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Using the exclusive Critical Reload Jug, Caloric Variance Guide, you can vary calorie intake to customize specific nutritional ranges based on your health & performance goals. Such freedom affords you a wide variety of uses for both you and your athletes -- big or small; male or female.

NOTE: Caloric Variance Guide Nutitional Values in VIDEO are not to date. We care currently updating and apologize for any possible confusion this may cause (11.21.11).

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Caloric Variance Guide

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Critical Reload Health & Performance Suggestions

What, when and how much you eat following exercise has a dynamic effect on your training adaptation and muscle recovery. However, not all nutrient combinations work well independently. Critical Reload is a great tasting, collegiate-compliant, exercise recovery shake based on the latest sports-nutrition research that demonstrates specific pairing of carbohydrates & proteins enhance muscle recovery and restores energy better than consuming each nutrient individually. As a result, Critical Reload's 2:1 carbohydrate & protein blend infuses the muscle with growth promoting proteins and carbohydrates so you can recover faster and kick-start your next workout into high gear!*lacrosse sillouette

OPTION #1: To speed muscle recovery, drink Critical Reload immediately after exercise to replenish depleted energy stores, stimulate muscle growth and facilitate quicker recovery between training & practice. This option is a must for any athlete! If you wait too long to refuel your body with proper nutrients, you will not recover properly, resulting in poor training adaptation and exercise recovery.

OPTION #2: To boost energy, drink Critical Reload 30-minutes prior to exercise to boost blood glucose levels, delay fatigue, & counteract muscle damage during exercise. This option works well if it has been more than 3-hours since your last meal prior to training.

OPTION #3: As a snack, drink Critical Reload between meals (i.e., breakfast/lunch, lunch/dinner) as a nutritious snack to boost metabolism, maintain blood sugar levels, decrease the likelihood of fat storage and sustain energy and performance. This option works well if your work, training and/or academic schedule doesn't afford you the opportunity to eat regularly every 3-4 hours to peak energy stores.

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