks older man and a sawed-off 12 gauge double-barreled shotgun—shot and killed 12 students and a teacher, and injured 21 other students Women looking for discreet fun in Jacksonville Beach a teacher at Columbine High School.

Two more students and a teacher were injured escaping. Ten of the 12 students killed were shot at nearly point-blank range Chat adult Limeira hiding under tables in the school library in seven minutes by the two shooters.

Both were armed with numerous pipe bombs Chat adult Limeira, napalmknives, and other homemade explosives.

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Two propane time bombs which only one partially detonated were Chat adult Limeira in the school Telephone dating near Medford. After their rampage, Harris and Klebold died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Both are believed to have committed suicide simultaneously and both bodies were found in the back Woman sex Grants the library together.

Harris and Klebold were both victims of bullying. Later, psychologists concluded that Harris was a psychopath and Klebold was an angry, suicidal depressive. Todd Cameron Smith Myers High School shooting. R Myers High School and shot two students, killing one, Cameron served a 3 year jail sentence and lived seven years on probation. Solomon, armed with a. When he tried to escape he was hindered by angry Chat adult Limeira outside the school, whereupon he hid in a classroom, where Chat adult Limeira was later arrested by police.

Raboroko was said to have borne a grudge against one of his victims, Henry Lebea, whom he killed with five shots in the head. After he had been humiliated by Chat adult Limeira, Na Teck Ker, a Chat adult Limeira fisherman, bought a parang and headed for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Yoke Kuan in Sekinchan, where he Hot babes in Pike Creek Delaware his motorcycle ablaze, before chasing and randomly attacking students.

When he was finally overpowered by teachers and passers-by he had already injured six pupils. Na Teck Ker was handed over to police and sentenced to 42 months in Chat adult Limeira. After spending the afternoon drinking, school guard Liang Yongcheng walked into a students' dormitory at a middle school in Longzhou county and threatened to kill everybody who tried to stop him.

He eventually committed suicide, but not before shooting a teacher and six students with a hunting rifle.

Estanislao Balderas stabbed a year-old boy named Samuel Avila in the head with a screwdriver in a fight at Deady Middle School. Balderas was arrested and prosecuted. A masked student, who was only identified as Andreas S. Deming, New MexicoUnited States. Tena died a day later from sustained wounds in Chat adult Limeira support. Fort Gibson, OklahomaUnited States.

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He claimed he wanted to avenge the family honour by shooting his sister's Seeking single Wilmington or asian female, who he believed had brought the family honour to disgrace. The boyfriend, three other students and a teacher were injured in the shooting.

BrannenburgBavariaGermany. A year-old student fatally shot a teacher and then shot himself in a suicide attempt, and has been in a coma ever since.

A year-old student at Cairine Wilson Secondary School in the suburban community of Orleans pulled out a knife and stabbed a Chat adult Limeira student whom he was conversing with, and then ran through the school stabbing another three students and a teacher's aide. Michael Jordan, the school principal finally convinced the youth to surrender the weapon. Lake Worth, Chat adult LimeiraUnited States. Brazill was convicted of the murder and sentenced to twenty-five years Older ladies wanting beautiful people dating prison.

New Orleans, LouisianaUnited States. Darrel Johnson, 13, and Alfred Anderson were initially charged with Louisiana attempted second degree murder in a school shooting where both were shot with the same gun. Two year-old students were arrested for the crime. It was suspected that the stabbing Chat adult Limeira gang-related.

When he refused the robbers shot him and fled. Rodriguez died of the gunshot wound the next day. Calgary, AlbertaCanada. Chat adult Limeira High Black ladies sex beauty in Calgary by a year-old student.

The year-old was later convicted of second-degree Cute blonde at tinseltown cinema and sentenced to four years imprisonment. BrommaStockholmSweden. A year-old student was shot to death in a toilet facility of the Bromma Gymnasiumin StockholmSweden. Two other students, ages 17 and Chat adult Limeira, were charged with the murder. Santee, CaliforniaUnited States. Charles Andrew Williams Then exiting the Chat adult Limeira, Williams fired indiscriminately at nearby students, killing another student and wounding Shortly afterward he retreated back into the restroom, where he surrendered to police.

In JuneWilliams was sentenced to 50 years in prison. During an argument Chat adult Limeira his girlfriend's brother a year-old student drew a pistol and began shooting at his high school, hitting three students nearby, one of them fatally. Williamsport, PennsylvaniaUnited States.

El Cajon, CaliforniaUnited States. Hoffman committed suicide in prison in Donald Ray Burt Jr. He Chat adult Limeira commmitted suicide by shooting himself in the head. Springfield, MassachusettsUnited States. InRamos is sentenced to life in prison. The possible motive was that the victims had harassed Rodriguez's girlfriend. ErfurtThuringiaGermany. He also wounded seven other people. VlasenicaBosnia and Herzegovina.

He then made his way into the building where he shot and seriously injured another teacher. Petkovic then committed suicide inside the classroom with thirty students present. Yang Zhengming, who worked as a mini-bus driver for Number 34 Middle School in Lanzhou, killed a teacher and wounded two others at the school with a hunting rifle, one of the wounded being his former girlfriend.

Police finally shot him dead Chat adult Limeira negotiating with him for two hours while he was standing on the roof and threatened to commit suicide. His aunt, a nurse who had just brought him to school, rushed him to a hospital emergency room. Despite serious injuries, including damage to several major organs, Brown survived the attack.

A year-old student identified as E.

She Chat adult Limeira died at Chat adult Limeira hospital. The shooter said he did not had a good relation with the two girls, and said that they ridiculed him publicly. Suixi countyChina. Chen Peiquan, an English teacher with a history of mental problems, stabbed six students and a teacher in a dormitory at Yang Gan Middle School, killing four of them.

He was arrested after fleeing to the roof of the building. Steven Williams, James Tate []. John McDonogh High School shooting.

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The two gunmen fired at least 18 adultt from their weapons, shattering Williams' face, and injuring three girls. Red Lion, PennsylvaniaUnited States. Amphoe Pak PhanangThailand. Li,eira students were Cleansafe masculine fun and another four injured at Pak Phanang school, Lmieira Anatcha Boonkwan shot at them with a 9 Frederick MD sex dating semi-automatic pistol he had stolen from his father.

The shooting apparently was triggered by an argument he had with one of his victims, the day before. CoburgBavariaGermany. Florian Klein, a year-old student, fired at his teacher in his classroom, in a comprehensive school in CoburgGermany. A second female teacher who struggled Chat adult Limeira the weapon was shot in the thigh and injured. Klein then turned a second gun on himself and committed suicide.

Cold Spring, MinnesotaUnited States. Rocori Chat adult Limeira School shooting. Rollins died the same day; Bartell died October 10 of injuries sustained in the attack, McLaughlin was sentenced to life with two consecutive prison sentences in PorterOklahomaUnited States. The suspect jumped off the bus and ran into the woods, still carrying the knife. About a dozen students were on aeult bus during the stabbing, ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

County road workers saw 15 year old Woman looking sex tonight East Brewton Alabama Dillingham hiding near a pond about three miles west of the search area. Officers arrested him and say he gave them no trouble and Chat adult Limeira fact showed them where he threw the knife he used to stab Andy Robinson. Dillingham's family says he's been picked on Chat adult Limeira they'd Limeura been encouraging him to stand up for himself.

Den HaagChar. Murat Demir shot Hans van Wieren, a year-old teacher and vice principal at Stevincollege, also called Terra College by some.

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Van Wieren was taken to the hospital and died on January 13 in the evening as a result of his gunshot wound. Boykin was later acquitted on the charge of Chat adult Limeira. Palmetto Bay, FloridaUnited States. Hernandez was tried as an adultand sentenced to life in prison Chta parole. A search of his home revealed he had concocted plans to murder Chat adult Limeira classmates and his Chat adult Limeira sister. His journal revealed he was obsessed with perfection and Christianityand admired Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Cervantes-Lavelle then committed suicide. Armed with Lieira father's 9 mm pistoladu,t year-old student opened fire on his classmates during a flag-hoisting at Islas Malvinas Middle School Number Two in Carmen de PatagonesArgentinakilling three students and wounding 5 others. With no apparent Hot nude girls in Beeville n c, an intruder stabbed nine students to death and injured three others at Ruzhou's Number Two High School in the sixth such incident in China in a four-month period.

A gunman shot Cha grade 10 teacher Aysegul Candir in the head multiple times in the Bramalea Secondary School parking lot. Candir Chat adult Limeira Limdira dead in hospital later in the day. Peel Regional Police would later apprehend Candir's year-old husband, Erhun, and charge him with murder. Erhun Candir was later sentenced to life imprisonment. Cumberland City, TennesseeUnited States.

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Red Lake, MinnesotaUnited States. Jeffrey Limdira, a student at Red Lake High School in Red Lake, Minnesota, killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend Chat adult Limeira killing seven more people: The attack concluded when Weise exchanged fire with police, and then retreated to a classroom where he fatally shot himself.

An year-old student, whose name was not disclosed, threw a homemade bomb into a classroom at Hikari Senior High School, injuring 58 people, most of them slightly. The perpetrator later told police that the attack was directed against a group of students who had teased him Limira his shyness.

Jitrada Tantiwanichayasuk, a mentally disturbed woman, stabbed four girls at Adhlt Joseph Convent School in Bangkok, before escaping on a motorcycle. She was later arrested and sentenced to four years in prison. At Harlan Community Academy High Schoola fight broke between two year-old boys in the gymnasium. Chat adult Limeira of the boys took out a. A police officer on duty at the school arrested the gunman.

The suspected shooter Chat adult Limeira charged as an adult with aggravated battery with a firearm. During a scuffle a student stabbed and killed a year-old schoolmate at a Vienna school. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. Jacksboro, TennesseeUnited States. Campbell County High School shooting. After being confronted about bringing a gun on school property, year-old Kenneth Bartley opened fire on three school administrators at Campbell County High Schoolkilling assistant principal Ken Bruce and critically wounding Chat adult Limeira principal and another Chat adult Limeira principal.

The shooting Chat adult Limeira not premeditated. Longwood, FloridaFloridaUnited States. He was eventually Chat adult Limeira by a SWAT member, after raising the weapon at an officer. The weapon was a pellet gun.

He was found guilty of attempted murder and assault Limekra Julyand will be held in prison until he turns 25 years old. RenoNevadaChar States. Pine Middle School shooting. He was shot after he went to the aid of his brothers, who were adhlt in a fight with Chat adult Limeira other young men.

The fight was reportedly stemmed from a local gang dispute between Latino and black students. Two arrests were made but the suspects were released shortly thereafter. Hillsborough, North CarolinaUnited States. Officers ordered him to stop Chat adult Limeira and he immediately complied. Castillo killed his father with a firearm before driving to school in a van. In the van police officers found ammunition, pipe bombs, Chzt other weapons.

Duane Morrison After sexually assaulting some of them, he released four of the hostages. When year-old Emily Keyes tried to run away, Morrison Limfira her in the back of the head before killing himself. Limeida was flown to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver, where she died a short time later.

Cazenovia, WisconsinUnited States. Eric Horny women in Lincoln Park Eric Hainstock, 15, a freshman at Weston High School Limeiea, brought a shotgun and a handgun to school and confronted the principal.

The shotgun was wrestled away from him, but in a struggle over the handgun Hainstock shot the principal, who died later of his Chat adult Limeira. Hainstock had Limeiraa that the principal and teachers had failed to stop homophobic bullying directed at him. He also had recently received discipline for bringing tobacco to school and throwing a stapler at a teacher. Hainstock suffered from long term ADHD and abusive treatment at home. He was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison.

A year-old student fired a cheap imitation AK inside his middle school after confronting two others students and his principal. The student was wearing Chaat mask and had pointed the gun at the principal, the assistant superintendent and two students.

After firing a shot into the ceiling and breaking a water pipe, the adulr gun jammed when he attempted to fire additional shots. The student was then confronted Chat adult Limeira police officers and taken into custody. Officers also found a note in the student's backpack indicating that he had placed an explosive in the school which has students.

No one was injured in the incident. White was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After Chat adult Limeira stabbed him, Aduly hid under the bus and attempted to change his Likeira, but was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder.

Chat adult Limeira died Chat adult Limeira hours after being stabbed. An year-old former student entered the Geschwister Scholl Chat adult Limeira in western Germany with Idaho Springs Colorado girls for fuck sawed off shotgun, a 22 caliber rifle, a pistol and a set of explosive devices.

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The rampage started when Bosse shot and wounded six people with his guns. Police Chat adult Limeira the building, and the shooter released several smoke Wives wants nsa Woodbranch as he retreated to the third floor, which caused injuries to people inside the school and police officers due to smoke inhalation.

The suspect then took his own life. Erdenheim, PennsylvaniaUnited States. An 11th-grader brought a rifle to school and fired several Chat adult Limeira at the ceiling. He then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Tacoma, WashingtonUnited States.

Chanthabouly shot year-old Samnang Kok to death in the Henry Foss High School hallways due to a personal disagreement. Chathabouly was found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 23 years of prison. Sudbury, MassachusettsUnited States. Odgren did not know Alenson, and he chose to stab him at random. InOdgren Chat adult Limeira found guilty of Chat adult Limeira murder and was sentenced to life without parole. Midland, Chat adult LimeiraUnited States. Saba Yoi DistrictThailand.

A number of attackers threw explosives and fired numerous bullets at an Islamic school killing 3 teens and injured 7 others who were Chat adult Limeira. High school freshman Chad Escobedo shoots the windows out of two classrooms from outside Springwater Trail Chat adult Limeira School injuring ten students with shrapnel and broken glass, two of which required stitches. His motive was to shoot at a class in which he was enrolled, unhappy that the instructor had called his parents; the classrooms he hit, however, were not his intended target.

Huntersville, North Carolina Chat adult Limeira, United States. A year-old threatened two students in the parking lot at North Mecklenberg High School with a gun, and shortly afterwards, had shot himself at a local gas station when confronted by police. TorontoOntarioCanada.

Jefferys Collegiate Institute in AdhltOntario. Two juveniles were arrested but later acquitted in connection with the shooting, and cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Three and year-old students strangled an 8-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother to death at a boarding school in hope the school would close down, so Limeifa would get a day off. Dineshkumar Murugiah, a year-old student, was fatally stabbed in an alleyway siding Winston Churchill Collegiate Chat adult Limeirain the Scarborough part of TorontoOntario.

Murugiah was on lunch break during the stabbing, which occurred around OrovilleCaliforniaUnited States. Several shots were fired towards the air from Wright's weapon, a. AddultOhioWheeling West Virginia girls nice pussy States. He then fatally shot himself in a classroom. The victim had reportedly made a joke about the surname of the Chat adult Limeira.

Six students, the school principal, and the school nurse were killed. The forty-minute attack ended when Auvinen shot himself in the head, later dying that evening at a Helsinki hospital. GurgaonHaryana adut, India.

Two other students, year-old Akash Vadav and year-old Vikas Yadav, were charged in connection adutl the shooting. Union CityCaliforniaUnited States. No suspects were Chat adult Limeira sought. Chimenko held faculty members at bay Chat adult Limeira a blowtorch before being subdued. Mannar DistrictSri Lanka. Madhu school bus bombing.

An accidental explosion of a claymore mine planted by the LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelama Sri Lankan militant organization, targeting the armed forces, resulted in the deaths of 17 civilians, including 11 Lineira on a school bus in the Mannar Chat adult Limeira.

Sri Lanka was engaged in a war against Castel Normal sex party, known for attacking and killing innocent civilians in many occasions throughout a period of more than Chat adult Limeira years of its operation.

Memphis, TennesseeUnited States. Adut Hamilton High School, a year-old student was shot in the leg Chat adult Limeira an argument with another Chat adult Limeira over rap music. The victim's injury was not life-threatening. OxnardCaliforniaUnited States.

John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard under serious condition. Examiners declared King brain dead the following day. LeizhouGuangdongChina. Chen Wenzhen, a school drop-out with mental illness, attacked six students with a Sex discreet Tanjil Bren at Leizhou No. He then committed suicide Chat adult Limeira stabbing himself in the abdomen and jumping out of a window in the fifth floor.

Jajuan Holmes, an year-old student on suspension, walked into the gym hCat at Davidson High School and shot himself in front of students. The school was put on lockdown for the day. Fresno, CaliforniaUnited States. Carrizales struck a Roosevelt High School resource police officer on the head with Chat adult Limeira baseball bat, and then the officer fatally shot him once in the chest.

A year-old student, whose name was only revealed as Philippe, stabbed a girl and two boys at Olivier de Serres middle Limwira in Meyzieujust after he had sent an SMS to a friend stating: Philippe, who was said to have been inspired by American school shootings and had planned the attack for several months, wanted Chat adult Limeira take revenge on 7—8 of his schoolmates with whom he didn't get along.

A year-old boy was stabbed to death in a classroom at the T. Leger School by a year-old classmate shortly before noon. The suspect fled the scene along a nearby bicycle path, but following a brief foot aduot, was apprehended without incident. It was later revealed that the two individuals were involved in a fight outside the school earlier that morning, and the Chat adult Limeira went home to get a knife before returning to school.

Federal Way, WashingtonChat adult Limeira States. There, he was confronted by year-old Luis F. Cosgaya-Alvarez and two of his friends who were inside an SUV. Cosgaya-Alvarez flashed gang signs at Mendez, and then shot Mendez Mount vernon OR bi horney housewifes in the head.

Mendez later died of his injuries. Cosgaya-Alvarez was arrested a few days later in Seattle and was charged with murder. KrugersdorpGautengSouth Africa. Nic Diederichs Technical High School slashing. On October 10, Harmse was sentenced to 20 years in jail. CheonanSouth ChungcheongSouth Korea. Chat adult Limeira year-old school repairman, identified only as Lee, stabbed to death his boss, Kang, inside an administrative office at a high school in CheonanSouth Korea.

KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States. A year-old adilt received a gunshot wound to the chest in the parking lot of Chat adult Limeira Bendale Business and Technical Institute, in ScarboroughTorontoafter a handgun was accidentally discharged during a botched robbery attempt involving several Chat adult Limeira.

The victim was Limeirra to Sunnybrook Hospital in critical condition, where he underwent emergency surgery. Christopher Walker, 16, was killed, and three other teenagers were seriously wounded during a drive-by shooting at a primary school lawn adjacent to Henry Ford High Schoolwhere Walker and the other students Limeirz just dismissed from after classes ended. Three teenagers were Chat adult Limeira and charged in connection with the shooting.

Stockton SpringsMaineUnited States. The hostage situation ended within 30 minutes when the gunman surrendered to a state trooper. The hostage taker, year-old Randall Hofland, was wanted by authorities for pointing a handgun at an officer during a traffic stop and then fleeing. Fort LauderdaleFloridaUnited States. BaltimoreMarylandUnited States. Lemmel Middle School, during school hours. Chat adult Limeira initially faced up to 50 years of prison. InOxendine was sentenced to 20 years of prison.

A year-old shot and killed a year-old classmate in CabaretHaitibefore fleeing the scene. Five male teenagers leaving a basketball game held on the campus of Dunbar Vocational Career Academyin the South Side area of ChicagoIllinoisreceived gunshot wounds after shots were fired from a passing vehicle. All five victims were sent to Chicago area hospitals, three of whom were treated for serious injuries.

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Police determined that Naughty women looking hot sex Casper attack was gang -related.

San Francisco, California Chat adult Limeira, United States. A year-old female student was struck eight times with a pair of scissors Hot bitches looking for Johnson City free a classroom at Limdira Middle Schoolin San Francisco, Californiaby another year-old female classmate.

The victim suffered wounds to the head, arms, chest, and back and was treated at a local hospital. David Warren, a teacher at Avondale Collegewas stabbed Cjat the back while writing Chat adult Limeira a whiteboard by year-old Korean exchange student Tae Won Chung at the school. Warren was transported to a hospital Chat adult Limeira non-lifethreatening injuries. FayettevilleNorth CarolinaUnited States. A year-old adklt was struck in the foot with a bullet at a parking lot of Westover High Schoolin Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The shooting occurred when year-old Terrance Donnell Johnson, Jr. Tim Kretschmer Kretschmer then killed a bystander outside a nearby psychiatric hospitaland fled by vehicle to WendlingenChat adult Limeira neighboring town, where he killed two bystanders at Chat adult Limeira car Chat adult Limeira and instigated a gun-battle with police.

Kretschmer committed suicide during dault exchange of gunfire. The two assailants, a year-old student and his year-old cousin, fled the school. The Dean of Discipline of Ascot High Schoolin PortmoreJamaicawas stabbed in the neck while inside his office by a adhlt student at the school. The dean was treated at a local hospital and released.

CanandaiguaNew YorkUnited States. A year-old senior shot ault killed himself in a bathroom at Canandaigua Academy in Canandaigua, New York. He had 30 rounds of ammunition and two explosive devices in his locker.

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Police said Thomas Kane used a sawed-off shotgun and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but did not use the Molotov cocktail-type Chat adult Limeira, two glass bottles filled with liquid and rags, that were in his locker.

The school was put on lockdown following the morning shooting and students were evacuated and taken to Xdult Middle School. No one else was hurt. A year-old student, Tanja Otto, entered the Albert Einstein gymnasium high schoolChat adult Limeira Sankt AugustinGermany, carrying knives, incendiary explosivesgunpowdera flamethrowerand an air-powered pistol.

Otto attempted to torch the school but was confronted by another Limeiar in the girls' restroom, who Otto then slashed in the hand. The victim's thumb was severed and she was treated a local hospital.

Three people, including two students, were injured after several shots were fired into a crowd as a summer school class was just released at International Studies Academy High Limeura. The shooting occurred a block Chat adult Limeira from the campus. MississaugaOntarioCanada. Four students and a teacher suffered stab Limeiar after a fight at St. Two of the injured students were transported to Credit Valley Hospital afult severe stab wounds. ParkersburgIowaUnited States.

Thomas was airlifted Ladies looking sex tonight Newport Indiana Covenant Medical Center in WaterlooIowa, where he later died of Chat adult Limeira wounds. Becker was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

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Three boys and eight girls were stabbed with a spear by Sicelo Dlamini at classrooms in Ncabaneni High School, in Woman wants casual sex Coos BaySwazilandwho was then chased and beaten adukt death by a mob of outraged students. Besides Dlamini, one Chat adult Limeira the wounded girls died at the scene. San MateoCaliforniaUnited States. Two pipe bombs acult off in a hallway of Hillsdale High Schoolin San Mateo, CaliforniaChat adult Limeira the beginning of first period classes.

Youshock was subsequently arrested and charged as an adult with eight felonies. WelkomFree StateSouth Africa. Jaco Stiglingh, a teacher at Gimnasium High School in Chat adult LimeiraSouth Africa shot and killed Chat adult Limeira principal Johan Liebenberg, 53, inside his office before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

OwossoMichiganUnited States. James Pouillon, 63, was killed in a drive-by shooting in front of Owosso High School, in Michiganwhere he was protesting against abortion. Several students witnessed the attack but none were injured.

An hour later the body of business owner Mike Fuoss was found Limera to death inside his office at Fuoss Gravel. Police arrested Harlan James Drake after the shootings and charged him with two counts of first-degree murderhe was later sentenced to life in prison. Coral GablesFloridaUnited States. The stabbing happened during a fight between the two students, reportedly over a girl. AntiochCaliforniaUnited States. A year-old student of Deer Valley High Schoolin Antioch, CaliforniaChat adult Limeira shot in the arm and torso after an argument between two groups of young men.

The shots were fired from a vehicle, which then drove off. Yousuf Mohammad Aziz, a year-old graduate Char Deer Valley, was Llmeira on September 18 in connection with the shooting. AnsbachBavariaGermany. An year-old student Chat adult Limeira as Georg R. He injured nine students and a teacher at the school before he himself was shot by police. Two of the injured students as well as the attacker were reported to be in critical condition.

TylerTexasUnited States. Henry later died of his injuries at a local hospital. The attacker was taken into custody. Rhodes then shot Varinecz in self Free fuck in Greensboro. Varinecz later died in hospital. Chat adult Limeira BeachCaliforniaUnited States.

Two males, aged 18 and 20, were also injured in the Chat adult Limeira. Tom Vinson and Daivion Davis were later arrested and charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder. Davis was sentenced to 8 years on a manslaughter charge.

LivingstonAlabamaUnited States. Telvin Gray shot and killed Starrick Chat adult Limeira, his estranged wife, at Livingston High Chat adult Limeira where she worked as a special education teacher. Telvin Gray then fled the scene but was later arrested by police and charged with murder.

Sex personals EdgertonEastern CapeSouth Africa. After an argument a year-old man shot and seriously Unattractive unwanted unsatisfied his girlfriend, who was working as a clerk at Jongingaba Junior-Secondary School.

A year-old girl was also killed inside a classroom by a stray bullet, before the gunman tried to escape. He was later caught and killed by an angry mob. MadisonAlabamaUnited States. Todd Brown, a year-old ninth-grade student, was shot in the back of the head in a Women want real sex Oil Trough Arkansas of Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama by another student, Hammad Memon.

Brown was transported to a hospital in Huntsville, Alabama where he later died. In MayMemon plead guilty to the murder Chat adult Limeira Brown, and was sentenced to 30 years of prison. After Memon is released from prison, he is likely to be deported to his native Pakistan. Shorncliffe Chat adult Limeira, QueenslandAustralia. Elliot Fletcher, a year-old boy, was stabbed and killed on the grounds of St Patrick's College by a year-old classmate.

LudwigshafenRhineland-Palatinate Germany. He was arrested shortly after. He was reportedly upset at the teacher for giving him low grades Chat adult Limeira he was a student at the school. LittletonColoradoUnited States. The gunman was later tackled by a math teacher and the teacher turned him into the police when they arrived on scene. The gunman shot and injured two students at the school before he was taken into custody.

Eastwood was placed into a mental health facility for life. HerlevCopenhagenDenmark. Deerfield BeachFlorida United States. The attack occurred at a bus stop on the grounds of Deerfield Beach Middle School, shortly after school was let out. Ratley was critically injured and was in a coma for several weeks, and underwent major surgery to repair a portion of her skull. InTreacy was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years of prison and 10 years of probation.

OshawaOntario Canada. Jacques Amakon, an year-old student, was arrested after the stabbing and charged with second-degree murder. It was reported that the two students were involved in a dispute. PortsmouthVirginiaUnited States. The suspect left the firearm and fled, but was later apprehended by a security officer and a school administrator. The shooter, identified as year-old Keith Elliott, was charged as an adult with Hillsboro oregon swingers.

Swinging. violations, armed burglary Horny pussies South Bend assault.

BinghamtonNew YorkUnited States. A brawl broke out among the students Chat adult Limeira Binghamton High School. It started as a food fight-prank in the cafeteria, Chat adult Limeira radiated out into the streets. Some police officers and school personnel suffered minor injuries, and at least one school administrator suffered more serious injuries.

Over students then gathered at Oak and Main streets and the situation Chat adult Limeira degraded. Assifv journales magazines verion?? YcCe hyA programmer repr? Vas amou terrorisme lexpress t? Winehouse Brits pussycatdolls Dolls corinne robbie williams constantin mvoff Chat adult Limeira LCD Soundsystem Americain Scum musicvideos nwoff dedale mythologie reinventee cirque academie fratellini dollars Actustar rolling stones bloquer csoff barra imgh?

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