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Booze hot tub and usa

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This can lead to extreme dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even drowning. Another reason to avoid drinking in the hot tub is the use of glass Booze hot tub and usa. If glass breaks in or near a hot tub, fun must end immediately and the hot tub must be drained and cleaned. If you uas going to drink alcohol in a hot tub, drink with a friend.

A great way to keep yourself hydrated while in the hot tub is by drinking a big glass of water between every alcoholic drink. This will make sure you have plenty of water inside you to stay hydrated and avoid and symptoms of dehydration.

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You should consider stepping out of the hot tub every 15 to 20 mins to cool down and let your body rest from the extreme heat. This will help you avoid heat exhaustion and keep your body temperature low.

Keep glass bottles as far away from your hot tub as possible. The best setup is to keep your alcohol far enough hpt that your guests must leave the hot tub to get a new drink.

This will help them cool down as they fill up their cup. If you have anymore questions or are interested in your own Thermospas hot tub, contact us today.

Only ThermoSpas offers a FREE, on-site review of your location to answer all your questions and give you personalized, expert advice.

There are several reasons why drinking alcohol in a hot tub is a bad idea. Dehydration While you may not feel it, a hot tub makes you sweat a lot.

Heat Exhaustion Drinking alcohol expands blood vessels and rises the temperature of your body, as does hot tubs. Passing Out and Drowning The combination of alcohol and the bubbles of a hot tub can make you too relaxed.

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Broken Glass Another reason to avoid drinking in the hot tub is the use of glass bottles. Here are a few tips to keep you safe while drinking in your hot tub.

Last edited by Epicbeardchild; at I am the mustache man. Originally Posted by runnerwholifts. Originally Posted by Epicbeardchild.

You have never heard the myths? It intensifies the effects of alcohol absorption.

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So you are losing fluids and replacing them with booze which also dehydrates you getting you drunker, faster. If you are really drunk you run the risk of passing out and drowning so be very careful.

Originally Posted by bigdan. You dehydrate in a hot tub because you sweat.

Originally Posted by Rolling.