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tom meltonTom Melton
Head Strength & Conditionig Coachcr dispenser
Georgia Southern Football

Beginning his seventh season as Georgia Southern University's Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tom Melton knows a thing or two about what athletes needs to optimize performance and recovery after a tough workout. Read how Critical Reload and our exclusive Critical Reload Dispenser has helped him and the GSU Football Team achieve those goals.


ONS: What was it like prior to getting the Critical Reload Dispensers in place?
Coach Melton: Before we had the Critical Reload Dispensers we had each athlete scoop their own Critical Reload into shaker bottles and mix it on their own. This became time consuming and often led to a mess with powder on the floor. The athletes enjoyed the product, but we needed a better way of distributing our post-workout recovery shake.

ONS: What are the key advantages of the Critical Reload Dispenser?
Coach Melton: If I had to list them it would be 1) time efficiency 2) Cost efficient 3) easy distribution of the product 4) clean

ONS: What specific feature do you like most about the Critical Reload Dispenser?
Coach Melton: It makes the Critical Reload taste even better -- the Dispenser makes it ice cold.

ONS: Would you recommend this product? If so, why?
Tom Melton: YES! I didn't realize how much we needed the dispensers until we started using them. We are in the planning stages of a new football facility and have planned for even more Dispensers in the new weight room.

ONS: Is there anything you'd like to add?
Tom Melton: I have not used a better product than Critical Reload, and the convenience of the Dispenser makes it even better.

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