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Paul HarkerPaul Harker
Director of Strength & Conditioning Coachcr dispenser
Miami (OH) University

Paul Harker, Miami University's Director of Strength and Conditioning uses Critical Reload to help his athletes optimize their performance and recovery needs. Read how Harker uses Critical Reload to help his athletes achieve their performance goals. Read how Critical Reload and our exclusive Critical Reload Dispenser has helped him and the Redhawks Football Team achieve those goals.


ONS: Why did you decide to incorporate a recovery product into your program?
Coach Harker: Given the hectic schedules of student-athletes with class responsibilities, tutor appointments, sport practice, and training, we can appreciate the time constraints they are facing. We want to make sure there is something available to them to jump-start the recovery process after they've given their all during the training session.

ONS: What were the most important factors in choosing a recovery product?
Coach Harker: First, the product must be NCAA compliant. Second, we want a product that the kids will use and enjoy consuming, so taste is a big factor. Third, we want a product that is cost-effective.

ONS: What objections did you have in implementing a recovery product into your program?
Coach Harker: If the product is approved through the NCAA, is economical, and is beneficial to the student-athlete, then I don't have any objections. Some concerns that come up would be the sustainability of continued use of the product and convenience of distribution, which Critical Reload has addressed effectively.

ONS: Why did you choose Critical Reload, by ONS Performance?
Coach Harker: Critical Reload meets all of the criteria mentioned above. The product is NCAA compliant, the athletes love the taste, and the cost of the product itself along with its delivery method makes it very convenient. Critical Reload also has a lower sugar content per serving when compared to other protein recovery drinks or chocolate milk.

ONS: Have you experienced any measurable results achieved by the Critical Reload performance & recovery shake since you started using it?
Coach Harker: I have not confirmed or recorded any hard data, but I can tell you that the athletes work out harder and more enthusiastically when they know they are getting the Critical Reload after a workout. More than a handful of student-athletes have sworn by the product and its effects on their training. I will say that especially during our early morning training sessions if we get an athlete who hasn't eaten breakfast yet (a big "no-no," by the way), supplementing with Critical Reload prior to the lift garners superior results when compared to the alternative.

ONS: Can you please give us an example of how you implement Critical Reload into your program?
Coach Harker: All of our student-athletes receive, at minimum, an 8 oz. serving of Critical Reload at the completion of all of our training sessions. In certain cases some athletes may receive double or triple the serving if there are other circumstances to consider. We also make exceptions for kids in our early morning training sessions if they have trouble eating a solid breakfast in the early morning as the Critical Reload product is very easy to consume and hasn't shown to affect their digestion prior to an intense workout.

ONS: What type of feedback do you get from your athletes, (taste, results, etc)?
Coach Harker: Our athletes love the taste of the Critical Reload product. The majority of them have had some prior experience with other products and similar recovery shakes, but they all agree that CR tastes the best. Chocolate is by far and away the most popular with our athletes.

ONS: What are the key advantages of the Critical Reload dispenser?
Coach Harker: The newly designed dispenser is fantastic in that it greatly reduces the amount of waste that comes with individual plastic bottles or tin cans that other products are shipped in. The dispenser itself is very easy to maintain and operate. Cleaning top to bottom generally takes no more than 10 or 15 minutes given the new design and ease of assembly. We are also able to cut down on the amount of space used to deliver the product. With a traditional bottle or can, we used to have to account for one or two side-by-side refrigerators to store enough chilled product for the student-athletes. The CR dispenser is compact enough to fit in the corner of the room if needed and has proven to be very convenient and effective.

ONS: What specific feature do you like most about the Critical Reload dispenser?
Coach Harker: I like the newly designed tanks that are easily removed and washed. I have a hard time believing that anything sticks to those tanks. There was an instance where the CR tank wasn't washed out on a Friday, and the residue of the shake sat over the weekend and caked on. On Monday morning, the tank washed clean as effortlessly as ever.

ONS: Would you recommend the Critical Reload dispenser program? If so, why?
Coach Harker: I would definitely recommend the CR Dispenser program. You can't beat the taste, product effectiveness, and reasonable cost of CR. Regardless of what kind of budget you are working with, and what kind of specific demands you have, CR can meet them.

ONS: Is there anything you'd like to add?
Coach Harker: Mike Bewley and the entire ONS team have really done a fantastic job. They have always been professional in their service and I genuinely appreciate the relationship we've been able to build over the last 4 years. I love the product, and look forward to continuing to use it in the future.

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