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Almost all had eggs and flour, the two absolute necessities for dough, she said. Instead of sitting around eating flour and bread, they learned to invent all these dishes.

Knoepfle at its most basic is just these dumplings cooked with a hearty vegetable or chicken broth. There are a few variations and elaborations, but all the varieties this writer has sampled look alike - murky yellow.

If one were to think of food as being sexy, knoepfle soup would be the rough equivalent of Sophie Tucker. According to Geiger, knoepfle soup was europewn important during winters on the farm or ranch, when it provided both nutrition and quick lasting warmth.

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While it was never in any immediate danger of extinction, knoepfle soup began to appear more rarely on the dinner table as times changed. The majority of area restaurants that have added knoepfle soup did so since last fall.

There is no apparent reason europeaj it has so suddenly burst upon the culinary scene, though it seems every new restaurant to add the soup to its menu contributed to a chain reaction of interest. The renaissance of Bismarck european looking for sexy soup also may have inspired a sense of competition among some restaurants.

The manager of one restaurant that has featured knoepfle soup for some years refused to speak about it Bismarck european looking for sexy the suspicion that someone wanted only to steal the recipe, presumably for use in a lookinh restaurant. The problem seems to lie in successfully following them. Bitz said he intends to include potatoes, which are the most popular of the optional ingredients in knoepfle soup.

Geiger said that chicken, either as a base for the broth or as meat, also is a common addition. Some people also flavor the soup with onions, dill weed, bay leaf or parsley. And those who find the soup is too thin or too bland or too low in calories may well add sweet Bismarck european looking for sexy sour cream to the broth.

About Us Events Donate. Dough is German-Russian soul food.

But therein lies the appeal of knoepfle soup. Tribune Photo by Ted Quanrud.

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