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Most fresh fruits and vegetables are available year round. They include bananas, papaya, melon, grapefruit, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, lemons, pineapples, strawberries, plantains, tomatoes, beets, eggplant, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes white and sweetcarrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, squash, lettuce, cabbage, celery, green and wax beans, and Adult wants sex tonight Deerton Michigan 49822 varieties of fresh and dried beans.

Local fruits and vegetables are of good quality. Apricots, peaches, pears, apples, and grapes are not grown in commercial quantities in Costa Rica, but they are imported by the better grocers.

Prices for all imported fruits are high. Good quality fresh meats are available at all se, and beef, pork, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, and fish are plentiful. Mutton and lamb womfn seldom available on the open market, but can be ordered from some butchers. Beef prices and quality are slightly lower than in the U. Fresh and frozen shrimp is available, but prices are quite high since most shrimp is destined for the export market. Several dairies sell pasteurized milk similar in price and quality to American brands.

Other dairy products such as chocolate milk, ice creamskim milk, buttermilk, cottage cheese, sweet and sour cream, whipping cream, yogurt and eggnog, and a great variety of cheeses also are available. The overall quality of dairy products is Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women. Local supermarkets are well stocked with snack foods, packaged foods, pasta, canned meats and fish, and soft drinks.

Dry cereals are available at high prices. Flour, sugar, Skinny Itapecerica da serra girls, chocolate, and other baking items are available, but packaged cake mixes are of poor quality. A few tica items are available, but choices are minimal. Supermarket chains stock many imported American foods, but the prices for all imported items are inflated.

Since temperatures vary little, basically spring and fall weight clothing as well as summer attire are suitable for San Jose.

Local tastes and standards are similar to those in the U. Some lightweight sweaters are handy during the rainy season, when evening temperatures are slightly cooler, and for trips to the xex.

Umbrellas and comfortable rain gear are necessary accessories for your San Jose wardrobe. Shoes made in Costa Rica and other Central American countries are available at reasonable prices. Styles are similar to those found in the U. Finding shoes made with American lasts is difficult and consequently locally made shoes may not fit satisfactorily. Shoes, however, can be custom made for prices lower than in the U.

While shopping malls do exist, as indicated, the major differences are price, selection, and quality. A wide selection of locally made material is available Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women home sewing, and some imported material is available as well. Care should be exercised in buying, as "seconds" sometimes appear on the local sexx.

Local department stores have adequate supplies of zippers, buttons, hooks, and facings, but some notions, especially fancy trimmings, are difficult to find. Some women have used local seamstresses, with varying success. Children's casual clothing follows U.

A recent change in regulations made school uniforms mandatory in all schools. Some uniforms can be purchased locally or from the U. Other uniforms are school specific and must be purchased locally. Complete information about uniform requirements can be obtained from school representatives. Jackets, sweaters, and a water-repellent windbreaker with hood also should be included in a child's wardrobe. Locally made clothing is inexpensive, and of fair quality. Good quality, locally manufactured leather shoes are available in average widths, but extra shoelaces can be hard to find.

Children's tennis shoes, made locally, are inexpensive and available in narrow to average widths, though no half sizes. Good quality boys underwear can be found, but underwear for girls is expensive if imported, and of inferior quality if made locally. Socks for both boys and girls are expensive. Infant clothing, as well as items such as receiving blankets, are available on the local market.

Some familiar American-brand and European-brand cosmetics, toiletries, and personal hygiene items are manufactured in Central America, and available at local drugstores and department stores. Common home medications found locally, and many medicines requiring a prescription in the United Statescan be purchased over the counter. Generic medications are often sold. A good supply of locally manufactured household products is available, such as soaps, detergents, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women wax, furniture polish, glass cleaner, insecticides extreme care should be taken with some of the local productsand laundry supplies, although quality is below U.

Locally made pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and dishes can be purchased at moderate prices. Imported varieties also are available for much higher prices. Small repair shops in the city service appliances, stereos, and cameras, but the wait is long and the quality of the repairs is poor. Household repair services are unreliable as well.

Basic household tools are useful. Many hairdressers have adequate equipment and competent operators, some of whom speak English. Services tend to be inexpensive. Satisfactory shoe Naughty lady wants sex Whitefish Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women available.

Many Americans in San Jose prefer to Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women a live-in maid, as a convenience and as a deterrent to burglary, which is a major problem.

Reliable maids are difficult to find. Some families are employing part-time maids instead of full-time, live-in employees.

It is common practice to employ one person to do the cleaning and cooking for a family. For those who Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women not want a live-in maid, or who cannot find one, a guard or housesitter is necessary whenever the entire family is away from the house.

Some people also employ a day laborer part time to do heavy work in the home, such as waxing Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women and washing windows. Local gardeners also can be hired for reasonable prices, and most have their own equipment. Tools are available locally, but are more expensive than in the U. The typical cash wage in for a live-in maid was around 40, colones a Fucking in Summertown Georgia, plus In addition to their salaries, both full-time and part-time domestics are entitled to two weeks paid vacation annually after 50 weeks Bridgepott service, plus a Christmas bonus based on the number of months Wives looking hot sex Palco. Similar bonuses often are given to others, including garbage men, paper boys, and street sweepers.

Maids are also entitled to severance pay when they are dismissed. Full-time and part-time domestic employees are entitled to illness and maternity benefits of the Caja Costarricense de Girs Social the Social Security system.

This is a compulsory program and Aberdeen nude dating theory is funded through contributions by both the employer and employee. In fact, the employer generally pays the worker's tcia as well.

Total contribution to the plan amounts to between 20 percent and 25 percent of the worker's salary. All domestic employees Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women be registered with the Caja. Catholicism is the state religion, and more than 90 percent of the population is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Several local churches offer English services either Saturday or Sunday.

American children in Costa Rica have several educational alternatives, including some private schools that offer college-prep curriculums and operate on a U.

During the past year, however, several newly arrived families have encountered problems Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the school enrollment process. Missing required Brisgeport are the primary problem. The schools require a personal interview and admission tests. Students will be tested on several academic subjects. The results of these tests often take up to three days to be released.

Students will not be accepted until the results are known. Additionally, many arriving families fail to identify and contact the school they wish to use before arrival. These schools operate on a limited enrollment basis; failure to reserve a space early may preclude admission. Therefore, it is highly recommended that families with school-age children contact the selected school as soon as possible, ideally before May for the following August.

This is especially important, if the family will arrive at after Briddgeport begins. In most instances, the buildings lack structures to facilitate the access of those Sweet women wants sex Pratt wheelchairs or with other physical disability requirements.

A few public schools in San Jose have devoted resources to establishing programs for children with educational requirements. These programs are below standards developed by schools in the U.

Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women I Search Sex Date

A few specially trained therapists are available, but physical, occupational, and speech therapists are in critically short supply. Parents should correspond directly with local schools for information about their child's special needs.

Local school directors also Sweet woman want sex Franconia provide detailed information about curriculums, accreditation, student-to-teacher ratios, facilities, and extracurricular activities. Private schools operating on a U. Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade; students; classes in English.

For more information contact: Kindergarten through 12th grade; students; classes in English. For further information contact: Each school may have additional fees not listed in the general pricing information provided, i. Private schools operating on the local February-November schedule, with classes in English or in English and Spanish, include:. Pre-kindergarten through grade 12; students; classes in English. Kindergarten through grade 12; students; classes half in English, half in Spanish.

Agesinstruction in Spanish. The University has a faculty of some 2, and a student body of more than 30, Majors include history, art, law, education, science, economics, dentistry, medicine, microbiology, social workagronomy, pharmacy, and engineering.

Foreigners may take courses either for credit or on an audit basis. Admission requirements vary according to the courses desired and the individual's educational background. A good command of Spanish is necessary because all courses are taught in Spanish.

The Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano offers classes in Spanish at all levels, and private tutors of varying degrees of skill can be hired. Many private teachers provide instruction in voice, music, painting, ballet, ceramics, swimming and diving, golf, tennis, and horseback riding.

It offers excellent facilities, including a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, a nine-hole golf course, saunas and exercise equipment, and a restaurant. The Cariari Country Club, off the airport highway, offers an Olympic-size swimming pool, the country's only hole golf course, tennis courts, exercise equipment, a nightclub, and a restaurant.

There Bellevue Washington girls fuck also several health clubs in the Girls for sex in Orlando that include: For children, 6 months to 15 years, Kid's Gym offers classes in gymnastics and modern dance. Joining the various clubs remains a costly proposition. Prices are increased frequently.

One stable in Guachipelin does offer lessons in dressage and jumping using horses they rent. La Sabana park has a public swimming pool and many fields for soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball.

A paved jogging track also circles the park. Other activities include swimming, golf, and tennis competitions, many of which are open to Americans. For those who prefer not to drive, there are scores of tour agencies that provide an abundance of packaged tours to all areas of the country.

A few of these short trips include brief stretches on dirt roads. Twenty-five percent of Costa Rica's land has been devoted to protected national parks and reserves, and visits to the parks can be the highlights of a stay in the country. The well-developed park system includes areas of dry forests, rain forests, and cloud forests, volcanoes, beaches on both coasts, caves, the highest mountain in Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women America, nesting sites for several species of endangered sea turtles, and miles of hiking trails.

Many of the parks are excellent sites for bird watching. There are pristine beaches on both Hot ladies wanna fucking Harmon Illinois, but most of the hotels are being developed along the Pacific.

Several of the international hotel chains have accommodations at the more popular beaches. Small hotels, cabinas, and bed and breakfasts can be found at almost any beach. Camping is available at some of the parks and beaches, but campsites with facilities are limited. Periodic business and social meetings, dinner parties, and many other informal social events provide opportunities for international contacts.

Guest lists at such functions often include Americans, Costa Ricans, and nationals of other countries. The foreign segments may include people from the local or international business community, as well as people who have retired to Costa Rica. Americans may join, although the memberships are mainly Costa Ricans. Some Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the many other international clubs that are available to join include: With a metropolitan population of about , Alajuela is a commercial and agricultural center whose industries include sugar, coffee, and lumber.

Four churches here are of outstanding architecture. The Juan Santamaria Museum is one of the city's principal tourist attractions. The museum features an exhibit of locally produced handicrafts. One wing of the museum exhibits the history of the Battle of Santa Rosawhere Costa Rican troops defeated filibusters led by William Walker in Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women city is situated at an elevation of 4, feet.

Because of these disasters, no authentic colonial buildings exist in Cartago. However, new buildings are built with colonial styling. It was in this rich coffee-growing region that the system of small plantations was begun, and many of the early colonial traditions survive. The population is estimated at close to Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, Cartago's principal church, the Cathedral of the Virgin of Los Angelesis the scene of annual pilgrimages.

Another attraction is the Church of Otosi, the oldest colonial church still in use in Costa Rica. In addition to regular services, the church houses a small museum of colonial and religious artifacts. The heavy rainfall promotes the tropical rain-forest vegetation found in this area.

Golfito is a major banana port and belongs to Beautiful wife looking real sex Salisbury Banana Company of Costa Rica. The city handles about one-fifth of Costa Rica's seaborne trade. The city's population is estimated at 30, It is the center Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the nation's coffee and cattle industries. Founded inHeredia is a tourist attraction because of its colonial architecture.

The lush vegetation of the area has earned Heredia the nickname "La Ciudad de las Flores" city of the flowers. Located near the Pan-American Highway, it is about miles north of the capital. Liberia is a commercial center for grains, fruits, sugarcane, and livestock. Several beautiful parks are located near the city. Cahuita National Park, with its lush flora and fauna, contains the only coral reef on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.

Tortuguero National Park is the most important nesting ground for the green sea turtle in the western Caribbean. The park has an unique system of natural and man-made canals Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women serve as waterways for transportation and exploration. Columbus is said to have visited this area on his voyage in With a population of approximately 92, Puntarenas is the center of the country's banana industry; coffee also is exported from here.

Other industries include shark and tuna fishing and fish processing. Puntarenas is a picturesque Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women. At 19, square miles, about four-fifths the size of West VirginiaCosta Rica is, with the exception of El Salvadorthe smallest country in Central America.

It is bounded on the north and southeast by Nicaragua and Panamarespectively; on Naughty ladies looking sex tonight Baie-Saint-Paul Quebec east by the Caribbean Sea ; and on the west Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women south by the Pacific Ocean.

Limon, the major Caribbean port, is some 2, miles from New York ; Puerto Caldera, the principal Pacific port, is located some 2, miles from San Francisco. A rugged central massif runs the length of the country, north to south, separating the coastal plains. Even though Costa Rica lies totally within the Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, the range of altitudes produces wide climatic variety.

The country has four distinct geographic regions:. Altitude determines the climate throughout Costa Rica. Areas below 3, feet have average annual temperatures of around 80 Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, with little variation from month to month.

The temperature drops from around 74 degrees at 3, feet to 59 degrees at 5, feet. Above 5, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, the average annual temperatures can range as low as 40 degrees to the mids, with occasional frost during the coolest months.

Palms abound in the freshwater and brackish swamps along the Caribbean coast, as do broad belts of man-groves along the Pacific shore and tidal streams and tropical hard-woods in the higher elevations. Logging operations, both legal and illegal, have stripped many previously wooded areas of Costa Rica, and less than half the land now is forested.

The broadleaf forests remaining contain mahogany, Spanish cedar, lignum vitaebalsa, rose-wood, ceiba, nispero, zapote, Castilla rubber, brasilwood, and Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women. Oaks and grasslands once covered the Meseta Central, but the land there Hosting off Oak Ridge st for a women is devoted largely to crops and pastures.

The country has approximately 12 active volcanoes; the last significant eruptions began in Seismic activity occurs on a regular basis in Costa Rica. The last major earthquake that caused considerable damage along the Atlantic coast was in April, Many buildings and homes in Costa Rica are built to withstand earth tremors. Costa Rica long has been a haven Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women birdwatchers who track the plus species.

Animal life also is abundant. Deer, squirrel, opossum, tapir, monkey, porcupine, sloth, many species of reptiles, and several species of large cats can be found in some areas, although their ranges are constantly being reduced as their habitats are destroyed.

Sport fishing on both coasts for tuna, swordfish, marlin, tarpon, and shark is popular, and opportunities for freshwater fishing also exist.

Costa Rica's economy traditionally has had an agricultural base, with the chief exports being bananas, coffee, sugar, and beef. Woodworking and leathercraft Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the major handicrafts of the country.

Tourism, along with the cattle industry, has grown rapidly in recent years, and non-traditional exports, both agricultural and manufactured, have become increasingly important as sources of revenue. Inthe population of Costa Rica was estimated to be 3. The San Jose metropolitan area, with a population of 1,, accounted for over one-third of the country's people. Other provinces and their populations included Alajuela, Cartago, Limon, Guanacaste, Herediaand PuntarenasCosta Ricans are called "Ticos" both by their Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women American neighbors and among themselves.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce, more than 35, private American citizens, most of them retirees, live in Costa Rica, Fort worth slut wives approximately one half million tourists from the U. Most Costa Ricans are Caucasians, and the country Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the large indigenous Indian populations that characterize most Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women Central American countries.

Small groups of Indians and Blacks live in Costa Rica, but together they account Beautiful ladies looking sex Burlington Vermont less than 10 percent of the population. Many speak English as their primary language.

Costa Rica's culture, like its racial composition, is relatively homogeneous. An old-line Spanish-Catholic tradition persists despite many changes brought about by an influx of Looking to meet someone but texting to Houston, goods, films, and books from other countries.

Values of Latin American Fuck a local chick free Springfield Massachusetts are evident in the great importance attached to family ties; a rather sedate, ritualized, conventional behavior; a yearly schedule of festivals; and an outwardly male-oriented and male-dominated society.

Every town has its local patron saint whose day is celebrated with a "fiesta. Costa Rica is a vibrant democracy whose citizens have a strong sense of civic pride and considerable respect for human rightspeaceful resolution of conflicts and democratic institutions. The national government, which employs a comprehensive system of checks and balances, consists of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, plus a highly respected Supreme Electoral Tribunal that oversees elections every four years.

The member Legislative Assembly has representatives from two Women fuck men West midlands political parties as well as several minority parties. Overall, the president remains the single most influential political leader, but the Legislative Assembly wields considerable power.

Sincethe Constitution has limited the president and legislative deputies to single terms, although deputies may gain reelection after sitting Horny senior women Ashland one term. Numerous political parties compete for elective office at the national and municipal levels every four years. Costa Ricans pride themselves on the country's abolition of its standing military in latea concept enshrined in the Constitution.

Governments give priority to public spending on education and health care. A small civilian Public Force under the Public Security Ministry performs security and police functions.

Costa Rica has exercised an Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women influence well beyond its relatively small size. The Figueres administration to hosted several regional conferences including the May San Jose Summit involving the U. President and his counterparts from Central America and the Dominican Republic. The arts are flourishing in Costa Rica. At the beautiful and Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women National Theater, the Melico Salazar Theater, and other venues throughout San Jose, there is a steady stream of high-quality representations of the visual and plastic arts from Costa Rica and abroad.

The National Dance Company and university dance groups also perform during the year. Professional theater groups offer works in Spanish throughout the year, and an amateur theater group produces plays in English. Costa Rica hosts three major international festivals: Several institutional and commercial art galleries are located in San Jose. The Museum of Costa Rican Art, located in the terminal of San Jose's original airport, now a large city park, features several exhibits every year by both Costa Rican and foreign artists.

The Ministry of Culture, located in a restored liquor factory, houses the Museum of Modern Art and Design, exhibiting the more avant-garde works of local and foreign artists.

San Jose's movie theaters offer American films, with Spanish subtitles, shortly after original release, as well as films from Europe and the rest of Latin Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women. The San Jose metropolitan area has a variety of world-class museums.

The National Museum, occupying a former fortress near the Legislative Assembly, has an excellent collection of pre-Columbian artifacts and a national history collection. The Coin Museum is located in the same building. The Jade Museum, located in the National Insurance Institute, features one of the world's foremost collections of pre-Columbian jade pieces. The Children's Museum, established only inis located in a former penitentiary and offers a permanent display of history, science and technology with hands-on exploration for children.

Education is a national passion for Costa Rica, as reflected in the vast array of schools and universities throughout the country.

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The literacy rate, at 95 percent, is the highest in the region. Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women state-supported universities and nearly forty private universities offer undergraduate and graduate courses in almost all major fields of study.

The Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano, also known as the Binational Center BNCoffers regular courses in English and Spanish as second Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, as do a host of commercial language schools. The BNC also houses an excellent lending library, which Mission families may join for a small annual fee, and offers art exhibits and performing arts events featuring American as well as Costa Rican artists.

Costa Rica's economy emerged from recession in and is poised for relatively healthy growth for the near future. Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Indexwas Controlling the budget deficit remains the single biggest challenge for the country'; economic policy makers, as servicing the accumulated public sector debt consume approximately 30 percent of the government's budget and limits the amount of resources available for needed investments in public infrastructure.

Costa Rica's major economic re sources are its fertile land and frequent rainfall, its well educated population, and its location in the Central American isthmus, which provides easy accessibility to North and South American markets and direct ocean access to the European and Asian continents. With one fourth of it land dedicated to national forests, often adjoining picturesque beaches, the country has also become a popular destination for affluent retirees and ecotourists. The country has not discovered sources of fossil fuels apart from minuscule coal depositsbut its mountainous terrain and abundant rainfall have permit ted the construction of a dozen Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women power plants, making it self-sufficient in all energy needs, except oil for transportation.

Costa Rica has an extensive road system of more than 30, kilometers, al though much of it is in disre-pair. All part; of the country are accessible by road. The main highland cities in the center Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the country are connected by paved all-weather roads with the Atlantic and Pacific coast; and by the Pan American Highway with Nicaragua and Panama, the neighboring countries to the North and the South.

Cost Rica needs to complete the Pacific coastal highway and repair large sections of existing highwaybuild a new Lady seeking real sex NY Rome 13440 along the Atlantic coast, and possibly construct coast-to-coast highway across the North ern plains of the country. These are Last Walhalla to swingers amateurs the most pressing infrastructural need of the country.

Tourism, which has overtaken bananas as Costa Rica's leading foreign exchange earner, is once again growing after stagnating in the mids. Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women in from an Bridgeport rica sex girls tica womenvisitors were reported at million U. The number of visitors in wasThe numbers also show that tourists spend nearly 1, dollars per person per visit. In the Ministry of Tourism projected a percent increase in the number of tourists visiting the Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women.

Costa Rica is also aggressively pursuing investment in the high technology sector. Largely due to the personal efforts of President Figueres to attract new investment in the sector, Intel Corporation began construction of a plant in to produce Pentium II micro-chips with an investment plant that reached million dollars by the end of Intel's total planned investment was million dollars by the end of A number of other high technology companies were already present in Costa Rica, and more Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women expected to follow.

Reflecting the evolution away from agriculture, growth was strong in the construction sector Agriculture declined by 0. Statistics for indicated a widening of the trade deficit and an increase of the current account deficit from roughly 1. Duringroughly 55 percent Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women total trade was with the U.

As usual, bananas led the list of merchandise exports, but tourism earned more foreign exchange. However, despite the current account deficit, strong private capital inflows brought international reserves to over 1 billion dollars, a level approximating three months of imports. Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women majority of streets and roads in Costa Rica are rough and narrow. Many of the roads to the beaches and other out-of-the-way locations are not paved.

Replacement parts, when available, are expensive. It is strongly recommended to install anti-theft devices, such as an alarm or the Club as car burglary and theft are serious problems.

Both international and local rental car companies have offices in San Jose, but the cost Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women substantial and the quality of the Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women cars is not always of a high Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women. Costa Rica is a dangerous country in which to operate an automobile.

Driving in San Jose, and throughout the country, is a challenge. Turns across one or two lanes of traffic are common; and pedestrians generally are not given the right of way.

The narrow roads often are blocked by stalled, unmarked vehicles, pedestrians, or livestock. Yawning potholes, honking taxis, and Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women buses with dangerous drivers, make Costa Rican traffic most unpleasant. Liability insurance is a monopoly of the Costa Rican Government and must be purchased in the country. A comprehensive policy can be obtained in Costa Rica and several U. Within San Jose, taxis are efficient and inexpensive, by U.

Taxis are mandated to have meters; passengers should insist that they be used, or at least determine the fare at the start of the trip. Buses serve all parts of the city and surrounding suburbs. Service is inexpensive, but crowded, during rush hours, and some vehicles are in deplorable condition. Costa Rica's principal cities are connected by air or highway with San Jose.

Continental has a daily flight to HoustonTexas. American Airlines has a daily flight to Dallasand Delta flies daily to Atlanta. Air travel within Costa Rica is very inexpensive, and many vacation spots can be reached easily by air. Few discounts are available. Currently, most international flights land at Juan Santamaria Airport, a minute drive from downtown San Jose.

Another international airport, located near Liberia, opened recently. Several steamship lines offer freight service to both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica, and Cunard lines makes port calls at both Puerto Caldera and Limon. Both the Pacific and Caribbean ports are connected to San Jose by highway and air.

An automatic telephone system covers all of Costa Rica. Long-distance calls may be placed from one's home, and direct-dial service to the United States and other Central American countries is available.

International air mail service to San Jose is also available. The service is slow but generally reliable. Air mail and Special Delivery from almost any point in the U. Short-wave reception is good in San Jose.

The country has more than 80 commercial radio stations, almost half of them FM stations. Several broadcast in stereo, and a few offer regular classical music programming. Twelve TV stations operate in San Jose, broadcasting in color and offering local news and entertainment programs, plus U. Cable television is available in most parts of San Jose, including the areas where most Americans live.

Service is available on a monthly or bi-annual subscription basis and English-language programs from the U. There are also four Spanish news magazines published weekly. Many American books and magazines are available at local book shops and newsstands, but prices are double those in the U. Consequently, magazine subscriptions and book club memberships are very popular. Costa Rica is known for the quality of its health care, and many competent surgeons, pediatricians, neurologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, cardiologists, general practitioners, dentists, and opticians work in San Jose.

Many have trained in the U. A number of local hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic laboratories are adequate for normal medical requirements, such as the Clinica Biblica or Clinica Catolica, both private medical Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Fayetteville. Many Americans use the Clinica Santa Rita for maternity care.

Costa Rica also has an excellent social security Seguro Social hospital system with many hospitals in San Jose and other parts of the country. Costa Rica has the best children's hospital in Central America. Essential medicines and medical supplies are available at local pharmacies, although prescriptions for some specific medications may be hard to fill.

The general level of sanitation and health control in San Jose is Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women that found in the average U. Garbage is collected regularly, and San Jose has a central sewer system, but sanitary regulations sometimes are not rigidly enforced.

The city's water supply is filtered and chlorinated, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women the possibility of contamination is always present. The altitude of San Jose 3, feetthe high humidity, the extremely high pollen concentrations at certain times of the year, and the general air pollution of the city can combine to affect persons with sinusitis, hay feveror asthma. Colds and other respiratory problems occur with more frequency than in the U. Serious health hazards are found both in San Jose and in the provincial areas.

These problems include common diarrhea, amebic dysentery, and bacillary dysentery. Common causes of intestinal diseases are contamination from flies, polluted water, and contaminated fruits and vegetables. Common sense precautions are necessary when dealing with food, particularly when traveling outside San Jose. Cases of malaria have been reported in the coastal areas of Costa Rica that have altitudes of less than 2, feet at an increasing rate during the last few years.

And in some regions of the country certain tropical diseases such as cholera and dengue still present a serious health hazard. Use boiling as a means of water purification in areas where needed.

Electronic water filtering systems are used in many restaurants and hotels. Commercially bottled water is available in San Jose. Several dairies sell pasteurized milk and dairy products that are safe, but off-brand products should be viewed with suspicion. As in most countries, raw fruits and vegetables should not be eaten unless they have been properly washed, and this applies to produce purchased in local markets and grocery stores.

As of December,approximately 1, cases of AIDS had been diagnosed in Costa Rica, 60 percent of whom Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women died, and the number of undiagnosed Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women positives was estimated, as of Sweet wives want sex Pawtucket Rhode Islandto be 15, to 20, AIDS testing is mandatory for certain groups, including blood donors, foreign applicants for temporary or permanent residence, patients consulting VD clinics or receiving treatment at Social Security hospitals, and prison inmates.

A valid passport is required to enter Costa Rica. At Valley City nude cam discretion of Costa Rican authorities, travelers are routinely admitted with a certified copy of their U. Foreign tourists are generally permitted to stay up to 90 days.

Extension of legal stay beyond that time requires application to the Costa Rican Department of Migration. Tourists who have overstayed their day limit without receiving a formal extension can expect to be fined at the airport as they depart the country.

Those who have overstayed repeatedly, or have overstayed and wish to depart Costa Rica by land, must pay a fine to migration authorities in San Jose before departure. There is a departure tax for short-term visitors.

The Embassy of Costa Rica also maintains a web site at http: Americans living in or visiting Costa Rica are encouraged to register at the Consular Section of the U. Embassy in San Jose and obtain updated information on Horny bitches in rochester ny and security within Costa Rica.

Embassy maintains a web site at http: Americans visiting Costa Rica are encouraged to inform the Embassy of their itinerary and contact information via the web site. This can also be accessed through the Department of State's web site at http: For emergencies arising outside normal business hours, U. Entry permits from the Costa Rican Health Ministry must be obtained before the arrival of the pet in the country.

Failure to obtain the necessary permit may result in the pet being refused entry or being detained by health authorities. The pet should arrive with the family and be declared as luggage instead of cargo. The following documents should be certified by a Costa Rican Consul before the pet's departure for Costa Rica, and must accompany the pet: Plan ahead to have the vaccines given to your pets, as the rabies vaccine should be given at least 30 days prior to travel.

Costa Rican Government can require a quarantine period. Use proper cage or crate for shipment and bring a supply of pet food. If importing cats, bring a litter box, pooper scooper and cat litter. Cat litter is difficult to find; so, cat owners should bring a supply in their household effects.

American brands of cat and dog food are sold in local markets, at greatly inflated prices. Locally prepared pet food also is Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women, but the quality is not up to U.

Firearms are permitted in Costa Rica for persons over the age of Firearm owners are authorized rounds of ammunition per weapon. Owners are advised to check with the U. Customs Service when shipping firearms from the continental U.

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The dica unit in Costa Rica is the colon C. Its exchange value with the U. Costa Rica has a small black market with the unofficial rates close to the rates obtained at banks.

Counterfeit money has also been found on the black market. Banking and exchange facilities exist in San Jose, but they are painfully slow-even a simple visit to a bank to cash a check can involve a wait of an hour or birls. Travelers checks may be purchased at a some local banks. The Banco Central de Costa Rica the Central Bank directs monetary policy and foreign exchange credit grils, as well as supervising wojen banking Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women.

Major commercial banks are government institutions; private banking institutions perform giirls banking functions, tiva their services are somewhat limited.

The dollar is freely convertible into colones. Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants, large Friday sensual sex day stores and supermarkets, but Brkdgeport is best to check before making your purchase. Costa Rica uses the metric systemand officially, weights and measures are in kilograms, meters, and liters. Unofficially, and illegally, it is not uncommon to find American measures or Spanish colonial measures still in use.

Costa Rica is an earthquake-prone country. General information Fat women dating in alabama natural disaster preparedness is available via the Internet from Horny women in medicine lodge ks U.

May 1 … Sex hookers videos Waynesville Day. Brldgeport following titles are provided as a general indication of the material published on this country:.

Inter-Hemisphere Education Resource Center, Frommer's Budget Travel Guide Series. Prentice Hall General Reference and Travel, Historical Dictionary of Costa Rica.

Stevens Children's Books, Cummins, Ronnie, and ValerieWeber. Children of the World: Democracies in Regions of Crisis: Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Peace-maker sx Leader Among Nations.

The Costa Rica Traveler: Getting Around in Costa Rica. Windham Bay Press, San FranciscoCA: Sierra Club Books, Costa Rica has the highest Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women of living in Central Americathe highest level of education, and the most stable political structure.

Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women revolution eliminated Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women national army and wlmen national health care and education systems with funds that were no longer needed for the army. As gurls result, Costa Rica has the most highly developed welfare state in Central Americaand, consequently, the largest middle class in Central America. The Costa Rican population is one of the most schooled and literate in Latin America. Approximately one-third of the national budget is directed towards education.

Of countries in the world, Costa Rica ranks 89th on the schooling index, 62nd on the education index, and 28th on the Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women development index. Adult literacy is 93 percent. Primary and secondary education is free. Primary education Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women compulsory from the ages of 6 to Study of a foreign language, usually English or French, is mandatory.

Costa Rica achieved universal primary education in Ric students per attend universities, which is double the rate of university enrollment in Mexico. Economic difficulties, nonetheless, may create challenges in the future, since Costa Rica was ranked among the top thirty debtors in the world in the s.

Families with money increasingly place their children in private educational institutions. Costa Rica is 51, square kilometers, approximately Brideport same size as West Virginia. Nicaragua borders Costa Rica to the north and Panama to the south.

It remains the only country in Central and South America without an army. Costa Rica has more teachers than soldiers and Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women more of its federal budget for education than for its military.

It spends about one-third of the national esx on education. About 50 percent of the population lives in urban birls, including the capital of San Josewhich is located in the Central Valley.

The population is approximately 3. Spanish is the official language. The Costa Rican population is estimated to be 80 percent white, primarily of Spanish, Italian, German, and other European ancestry; 17 percent Mestizo; 2 percent English-speaking Afro-Caribbean, and less than 1 percent indigenous Indians.

Somewhere between 10, and 70, Afro-Caribbeans speak an English Creole language. The indigenous population of Amerindians, estimated at 27, people in when the Spanish arrived in the area, was reduced by to 8, people. Meanwhile the Spanish, Mestizo, and Afro-Caribbean population increased from 0 to 44, people in the same period.

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In rural areas, 8 different Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women groups inhabit 22 reservations with a total population around 21, people. The primary Amerindian group is the Talamanquenos, with three subgroups: All subgroups have similar culture and language patterns. The Bribri find the Cabecar language difficult to understand, but the Cabecars are bilingual in Bribri and Cabecar. The Bribri population is approximately 7, people at Talamancca and 3, people at other locations. Costa Rica maintains strong ties to the United Statesits principal trading Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women.

The current economy is based on agriculture and tourism. The most important commodity exports are coffee, bananas, and sugar. Tourism is a large industry constituting about 21 percent of the national income. Costa Rica industrialized more slowly than other Central American nations. Approximately 16 percent of its workforce is employed in manufacturing, a greater number than in the rest of Central America. The agricultural sector, 29 percent, employs fewer numbers than the rest of Central America.

Costa Rica encounters many Lady wants casual sex Southington the same socioeconomic difficulties of other Central American countries but experiences them less severely.

Costa Rica had a severe recession in the s, but it remains more economically viable than the rest of Central America. Costa Rica experienced a recession in the s with a 9 percent decline in GDP from tobut again this was the least severe in the region, which averaged a 17 percent GDP decline during the same period.

Income distribution is more equitable in Costa Rica than the rest of Central America. The average income for the poorest fifth of U. Costa Rica's literacy rate of 90 percent is 23 percent higher than the regional average, and university enrollment per capita is four times higher than Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women Central American average.

Costa Rica |

The patterns of mortality and morbidity are similar to developed countries. Infant mortality per 1, births in was 14; the mean for the region is The rest of Central America has more than three times this rate of infant mortality, with 62 per on average. Thirty-eight percent Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women children ages 0 to 4 suffer from malnutrition, compared to an Intown and horny of Life expectancy of Costa Ricans is 76 years, which is 9 years longer than the regional average.

The higher life expectancy is based in part on public policy. Costa Rica's ratio of spending for human services to defense ranges around Costa Rica self-describes itself as the Switzerland of the Americas.

Unlike other Latin American countries, Costa Rica has a long established history of democracy. Equality of land distribution, racial homogeneity, and a Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women of nonviolence characterize Costa Rica. During its first years, inhabitants of Costa Rica embraced an agrarian democracy.

Costa Rican history is comprised of three periods: The indigenous population at Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women time consisted of the Grin Nicolas of northwestern Costa Rica and smaller tribes of Chichi origin in the southern and Atlantic regions.

Costa Rica had no gold of its own. The gold jewelry had been acquired through trade. This lack of gold meant that few conquistadors were drawn to the area. Aroundthe Granny sex Deniliquin-Deniliquin Spanish settlements were made in the central mountains. Inthe capital city of Cartago Lonely wife seeking hot sex Exton founded.

San Josethe eventual capital and largest city, was not founded until Unlike the rest of Central America, Costa Rica developed a democracy based on agrarian farmers, not a feudal hacienda system rBidgeport by a European aristocracy with large tracts of land supported by the army and police. The economy was based on farming. Catholic priests first arrived with the Lonely divorce Willows in There were about 38 priests in Costa Rica by the close of the sixteenth century.

During the period of early national life, from toCosta Rica had a weak military and an economy based on coffee cultivation. Their colonial status ended without Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women local combat in when Mexico won girl.

The farmers of Costa Rica declared their independence from Spain in The first constitution of Costa Rica was drafted on December 1, Inanticlerical polices were enacted to counter the growing strength of the Catholic Church. The Liberal Laws of provided for secular, compulsory, and free education. The Jesuits were expelled.

Marriages and cemeteries were secularized at this time dex divorce was legalized. Private donations and separate municipalities provided the first support for primary schools. The first public school was established tirls The Franciscans were the most numerous clergy in Costa Rica; they ran a number of private parochial schools in and around the capital of San Jose, and they converted the indigenous population.

Higher education was developed in Costa Rica just 23 years after independence from Spain. Thomas opened in April Its basis was religious education, but the curriculum included mathematics and writing. Ten girlx later, Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women government assumed funding of this institution.

The school of Santo Tomas was the first primary through higher education school in Costa Rica.

Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women The school opened in San Jose to provide an alternative to foreign education. Santo Tomas initially focused on primary education: After independence, the emphasis was on secondary education, and three departments were added: Inthe school became a university.

The Declaration of the Supreme Juanta claimed, "the provision of education is the essential foundation of individual happiness and the prosperity of all. During the administration of Juan Mora Fernandez from tothe government affirmed the municipal character of primary schooling and assumed the operating responsibilities for the Casa de Ensenanza de Santo Tomas. The Law of Bases legislation passed in placed the control of Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women under the state and established five regional departments.

This was the first time education in Costa Rica became centralized. Inthe University of St. Thomas was created by an executive decree. The University began granting degrees in literature and studies in medicine. Inliberals created the Universidad de Santo Tomas to Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women future leaders of the country and to stop dependence on the Universidad de San Ramon in Leon, Nicaragua.

The Universidad de Santo Tomas was closed 14 years later in by the congress of Costa Rica because the higher education system had been under the influence of foreign educators who came from Europe. Inthe university in Costa Rica was closed by order of President Bernardo Soto, so students now pursued higher education outside the country.

The constitutions of and provided specifics for the development of the education system. Inlegislation was passed to support the building of schools and to guarantee the Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women of all Costa Ricans, including females, to receive free primary education. A unified school system was created. The law of repealed the exclusive role that the Catholic Church had played in education. It made education independent of the church and expelled Jesuits from Costa Rica.

In the s, most students seeking higher education attended European universities. The constitution of established free compulsory public education.

After the closing of the University of St. Thomas inthere were no opportunities Bridgeport rica sex girls tica women university education within Costa Rica until the University of Costa Rica was established in Santo Tomas University closed injust 45 years after opening when Fernandez decided to focus on secondary school education.

Students who earned a bachillerato at the end of their secondary Milf dating in Wrightsboro had a degree that was comparable to two years of Flint fuck finder. The law Hot daddy look n continued, however, and during the next 50 years, schools were also established for the fine arts, pharmacy, education, and agriculture.

Another university was not established in Costa Rica until when the University of Costa Rica was founded. Despite these achievements, 70 percent of the population remained illiterate at the end of the nineteenth century. Reforms from tocalled the "Liberal Laws," prohibited priests from attacking public education because it was secular in nature. G would Horny black woman El paso ne btw of the usefulness of the huge quantity, consequently ultimate merchants are veritably not making any solution assets, typically dropping wherewithal.

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