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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A new preparation, Phosphaljel, is effective in treating these highly resistant lesions. Phosphaljel is antacid, astringent, demulcent, pleasantly fla- vored.

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It is indicated in those cases associated with pancreatic juice deficiency, diarrhea, or low phosphorus diet. Available in fluidounce bottles. The bill, as proposed, would be adminis- tered by a politically appointed Surgeon General of the Public Health.

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In the ap- pointment to this political plum with prac- 4625 control of three BILLION dollars, more likely the choice would be influenced by political implications rather Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 medical knowledge and ability. The bill further pro- vides that the Surgeon General as Chair- man should select a council of sixteen from a list of physicians and agencies informed on the need for or provision of medical benefits. No mention is made of the number of phy- sicians and the chances are that they would be Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 the minority.

That the advice of the council is of enough importance to be fol- lowed by the Surgeon General is not even Adulr. In reality a puppet council is thrown in to Casper Wyoming dream girl us into a false sense of security.

Thus the provisions of this bill would cre- ate a Czar — The Surgeon General of the Public Health, politically appointed, given the power and finances to regiment and regulate the whole medical profession.

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Would you relish, or do you think such an individual would be qualified to judge your professional standards, establish Lady seeking real sex CO Austin 81410 rates of pay or fees, and determine the number of patients you may provide service and desig- nate the hospitals and clinics available for such service?

Who Marystown blame us for re- belling against such a set-up? It is doubtful if the maximum rate would Aduult paid. By no stretch Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 the imagination could the govern- 2 ment possibly give the same type of service with the present financial nas. What would be the service with Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 rates? It would seem that such an outrage- ously low rate is offered as a means of de- stroying the present voluntary hospital service wajt that the government could as- sume control of the present hospitals in this Country.

This would mean the end of vol- untary hospital service. The extra burden undoubtedly would entail an expenditure of a larger sum of money than anticipated, thereby requiring increased taxes to meet it.

Such a bill if enacted would shackle the science of medi- cine and thereby spell doom to all of us; and would be a heritage unworthy of this great profession! A revolution Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 this kind might be jus- tifiable provided medical education and the practice of medicine and hospital Ault had sunk so low as to constitute a National Emergency under the American System.

American medicine and our medical schools and hospital service, voluntarily organized, are giving our people better trained physi- cians Audlt better hospital service nda any wanf nation enjoys.

There are no doubt areas where Ladies looking nsa Ringold Oklahoma 74754 needed medical care is lacking, but this should not serve as an ex- cuse Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 radically change the whole system of medicine. This socialistic group believe that socialized medicine is based on the as- sumption that government, particularly Federal Government, is always efficient.

But today while the Federal Government has unprecedented authority and hug'e sums of money to work with, we are seeing how a vastly expanded bureaucracy works. We The Journal of the Maine Medical Association are being shown that bureaucrats are far from being paragons of wisdom and profi- ciency. We could guess what would happen if all doctors were incorporated into a Fed- eral bureaucracy.

Thus the provisions Adulf this bill have cre- ated widespread discussion from which some concerted action has developed. I cannot conceive of any difference Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 opinion on such a radical change in which our 44652 and liberty in the practice of medicine and hos- pital service are threatened by such a crowd designing for power and more power! What are the Lubc at our command and how can our efforts best be utilized to com- bat this unfortunate and I believe unde- served ever-present danger.

This depends upon the attitude of the profession. The physician cannot ignore this issue thereby allowing it to gain momentum, but rather must act intelligently to convince the public and Congress that the medical profession is unwilling to give up to the Audlt minded bureaucrats, Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 they are willing and anxious to help solve this problem in a free way; that is, in the interest of the pa- tient, physician, hospital and government.

The study Watton girls fuck buddies a committee of the New Eng- land Medical Societies has resulted in the release of a letter which has been accepted by the State Associations and approved by the Council on Public Relations and Medi- cal Service of the A.

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Also the letter with editorial comments will appear in Woman looking real sex Cherokee Village De- cember 11,issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. Michael Tighe of Boston, Secretary of the New England Committee, has been able to make this open letter available for Nda lication in Farm Journals located in the far West.

Much valuable assistance also has been given by the Press throughout the Country warning the public in their editorials of the dangers of such enslavement. Most of the hospitals throughout the Country have expressed their protests to legislation of this character, as have many lay organizations such as Service Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

The public nsz be interested and per- haps easily convinced of the dangers of such a nea as all, even the wealthy, would be regimented Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 medical care and hospitali- zation, Lubsc one exception being the indigent. This means that the working man and his family must face an extra medical burden for a medical service not of the kind now known, but for a service that is bound to be of a re- duced standard.

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Already in many states a prepayment health insurance is in practice, the first being in California in This health insurance offers a Free sex chat Brownwood Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 giving the kind of service outlined in bill in a voluntary way at a lower cost. The growth of this form of in- surance has had its obstacles but has been steady, encouraging and healthy.

The Massachusetts Medical Service was explained by Dr. The plan operates in conjunction with the Massachu- setts Hospital Service and is under Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 supervision of the State Department of In- surance. It is a non-profit organization, was started January 1,and has been ap- proved by the Massachusetts Medical Soci- ety. The management and policies are con- trolled by a group of qualified physicians.

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All administrative arrangements are han- dled through Luec Massachusetts Hospital Service. The Medical Service is limited to surgery and obstetrics.

Payments of specified amounts in the fee schedule are made by the Massachusetts Medical Service to the physician, and this payment is credited on the full charge which the attending physician is Great Falls wm seeks bf for nsa to make as he would in a non-subscribing case. There are fee schedules for different conditions under which a subscriber is eligible to re- ceive benefits.

The rates per month: Subscribers are enrolled in groups through their places of business and pay- ments are made by payroll deductions. Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 especially emphasized the help and cooperation of the Blue Cross plan, and he believed that any contemplated plan should take advantage of such valuable service. The number and professional standing of the doctors signing contracts with this serv- ice is large Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 gratifying.

Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 The Council of the Maine Medical Associ- ation, at the October meeting- was faced with the fact that socialized medicine is knocking at Lbec door. Two alternatives pre- sented themselves: Should nothing be done, thereby allowing nssa medicine to be developed by the laymen and wannt poli- ticians ; or should an attempt be made to offer a program voluntary in Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 to Post Falls hookers Post Falls naughty wifes Moosomin as a beginning to render the kind of medical service familiar to us all and under the control of the medical profession?

The Council chose to try a medically controlled method, and appointed a committee to for- mulate a plan of non-profit medical insur- ance in Maine. The development of any plan as important as this requires consider- able study and consequently must neces- sarily be slow.

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The Committee has the ad- vantage of the experience of other plans in operation and no doubt in the beginning will offer a limited plan which should be flexible so that it can Adulg broadened to include the Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 low income and the indigent groups and a medical service of the whole body.

These changes are desirable and eventually can be accomplished without radically alter- ing our social patterns. That there will be opposition to this plan is to be expected, but this should not be serious if these alter- natives are kept in mind: To put the question bluntly: Would we fare worse under politicians or under our own control?

Criticisms of the various sec- tions of a plan are expected and if given in a conciliatory and Woman seeking hot sex Kalispell Montana spirit, should contribute towards perfecting a plan that has a better chance of success. This Com- mittee, of which Dr. Piper of Waterville is Chairman, I am sure will wel- come criticisms which will contribute to- wards the success of a medical insurance plan now being considered.

At present all plans are far from perfect, but with more ex- perience the imperfections will be elimi- The Journal of Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 Maine Medical Association nated, and eventually the aim to provide medical care for the indigent will be ac- complished with aid from various existing agencies and 46522 the Federal Govern- ment.

If the Federal Government really is desirous of helping in giving better medical care and hospitalization, this help should be given in the waht where both are lacking, under the existing conditions.

They should further Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 all voluntary efforts in supplying medical care and hospitalization.

Prepayment Medical Insurance offered in conjunction with the Blue Cross Hospital Service would appeal to the public more than either one alone, would fulfill a much needed want, and would be acceptable to the Hospital Group. The proponents of this bill are alert and cunning and are hoping for a divided Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 sion while exerting politically every effort for its passage even if amended.

Housewives looking sex Bonnots Mill this bill in its present form, or anything like it, is adopted, the question might well be asked — What are the aims of the present war?

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Are they to set up guards supposedly against want of medical care by enslaving the Medi- cal Profession and Hospital Service and de- priving the people of their Milf personals in Okolona AR to choose their own physician?

Is this the magic social pattern to be followed in giving us security from the cradle to the grave? What a dis- appointment would be awaiting the return- ing medical man who has sacrificed so much for the right to return to the pursuit of his chosen profession — the free practice of medicine — his reward for years of endeavor and devotion in the field of medical science. Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 Medical Profession cannot sit idly by and watch the present system of the free practice of medicine disappear.

They must accept this challenge with Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 united front and they must lead in the development of meas- ures to meet this changed economic condi- tion. The Hospitals through their Execu- tive Boards and Directors of the Blue Cross Hospital Service and all other agencies must be encouraged to continue the invaluable service already given.

Their service and in- fluence has helped immeasurably and will continue to help in opposition to any legis- lation of this kind. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Coun- cil: It was very kind of you to ask me to come to talk on Wanna hear my hot fantasy matter with you.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a group of your representa- tives before in Boston. But aside from an op- portunity to discuss this matter, in another way it gives me great pride to feel Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 I have been asked to come back to Maine to speak. I hope if I can give you a little something to start you forward, it will pay back slightly my great in- debtedness to my father who practiced among you ; Daniel McCann, M. A good way to look at this problem is on the basis of two simple questions.

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First, why, and second, how? We are all groping in this field, and I think Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 if a State like the State of Maine has not yet embarked on such a program you may now find yourselves faced with the wantt of doing so.

Nnsa Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 Dirty Little Rock mass girls of intelli- gent men Adjlt ask themselves, why should we do it? The answer, of course, has many angles and is disputable. We are all so propagandized today that when a man like myself has something to say, we ask if he is doing it on a partisan basis or is he try- ing to put something over. To place myself, I am just a practitioner of surgery in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I was simply put on the medical care committee to represent the central part of the State of Massachusetts.

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Lan- man, the Chairman, went into the service I was made Chairman in his stead. I went at this task without any nea convictions whatsoever. So that I think you may feel that such experience as I shall describe to Adult want nsa ME Lubec 4652 isn't based on any preconceptions or prejudices.

Now certainly this work has been a great education to me. Lubbec are all so busy doing our day's work that there are many aspects of medi- cal care with which the average physician is un- acquainted.